Saturday, June 11, 2011

Smooth (Part 1)

A strange wave pushed Jason to the ground, knocking him out. When he awoke, things felt different. He reached for his face to discover his scruffy beard had been replaced by smooth skin. The messy hippie hair on his head was now neat and straight. And, of course, he discovered the boobs now hanging from his chest. He had become a woman!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Unlike many of his comrades, Yuri Petrov was not deterred by the sexy body the bodyswitching aliens had stuck him in. Without skipping a beat after the switch, he grabbed a gun and started kicking ass. The battle was brief and bloody, but Yuri took down the mothership over his beloved Russia. Sure, he may have to deal with this new body, but he took solace in the fact that no one else would fall victim to the same fate.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


When Danielle woke up in the body of a hairy, overweight man, she was horrified. In the process of freaking out, she found a note that read, “If you ever want to see your body again. Meet me at 5PM with $100,000. CASH.” In her panic, Danielle emptied her bank accounts and made her way to the address on the note. A man answered the door asking to see the cash. He silently took it from her as she started to scream about her body. He motioned for her to follow. He brought her into a room where she thankfully saw her body, dressed in leather and smoking a cigar. Danielle screamed, “You got your money, now give me my body back!” The person in her body laughed, “Look, Babe. The note said ‘if you ever wanted to SEE your body’ again. It didn’t say anything about switching back. I’m enjoying this sexy little bod of yours. Have fun with my body; you’re stuck with it now!”

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roommates (Part 1)

When Will awoke from his nap, he was shocked at the body he now had. He put a hand to his chest in shock now that a breast hung from it.

Norm, his roommate, entered and laughed, “Let me explain, Will. Remember that medallion I showed you? I slipped it around your neck while you napped, and asked Carol from down the hall to come by. She’s having a good time as you right now. I suggest you enjoy your time as her for the next twelve hours, because that’s how long you’ll be in her body.”

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sidelined (Part 11)

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Michael sat and waited. He had arranged for woman who was now in his body to meet him at the location Keiko told him. Keiko was carefully hidden; she would initiate the swap to turn everyone back as soon as Michael’s body got in range. As 3PM came around, Michael in Misty’s body was impatient. Then 3:30, the woman was late. Maybe she was on to them? Then at 3:45, a car pulled up. Though Michael saw his own body in the driver’s seat, there were two women in the car as well. Who were they? Why did he bring them along? And Michael had a feeling that these added bodies in the swapping mix were going to cause some problems...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kidnapped (Part 2)

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For the next few hours, George was disoriented, but when he realized his new body, he didn’t know what to do. However, the following day, he came up with a plan. He headed back downtown to what he remembered in an attempt to jog his memory. None of it seemed familiar. Even as he walked right passed the building where his body had been stolen, he just didn’t remember it. With no hopes of finding out what happened to him, how would he ever get back to his own body?