Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mansion (Part 2)

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Benjamin had quite a good time exploring the mansion that he found himself in, but now an even greater exploration was about to take place. He slowly pulled the tie on the front of his top, which would expose two perky breasts. They almost seemed too perfect; he wondered if this woman had some work done--she certainly could afford it easy enough! Next, he pulled down the short skirt; at least that was one thing he could be sure was all-natural!

Superheroine (Part 2)

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Johnny struck a heroic pose, convinced that the Great Shift had given him the body of a superhero, solely based off the shiny outfit that it wore. He was ready to fight crime and kick ass; he just needed to figure out what his superpower was. Of course, he really had no superpower to discover, as the Shift had simply swapped him into a woman's body in a silver bikini, but the imaginations of boys often run wild in strange situations.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hearts and minds

Doug saw a pink light in the sky that engulfed him for only a brief moment before it dissolved. As it faded, Doug discovered that his body had changed. What he didn't know was in that moment an entire month had passed. Aliens had abducted him, keeping him unconscious the entire time while they experimented on him and several other people. They had mostly removed organs to learn about human physiology. With the aliens' advanced technology, matching blood types were irrelevant, and thinking that all organs were interchangable, placed many parts back in the wrong bodies. None of the abductees ever noticed a misplaced liver or intestine, but a misplaced brain? That's what happened to Doug! The aliens had picked it up (along with his heart) when splicing back a young woman named Janet...


Josh wasn't quite sure what was happening. He had been walking home from work when someone struck him from behind. When he woke up, he was tied up, but weirder still, it seemed that he was in another person's body--the body of a woman, in fact! If he wasn't so afraid of what was going on, he guessed that he'd be turned on by the large breasts that now fell from his chest. At least he wasn't alone. Another woman sat right next to him; he wondered if this person was another man transformed into a woman as well...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I don't give a damn

Diane sighed, "Dave, I wish you wouldn't drink now that you have my body."

"Well, Diane," Dave retorted, "I wish you didn't steal my body, so until you give me my body back, I don't give a damn about your opinions on what I do to your body."

High kick

With a strange man running towards him, Ken screamed and lifted his leg to kick the threatening guy. However, Ken was amazed at how high he was able to kick, spreading his legs further than he ever had. Also, spying his legs, they noticed they weren't his own. He had new shapely legs clad in leggings with high heeled boots on his feet. Apparently the man coming towards him used to be in the body he was in now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The first day Miss Wong started at the local high school, everyone expected her to be cool. She was the youngest teacher at the school, only a few years older than many of the students, so they expected her to be more in touch than other faculty. However, she was uptight and strict; it wasn't long before every class hated her. After sending the school's sole goth kid, Dan, to the Principal for seemingly no good reason...he decided to get some revenge using his occult powers. The next day, all the students were in for a surprise when Miss Wong jumped on her desk and shouted, "Class is canceled today!" The students cheered at how cool she seemed, but little did any of them know that it was actually Dan inside the teacher's body...


Eight-year-old Johnny was excited about the results of the Great Shift. Judging from the shiny outfit he was wearing, he ended up in the body of a superhero! Sure, it was the a lady superhero, but it really didn't matter. He just couldn't wait until he could figure out what his new super powers were!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Dean felt woozy for a second before turning around to see a strangely familiar figure...his own--though he didn't know it at first. It was when that figure started to cry that he went over and recognized the body as his own. But then who was he? He looked down to see a very foreign body to him, one that oozed sex from every pore. He must've swapped bodies with this woman, but without knowning how, would they ever be able to swap back?


Benjamin couldn't believe it. Sure, he was somehow a woman now, but he was also in a mansion with a giant yard and huge pool. Considering the outfit this woman was wearing, he was a little suspicious about how she made her money. He hoped whoever this woman was that she'd never come back to reclaim her old life.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fighting game (Part 2)

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Brad wasn't sure if he was ready for this, but since the magic remote sucked him into his favorite fighting video game, he was going to have to start his first fight. An opening sequence allowed him to test out his new found agility, so he breathed a sigh of relief that he had some inherent skill in his temporary body. He just knew this was going to hurt. He also wondered how he would get out. The magic remote usually deposited him back on couch at the end of a movie or TV show. A video game wasn't quite so clear cut. Could he lose and end things early, or he have to win to get back home?


"Alright, Dad, it's been a week. Can you please put down the cell phone so that we can do something about the fact that we've swapped bodies?"

"Not now, Katie! I'm texting Chad. I've got a date with him on Friday. I mean, you do...I mean, I do...if I'm still you."

"Chad? Chad Johnston? The most popular boy in school has got a date with me? I mean you? I mean...ugh! Dad! PLEASE! I want my life back now!"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Revenge (Part 2)

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Frank couldn't believe that his neighbor Anne would do this to him! Heck, he didn't believe she could do this to him; he figured she must be a damned witch or something! Now he was a woman! A frickin' woman! He went inside to find that his entire wardrobe had changed to fit his new form, and he had an instinctive sense of what to wear and how to wear it. He check himself out in the mirror. At least his new body was fine with a great ass. However, he still hoped that Anne would transform him back to normal soon. Anne didn't have any attention of doing so. She was glad that her spell had given Frank a sense to go inside and put a shirt on, and she never wanted to see him lounging around the neighborhood shirtless ever again.


David had been walking on an isolated beach when he suddenly collapsed. When he awoke several hours later, his body had undergone substantial changes. He went from being a middle aged white male with a receding hair line to a young, sexy asian woman. Even his clothes had changed! This was totally unexplainable! He tired to lift himself with the aid of some nearby rocks and was surprised by how different his body felt. He could certainly feel the fact that his new frame was much lighter and younger. He felt more spry and energetic, but he also felt vulnerable and strange. Then again, he supposed a lot of that might just because he was an entirely new person!