Saturday, July 31, 2010


Ernie thought it was weird to see a mirror propped up in the middle of a forest clearing, but it was even weirder to see his reflection. Instead of his rugged, manly body, he saw a woman in a fancy dress. The reflection seemed unexplainable until he looked down to see that it was completely accurate. His body had changed!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Frank Bolton worked at his company's R&D department in the basement. Today they were testing a device that would transfer a thought from one person to another--a technology that would hopefully make telephones and email obsolete. Frank was monitoring the test subjects' heart rates and other bodily functions as the machine was turned on. It whirred for a minute, and then caused a blinding light. The next thing he knew, he was warped to an upper level of the building. He ran down the stairs back to the experiment site. The machine's settings were too high. Instead of swapping a single thought from one person to another, it swapped the entire thought patterns of just about everyone in the building. It would take months to sort everyone out and get them back to normal. Until then, Frank would be stuck in his new body, a model who was being hired by PR department for a new ad campaign.

School swap

At first, Paul was happy when the Great Shift happened, and he swapped bodies with his math teacher, Ms. Yu. Though he hadn't gained her intellegence, and inside her body was still the brain of a teenage boy. Various laws passed after the Shift meant he'd still have to finish school, and considering most other kids just swapped with other students, he felt awkward being in a body ten or so years older than all the other students. Still, he thought it could be worse as he looked over to the former head cheerleader, Kelly Brandt, who had swapped bodies with the janitor, Sal "old man" Walton.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


The two couples couldn't have reacted more different after swapping bodies in the Great Shift. For the most part, it almost didn't seem like Tori and Mike were affected. They seemed to be normal and act like a normal couple. Janice and Tony on the other hand quickly began to drift apart. Janice complained all the time, and Tony was annoyed by how feminine she still insisted on acting. He glared in her direction as the two couple sat down in front of a fountain. She just still had this feminine aura that she couldn't shake, and he was angry that it made his old body look like a sissy. After all, he had tried to adjust to being female. He even started using a damned purse!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not a toy

Tom just watched the finest little ass walk away from him, and what killed him the most was a mere two days ago that ass belonged to his girlfriend, Melissa. That was before Melissa had signed up for a psychology experient at school that swapped her body with Tom's best friend, Mitch. Now not only did Tom have to deal with his girlfriend in a dude's body for a week, but he also had to deal with Mitch in his girlfriend's body. He was showing off Melissa's body way more than she did. Wearing tighter and more revealing clothes, and simply driving Tim absolutely mad. He couldn't help but stare after a brief conversation where Mitch nearly shoved Melissa's boobs in Tom's face. His girlfriend's body was not a toy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lost medallion

Miguel couldn't believe he had lost the medallion. He had attached it to a string around his neck to ensure it would stay with him as he tried out various bodies. He had taken a real risk by stealing a few random garments from the laundromat, and he guessed that he was fortunate to have found clothes that belonged to a big-breasted beauty queen as opposed to an elderly woman or overweight gal, but he was still sad that without the Medallion of Zulu, he would never see his old body ever again.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Guns blazing

It wasn't long before the human race figured out that the bodyswapping aliens didn't come in peace. They were bent on enslaving the human race, but the humans weren't easily intimidated. Sargeant Mario Booker boarded the alien ship with guns blazing. A blast from the little green men swapped Booker into a new body, that of a dancer at a strip club where he frequented. However, the soldier was undeterred. He merely grabbed his gun back up and started to pick himself up. Those aliens were going down!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Llama Jegom had been imprisioned by the Chinese ever since the Tibetan invasion. The now elderly man had meditated daily to focus on finding a way out of jail and freeing his people. He never expected how this would end up manifesting itself until he woke up one day halfway around the world in the body of a young, blonde American woman. He was unphased by his new body--feeling it was simply an advanced form of reincarnation--he was reincarnated as a fully functional adult as a reason. He could use his knowledge and body to help his people. But how? He meditated to find a solution...