Saturday, October 30, 2010

White light (Part 3)

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As Greg came to realize the true scope and range of the Great Shift, he realized that there was going to be no hopes of reversal, so he might as well just get used to being female, no matter how uncomfortable the large breasts or long hair may be. He decided to try and enjoy it, and soon enough he found himself smiling. Would his life really change that much simply because he was a woman?

Friday, October 29, 2010


When the Great Shift hit, swapping Stan into a woman’s body, he was instantly puzzled, not only as to why he had a new body, but also as to why he was outside. The first thing he did was kneel down to investigate the woman’s purse. Maybe there was a key inside that would open the door of the house he now stood in front of...if not, perhaps there was an ID telling where this woman lived.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sidelined (Part 6)

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For the next year, Michael plan his next move. He read papers on the internet tracking Keiko’s success on the college football team in his body. It was an amazing record as a freshman, but it should have been HIS record. Based on bits of information from the sports pages, maps and information from the University’s website, and other assorted bits of information, he pieced together a potential schedule. He kept the bodyswapping spell with him at all times, a printed copy under his pillow at night. Once he landed in the states and settled at school, he spent two weeks figuring out where Keiko lived. He waited outside her off-campus housing, crouching in a bush. When he saw someone leaving in the morning, he cast the spell at soon as he could. Unfortunately, Keiko in his body was not even up yet. Instead, Michael ended up swaping with Keiko’s girlfriend, Misty. Misty had been heading out early to cheerleading practice; she was a star on JV and poised for captain of the Varsity squad in her Junior year, and now Michael was in her body. A year of planning and two of waiting, and he just ended up in some other’s chick’s body! Keiko was still in his body. He was in Misty’s body. And Misty was inside of Keiko’s. He took a moment to marvel at his new reflection, but when he looked back to the bush where he had hidden, Misty in Keiko’s body was gone! Along with the printout of the spell--Michael’s only copy in the states!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How dare you (Part 2)

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Doug couldn’t believe he was just standing there, listening to Eric yell at him for the results of the Great Shift. It’s not like it was his choice to be a hot blonde, and he actually thought Eric wound up in a pretty hot body also...even if he couldn’t get a word in to explain that. Maybe he could shut him up with a kiss to start some lesbian action?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Carl was doing his best to check out his new body. He twisted and turned in an attempt to get a view of his ass. He hadn’t been shocked like many after the massive worldwide body swapping phenomenon known as the Great Shift; he was simply curious. He felt so round and curvy, so soft and smooth, and also sexy. For some reason, his bottom became of particular interest to him. He reached around to feel the well-rounded bottom now attached to him. Maybe he should find a mirror.

Monday, October 25, 2010


When the massive bodyswapping phenomenon known as the Great Shift switched Kevin’s body, his biggest concern wasn’t that he was now a woman. No, he was more concerned with the fact that he had to grab onto a railing to avoid falling down a flight of stairs. The heels now on his feet didn’t help with his balance. He managed to sit his new curvy ass on the cement floor above, but then he realized another problem. The tight pants had no pockets; the woman had no purse. He had no key to get into whatever apartment in this complex that the woman lived at...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arbitration (Part 3)

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After a year and a half of talks and meetings with the arbitrator, David Winthrop was finally able to prove who he really was. He was happy to be leaving the courthouse for the last time and be finally able to fully enjoy his fortune again. Despite the ruling, the court staff were still suspicious that the 70-year-old billionaire adapted to dressing and acting like a younger woman so well.