Saturday, February 26, 2011

The gun

When Gerald found the gun, he knew he should have known better than to point it at himself. He knew it wasn’t safe, but he felt compelled to do so for some reason. After zapping himself with the strange forked end of the gun, he felt weird. His placed his hand on his head, not yet able to place what had happened. He would soon discover had changed and morphed his body into that of the previous user, a beautiful woman. Soon Gerald would leave the gun somewhere, picked up by another person, and it would turn that person into Gerald. The continuous cycle...

Friday, February 25, 2011


Throughout his youth, Danny had been made fun of for being fat. He had tried numerous times to lose weight with no success. As a grown man, he simply felt fat and ugly. However, he was finally going to do something about it. He had bought a very expensive spell from the internet, and followed a very beautiful woman for a month, keeping track of her schedule. He also made sure to grab a piece of her hair to enact the spell. After casting it, he was so happy--he had stolen her body! He had stolen her life! He felt a euphoria that made him dizzy. He needed to sit down, but as he went to sit in one a chair, it broke beneath his weight. Even though he was now a gorgeous and skinny woman, his psychological past just made him feel like a fatty, no matter what his new outer shell looked like.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Maggie and Derek tried to run from the glowing white light as fast as they could. They had seen it coming down the street and heard screams as it slowly passed. They ran and ran, finally making it underground to the subway, but it followed right down. Before they could escape, it hit them. The strange light soon overcame them, and it did what it did. The pair found as the light passed, it had swapped their bodies. Derek, now in Maggie’s body, understood why everyone was screaming! He felt boobs now hanging from his chest and felt a bit like screaming himself. Maggie, in Derek’s body, wasn’t feeling any better.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Mario wasn’t sure how he had swapped bodies with his ex-girlfriend, but he was thinking that this might be an interesting way to get some revenge on her for dumping him. He’d go out in her skimpiest outfit and make out with the ugliest, nerdiest dude he could find. It’d gross, but it would be worth it to humiliate her! He bit on his finger and smiled thinking about it. Of course, he hadn’t planned on his ex being one step ahead of him. She was already out on the town in his body wearing a tutu.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

News report

Ben shifted uncomfortably in his seat. In the wake of the Great Shift, he still insisted in going on the air, despite shifting into the body of his co-host, Nancy. Meanwhile, Nancy was adjusting well to being in Ben’s body. She had always felt like she was in his shadow on the show, but in the wake of this national tragedy, she was finally taking the lead in reporting. The news network considered themselves lucky that their two lead anchors had shifted bodies; they were able to report the bodyswapping event first while other networks had to deal with their reporters being shifted into the bodies of children or into bodies miles away. They remained on the air for hours, but Ben wanted nothing more than to shake off Nancy’s heels and change into some pants.

Monday, February 21, 2011


The five boys had always been troublemakers in school. It did not surprise the teachers when they disappeared on the school trip, but it didn’t make any of them worry any less. A frantic search was started. But where had the boys gone? They had gotten lost and stumbled across a strange mansion. The old man inside said he would allow them to stay the night, and also told the police that he would call their parents or school as soon as possible. The boys told the man not to rush--they were enjoying their time with no authority figures around. They even had some plans to steal some of the man’s stuff and ducking out before morning. Of course, the old man had plans of his own. Before long, the boys all found themselves tied up in the basement. Each one was face-to-face with an Asian woman screaming something in a language none of them understood. The women were members of an all-girl Japanese punk band on tour, who had also gotten lost the night before. The man came down and hooked up a machine to the first boy facing the first woman. He did this down the line, and each time the machine would do the same thing--swap the bodies of the two subjects. The man had swapped the Japanese women’s bodies around the night before, so none of them were shocked that he now put them inside the bodies of the school boys, but the boys were completely surprised to find themselves in the bodies of the Japanese women. The old man smiled as the bodies of the school boys now screamed in Japanese. When he called the school, the teachers were puzzled by the fact that the ‘boys’ now seemed to not understand a word of English, resulting in years of counseling. Meanwhile, the boys in the bodies of the Japanese band enjoyed the thought of being on the road and free from authority. They decided to pick up the tour where the women left off, and try not to let anyone know who they really were...ever.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Man's best friend

Lewis was impressed with his latest invention. He had made a machine that could swap two brains, and now he just needed some test subjects. He placed his dog, Bud, in a pod and asked his girlfriend to come over to be his other test subject. He had to lie to get her into the other pod. After activating the machine and opening the doors, he could tell by the bodies’ reactions that the machine had worked. His girlfriend’s body was walking around on all fours, licking his face, and his dog’s body growled at him. Lewis decided it wouldn’t be time to swap them back just yet. Besides, wasn’t this every man’s dream? A sexy woman girlfriend with the loyalty and obedience of man’s best friend? Lewis decided it might be fun to take Bud in his girlfriend’s body to the beach. The first pain was getting Bud dressed, but he did finally get the bikini on. Once at the beach, Lewis found it impossible to control Bud. The dog inside the body of a woman would run after frisbees, just all around, and even hump other dogs. Apparently, Bud not only didn’t realize that he was human now; he didn’t realize that he was a woman either.