Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not an every day occurence (Part 1)

Geoff had been enjoying a day at the beach with his buddies, playing some football, and checking out the babes. However, while one minute he was catching the ball his best friend threw, and the next he was watching his own body fumble the toss as he sat on the beach. A puzzled expression came across his face as he tried to figure out what was going on; not realizing that he had swapped bodies with one of those women he had been checking out earlier. He couldn’t wrap his mind around it, but then again, swapping bodies isn’t exactly an every day occurrence.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Continuing where she stopped

When Brian stumbled upon a book in the library with a bodyswapping spell in it, he was skeptical, but for some reason, he just felt compelled to see if it worked. He copied it down in a notebook and for weeks thought about who he should test it on. A classmate? One of his teachers? He ultimately decided on someone more anonymous by renting a hotel room and ordering a hooker--they weren’t the type to ask questions, you know? She was a no nonsense woman who quickly stripped to her bustier, but that’s when Brian stopped her. He lied by saying he wanted to recite some poetry before they got down and dirty. The hooker shrugged. Whatever floated the guy’s boat, she guessed. He spoke the spell and quickly found himself in her body. She was shocked, but before she could react, Brian knocked her out. He sat back down, still sort of in awe that the spell actually worked. But then, instead of swapped back into his unconscious body, he became instantly curious and started continuing where the hooker stopped.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give it back! Give it back! Give it back!

“Give it back! Give it back! Give it back!” Charlie screamed as he charged at his old body and pulled on the face that was his a moment ago. But Charlotte had no intention of giving Charlie his body back. She smiled as the man attacked her. Now that he was in her weaker body, what threat could he possibly be? The more Charlie attacked, the more Chartlotte laughed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No rush

“Oh my God, Nick! We need to find that weird man running around giggling with that strange device. I mean, that thing can switch bodies...that thing switch OUR bodies! If we don’t find him and that thing he has, I think we’ll be stuck as each other!” Kelly nervously spoke from Nick’s body as she played with the unfamiliar facial hair that she now had.

Nick, on the other hand, was in no rush to get back to his own body. He had been in Kelly’s body for only a few minutes now, but he couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to feel so feminine, smooth, and sexy, “What’s your rush, Kelly? That guy is causing all kinds of chaos. Someone will stop him eventually, and then they’ll work on getting everyone back to normal. Just enjoy a little vacation from yourself for a while.” Nick knew that he would certainly enjoy his time...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


“Eric! Come back here! Come back here with my body now! Please! I don’t want to be you! I want to be me!” Sarah yelled as her boyfriend turned his back and walked away after the pair swapped bodies. Eric wasn’t sure how he ended up in Sarah’s body, but he was sure interested in enjoying the experience. And he knew he wasn’t going to fully enjoy it with Sarah around, nagging about how well (or poorly) he might treat her body while he was inside. He smiled. This was going to be fun...

Monday, November 22, 2010


Suddenly finding himself in a woman’s body thanks to the worldwide bodyswapping event known as the Great Shift was irritating for Alvin. He immediately hated the feelings of his new body, but his concerns quickly faded when he heard crying and screams from a woman beside him. Inside the other woman’s body was a 3-year-old boy. All Alvin wanted to do was sulk and deal with his own problems, but knew that he was going to have to be the adult in this situation and help this child first.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The King of Pop is alive!

Though millions around the world mourned Michael Jackson’s death around the world last year, it was perhaps a little premature. The King of Pop hadn’t actually died that day. His doctor perhaps a surgical procedure to remove the man’s soul. Without a soul, Jackson’s body soon died of cardiac arrest. The doctor looked for a body to transplant the famous soul into. He had to act fast as the soul would join the body in death if not placed inside someone else within a few hours. He found a new body on the streets of LA. A young woman living on the street, looking for a chance--it wouldn’t be too long before Michael Jackson was reborn in her body. He couldn’t used his talent to propel his new self to superstardom again. But he wanted to stay out of the limelight this time, but that didn’t still mean that the woman wasn’t Michael on the inside, and she certainly dressed the part.