Saturday, January 15, 2011


It was not something you see everyday. It was certainly not something Kevin had seen ever before--a battle between a superhero and supervilain! A flying woman in red, white, and blue was fighting a strange demon-looking monster. He had always thought such fantasies were limited to the comics page, but the proof was in front of his eyes. They seemed to be fighting over a weird gun. The hero finally grabbed the gun, but a hit by the villain caused it to go off, zapping Kevin in the process. He expected it would vaporized him instantly, but instead there was a quick flash. He found himself floating, then falling. He must’ve dropped at least 100ft, hitting the ground hard, but it didn’t hurt at all. Then he realized why. The gun must’ve been some sort of bodyswapping ray, resulting in a swap with the woman--he was now a superhero! And there was one angry monster with an eye on getting the gun now in his hand! He’d have to worry about swapping back later.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Judge Hiram Steinberg could appreciate the irony of the Great Shift, even though he wasn’t happy about it. He was presiding over a trial, about to sentence a prostitute for turning tricks when it happened. Before he could bang the gavel, he found himself outside the courthouse, ironically now inside one of the hookers that often lounged outside.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Brittany was worried about how well her boyfriend, Dave, was adjusting to being her after they had swapped bodies using the Medallion of Zulu. He had gone to the mall in one of her short dressed and high heels, and he was pulling it off effortlessly. He pulled off the pink look with ease, skipping with each step. Even his interests seemed girly--fawning over flowers and begging to go bra shopping. She was worried that when the twelve hours were up that he wouldn’t want to switch back!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The hotel

In two parts of the strange hotel, two different people collapsed at the exact same time. On floor two, Derek had been walking behind a woman on the second floor and he felt humiliated when he felt himself passing out. Jennifer was on floor four, returning from a night of heavy drinking. She wasn’t surprised when she suddenly fell, but she was certainly surprised when she started to get up--now she was inside of Derek’s body! Meanwhile, Derek found himself in Jennifer’s body, finding in hard to even move in her drunken state. Both could barely grasp what had happened to them; all they knew was that they were no longer themselves! Little did they know, it was all the doing of the hotel they were staying in. Each and every night two of the guests would find themselves with their bodies swapped. Derek and Jennifer were not the first victims of the hotel’s strange powers, and they wouldn’t be the last either.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coffee time (Part 3)

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Chuck should’ve tried to go after his body, and he can’t believe he blew the opportunity. It had been several minutes since the woman left in his body. He hadn’t seen which way his body had gone, nor was he in any position to run after it given the high heeled boots now on his feet. What if the woman wasn’t even inside his head. What if his personality had split somehow with one staying in his own brain and the other entering this woman’s? The answers had to be back at the coffee shop. He downed the last drop and headed back.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Franklin had always been a shy and awkward nerd. He had never felt like anyone ever paid attention to him and would have given the world to be someone else. A strange ad in the paper one day offered just that. He was skeptical that it might be some sort of self-help scam, but he went to the address anyway. He was greeted by a doctor and soon introduced to the person he would be switching bodies with. He was surprised to find that it was a popular girl from his school named Megan. After being rushed into another room, both Franklin and Megan passed out. Franklin awoke in Megan’s body, but also found that he still needed his glasses. The doctor explained that nerve endings in the eyes were too close to the brain to be separated. Franklin didn’t care; he was just happy to have a new life. And not only that, to be popular and known! He couldn’t imagine why Megan would ever want to give this up! But she had her own goals. She no longer wanted to be the center of attention; she wanted to be able to be a nobody, to not be gawked at by every guy, to be someone no one paid attention to.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Amanda had thought she had the perfect plan for stealing her husband’s body with the Medallion of Zulu. After talking him into a brief swap, she went swimming with his body where she conveniently “lost” the Medallion in the ocean. But her husband wouldn’t give up easily. The next day he rented a boat with plenty of diving gear. He crossed his arms while giving Amanda a deadly stare, “You say you lost the Medallion at the bottom of the ocean? Then we’re going to look for it. I WANT my body back, Amanda, and I WILL get it back.”