Saturday, April 10, 2010


"Ryan, I'm so sorry about using this spellbook to swap our bodies! I've been looking over this thing day and night for the past week to try and find a way to switch back to our own bodies, but there doesn't seem to be a reversal. I'll give you the book, so you can try to use it to find a way back. I've given up, but I'll be available if you need me to try something that might get us back to normal. Otherwise, get used to being in my body!"

Learned a lesson

"We've looked everywhere for that witch, but she's nowhere to be found," Marsha tried to comfort her boyfriend, Clyde, "But when she swapped our bodies, she told us that we would swap back when we 'learned a lesson.' I'm not sure what that lesson is, but at least we know this isn't going to be forever."

Clyde wasn't much comforted by Marsha's words, especially being in her body. He just felt so weak, dainty, and frail. He wasn't sure what that witch meant by her words, but he wanted back in his body, and he wanted it now!

A very nice view

Suddenly in the body of a woman thanks to the Great Shift, Eric needed a drink. He wasn't the only one drowning his concerns with booze, but he seemed to be the only one in the room who had been cross-gendered as a result of the Shift. This quickly became evident as the other woman in the room sat with their knees together or with crossed legs, but Eric just plopped down with his knees apart. Luckily, he was wearing short shorts and not a short skirt, or he'd be giving the men across the room a very nice view otherwise...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Press conference

"So far we have no idea what caused the events that resulted in what the media has dubbed 'The Great Shift,'" The 80-year-old mayor Richard Hendrix addressed at a news conference, "But scientists aroudn the world are looking for the causes...and a possible solution. For the time being I recommend spending some time with your families, if you can find them. We have set up a hotline and internet website to help you locate your loved ones, if you have not already. I am personally going to go home now to spend some time with my wife and contemplate our new lives. Thank you. There will be no questions."

Spring break (Part 4)

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Well, THAT didn't go as planned! Aaron and Mikey tried to use the bodyswapping machine again to get themselves back to normal. However, it didn't seem to do any good; in fact, it may have made things worse. Mikey had swapped into the body of Karen, Aaron's sister, and Aaron was now in the body of Kelli, his sexy neighbor. Aaron freaked out, claiming his parents would be home at any minute. He ran back to Kelli's house, leaving Mikey stuck in Karen's body and having to deal with the wrath of Aaron's parents.


As Mike picked himself off the floor after reeling from the results of the Great Shift, he assessed his new body. Sure, he was now a totally hot babe, but he questioned this woman's fashion choices. High heeled boots and skin-tight latex? Sure, if he was still a man, he'd be totally into a woman dressed like this, but now that he WAS that woman? Well, he just wasn't so sure if he was comfortable like this...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stubborn stones

Yesterday, when a creepy old man handed the four friends three stones claiming that they could swap bodies, all of them laughed. It was the insane ramblings of a mad man. However, when Riley and his girlfriend Kelly touched the stones at the same time, they were shocked when they actually worked! It was worrisome when they tried again and were unable to swap back. Bringing the stones back to their other friends, they decided to try other ideas to get the couple back to normal. Riley (in Kelly's body) and Greg both reached towards the rocks slowly, and soon found themselves swapped. Now Greg in Kelly's body and Kelly in Riley's body tried to touch the stones to get Kelly back to normal, but it once again it did not seem to work. The stones had a certain sense of stubborness to them; they seemed to swap anyone to anyone else's body, but refused to let someone swap back into their own body. Neither Greg nor Riley wanted to be stuck in Kelly's female body, so they eventually suckered their other friend, Peter, into her body.

Clubhopping (Part 2)

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Jim couldn't believe that it was 4am, and the girl that had gotten into his cab hadn't been going home but simply to another club. He had used the magic taxi to swap into her body, and now he was her, drunk, and continuing to rage all night. Considering how much his head was spinning, he wondered if she had taken some other drug as well. Whatever it was, something about this woman just couldn't stop partying. Finally, after another two hours, Jim passed out standing up. His new body could just take no more. It wasn't long before he collapsed onto the floor...

If you ever want to see your body again...

It was the third night of Nate's vacation when he decided to get so drunk that he blacked out. He couldn't remember a thing about the night before, so imagine his shock when he awoke the next day to find himself in someone else's body--and a woman's at that! Fortunately, he found a note left for him that read, "If you ever want to see your body again, meet me downstairs with a suitcase packed at 9:30PM." Nate quickly got dressed in some of the women's clothes that had been thrown about the room. He packed his things, went downstairs, and waited. A car pulled up, and a window rolled down. He was so thankful to see his own face, and joyously shouted, "Oh my God! Thank you so much! I can't wait to swap back into my own body!"

"Who said anything about swapping back?" His own body asked, "I only asked if you wanted to SEE your body again."

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Chris thought it was a harmless joke when Tonya put her hand on his head and claimed to be "sucking his brain out." But he quickly stopped laughing when he felt himself go limp. Then it seemed that his brain was actually getting sucked into her hand! Before long his brain migrated up Tonya's body to her head, where he slowly started to feel somewhat normal again. Though he was now in control of Tonya's body instead of his own! Tonya's own consciousness ws now inside of Chris's body, and Chris hoped he could reverse the process by doing the same thing Tonya had just done. When he tried, he only succeeded in looking rather silly.

