Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wall Street to Fashion District (Part 2)

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Thomas screamed as the cab drove away. Once he had uttered those words, there was nothing he could do. His body’s soul went into her body instantly, then he was seemingly unable to control his actions as he tipped with a $50 bill and turned away. Now instead of a life of riches, all he had to look forward to was pretty dresses.

Friday, March 11, 2011

On any given night (Part 2)

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Once she realized the situation, Olivia located her old body. She asked Eric for her body back. He said no. She begged, cried, and pleaded, but Eric simply laughed. He smiled as he told her that he had no idea how they had swapped bodies, but even if he did, why would he ever want to go back to his old body? He had been fat, ugly, and unpopular. Now he was gorgeous, pretty, and trim. It was truly a once in a lifetime occurrence, and Eric couldn’t have been happier with the results!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look what the cat dragged in...

Gregg thought nothing of his when his cat started playing around with a new toy that he had never seen before. But when his girlfriend, Tammy, came over, she investigated it. It looked like a high-tech device with lots of buttons and knobs. She asked when Gregg bought it for his cat; he explained that he didn’t, and he had no idea where it came from! She started playing with it, eventually triggering the device’s power to swap bodies. Gregg soon found himself in Tammy’s body, and Tammy unluckily ended up as the cat. The cat’s plan had, in fact, worked purrfectly. Inside Gregg’s body, it snatched up the device and ran out the door, happy to be back in a human body, but leaving Tammy and Gregg stuck!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bolting upright

Sally screamed as she bolted upright when waking up, realizing that she had somehow wound up in her husband’s body while unconscious. Doug quickly put his hand on her back in an attempt to calm her down. He had awoken in her body a few minutes ago. Initially, he was as freaked out as she was, but he had some time to calm down and accept the fact that he was now in his wife’s body.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It had only been a few weeks ago when Tony discovered his strange power. He had been looking at his high school yearbook, focusing on his old crush, when he suddenly found his body had transformed into hers! He found that he could turn himself into any one he was looking at--a Victoria Secret model from a catalog, an actress from a movie, and (most recently) an anchor from the local news. He had also taken the opportunity to snap photographs of just about everyone he had seen, and now he was looking through them considering who he wanted to become next. The thrill of becoming someone new was always a turn on!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Trying out for the team

The other members of the high school baseball team looked on as they watched Bert practice. He had been swapped into the bodies of one of the hottest girls in school, but he was still working hard to maintain his qualifying status on the team--the MEN’S team! As they continued to watch his drive, the others knew that there was no holding this guy back, no matter what may have happened to him as a result of the Great Shift. Plus, none of the guys could object to seeing Bert’s new body get all hot and sweaty.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The mall (Part 1)

Katie had wanted to go the mall by herself, but her mother insisted that her father, Devin, go along. Devin didn’t want to go either. He had just sat down to watch football on the television. But again, his wife demanded that he ago with their daughter. The two didn’t speak on the way there. He had planned to let her be for the next few hours while he went into the electronics store to watch the game on the televisions there. But a strange white light appeared as the pair walked from the car to the shopping center and it changed their plans. It switched the bodies of father and daughter. Katie and Devin exchanged glances, both in shock from what had just happened. They remained speechless as they began to walk back silently to the car. Both knew who they’d blame when they got home...