All by himself

Ned walked down the stairs and presented himself with a sense of pride! He had gotten dressed all by himself, which would've been an accomplishment for any toddler, but this was a toddler inside the body of his big sister! She groaned when she saw what Ned had picked out of her closet. She demanded he go back up and change, and that she'd be up shortly in his body to help pick something else that wouldn't make her look like a complete embarrasment.

Bodyswapping is for lovers

The two lovers hadn't been staring into each other's eyes long that day when they both felt a strange tingle and saw that the eyes they looked into change slightly. The new eyes seemed different but strangely familiar. As they broke their gaze, both Erin and Michael were shocked to discover that they had somehow swapped bodies! They had taken it as a sign that they were meant to be together, even if it was with each inside the the other's body...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Different (Part 2)

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It certainly took Carl a little more than a minute to adjust to his new body. He held onto the side of the building just hoping to be able to stand, which he was able to. Then there was the matter of trying to walk; he found himself stumbling in the heels he was now wearing. The weight of his breasts and the brushing of his hair on his shoulders didn't much help quell matters much either!

Happy birthday

Tony was celebrating his 21st birthday at a bar when the Great Shift occurred. He did his best to smile despite what had just happened to him. He had gone from being a 21 year old man to a 40 year old woman. A woman who had also been celebrating her birthday at the bar. She had done her best to try and look 30 with a lot of makeup, but Tony took one look at the woman's ID to realize he had lost 19 years of his life...not to mention his manhood. This was the worst birthday present he could have imagined!

Economic woes

Jacob was in a depressed economic state. He had lost his job and was on the verge of losing his home as well. He had started pondering mugging a few women just to make ends meet, but when he came face to face with what would have been his first victim, he froze. He just couldn't do it for some reason. It was like he was looking into his own eyes. He simply felt compelled to wak away. Then he felt the urge to turn back and was shocked to see his old body. He had become his would-be victim, a woman in a puffy white coat and tight black leggings. This was surreal, but it also appeared that all his financial woes may now be behind him, though not in a way he had in any way expected...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fire burning

When the fire started, George knew he needed to get out of the building fast. It didn't matter that he wasn't in his own body. But as he exited, the thought occured to him, wasn't Julie inside of his body still inside? And what about the Medallion of Zulu? Would he be able to find the magical object in the ash, or would it be burnt to cinders, leaving him stuck inside of Julie's body? He certainly couldn't run back into the firey building to find either....

Lost in the woods

oward never expected to get lost while walking in the woods, but now he had been wandering around for hours and couldn't seem to find his way out. He was so happy when he ran into a woman in a large, black coat. She offered to help him find his way back, which he was thankful for immediately. However, he never expected her to hit him on the back of the head and knock him out. When he awoke, she was nowhere to be seen. Of course, that was only because she had stolen his body, and he simply couldn't see himself with no mirrors around. He sat on a rock; he was still lost, and now he was stuck in a strange woman's body. Could it be any worse? Then it started to rain...

Igor (Part 2)

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Igor had apparently been injured in a horrible accident. The mad scientist had swapped his brain into the first body he could get his hands on, a young woman named Kate. However, Igor in Kate's body was less than ideal. Her body wasn't very strong--though it was nice to look at. Chad coming to the mad scientist's door was like Christmas for the mad man. Now Igor was in Chad's strong body and Chad was inside of Kate. Now the mad scientist gave Chad a choice. He could give Kate her body back (he had kept it in a jar for safe-keeping), but that would mean Chad's brain would be stuck in that jar until someone else came along. He could stay in the mansion as Kate until a suitable male replacement for Chad could be found. Or (finally) he could leave and live Kate's life. He chose the last option, though he really wasn't sure why. Something about living life as this woman just seemed strangely appealing to him.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring break (Part 3)

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Though Aaron had been shocked to be in his sister's body, seeing his friend Mikey in the body of his neighbor was downright jawdropping. Mikey demanded that he get swapped back immediately, but Aaron told him that his parents had locked up the machine. Mikey's solution was simple: smash the lock and use the machine to get back to normal. Aaron was a little skeptical, but just couldn't say no to least not while he was inside of that extremely hot body!

Bad mood

Brad sulked at the situation he wound up in as a result of the Great Shift. He wound up in the body of some sort of exotic dancer or something, and he just felt so naked and exposed. He was fortunate enough to have a nearby friend, Doug, in the body of another dancer--though it took them both a while to figure it out. Still all the comfort in the world couldn't help Brad's mood.


When 80-year-old Eugene Banks found himself in the body of a 20-something year old at a night club, the first thing he did was get down on his knees and pray, "Please Lord, I am not sure how I ended up in the body of this young woman at this sinful place, but please guide me out of here to let me home safely. Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, I'd really like to keep this woman's body. It's nice to not have my joints ache anymore and be able to control my bladder..."