Saturday, July 9, 2011

7 days (Part 2)

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As Dwight twisted and turned to try his best to check out his new body, he still was completely befuddled by why this woman would agree to give up this body for a week! After all, the statistical odds of getting a better body seemed quite unlikely. He was sure just about every other person signing up for the experiment had to be in the science and engineering schools, and he had never seen a looker like this in any of his classes!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sidelined (Part 12)

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Michael had no way to warn Keiko about the addition people present. She arrived trying to get everyone back to their own body, but Michael found himself miles away. He recognized the surroundings--he was back at the bleachers of his old high school, and he was once again in a new body. She was one of the underclassmen--well, he supposed she was now a senior. Fishing through a nearby purse, he dug around to find a freshly minted license. This girl’s name was Sarah Jenkins. She had just turned 18 last week. He sighed. He should probably try to figure out if anyone got back to their own body in that mess. But who should he try to contact? There was no way for him to know who was who or who he could trust. Keiko had found him once before; maybe she’d find him again. Until then, he’d just have to go through senior of high school...yet again!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Neither Paul nor Stacey could have known that two stalls in the unisex bathroom were not what they seemed. While they looked like ordinary stalls, they were in fact transformation chambers. While they would enter the bathroom as themselves, they would leave as each other. Strangely, neither would notice the change immediate. Stacey walked out in Paul’s body, fully clothed in his outfit and holding his wine. Meanwhile, Paul in Stacey’s body wouldn’t notice the fact that he now wore her skimpy bikini or had a mass of hair on his head now. But the slow realization was all part of the chambers’ abilities...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not fun

It was Ryan’s first spring break back after leaving for college. He should’ve been someplace fun, but instead he was hanging out at his friend’s house and the two were pondering things to do. As his buddy Mike bounced a basketball against the wall, a sudden burst of light came in through the window. Ryan found himself downstairs--and in Mike’s mom’s body! After a few minutes, Ryan say his own body come down the stairs.

“Mom,” Ryan’s body asked, “Are you okay?”

“Mike?” Ryan asked, “It’s me. Ryan!”

“Dude,” Mike responded, “You’re in my mom’s body? That’s totally weird!”

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Dr. Alex Dorman had been on his latest archaeological expedition in Egypt when he uncovered an ancient ruin. He began to read the curse on the tomb; he laughed as it was funnier than most. As a man of science, he ignored the warning as he opened the old door. A light shone from the entrance and suddenly Alex found himself having standing alongside the Nile with photos being flashed of him. “Give me all you got, Alexa.” the photographer exclaimed, “You’ve always been my favorite model.” Alex looked down to see a gold bikini and was shocked that the curse he read was real! Anyone who opened the tomb would find their lives changed as if they had been born the opposite gender! Alex had been the first victim in centuries! And apparently if he had been born a woman, he would’ve become a supermodel instead of an archaeologist!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sparks fly

Andrew couldn’t help but stare as his college housemate Lina walked out onto the porch wearing a gold bikini. He had always wanted to ask her out, but he was to shy. He had tried last year, but instead he ended up asking her to share a house for rent senior year. As she told him that she was heading to the beach, giving him a friendly peck on the cheek, a spark flew between them, knocking them both to the ground. As Andrew lifted himself up, he realized that things were very different--he was also in Lina’s body! He looked across the porch to see his own body
passed out...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Screw you guys

“Screw you guys,” Dwight sulked as he threw both middle fingers in the air, “It’s been a week since the Great Shift, and I think I’ve been doing a damn fine job in this chick’s body. I’ve been adapting well and continuing my life as best as possible. Stop teasing me. All you guys, who were lucky enough to stay dudes through this whole thing, can go suck a big one. I’m going to pound another cold one back while you guys contemplate how immature you are being and why you never, ever get women to sleep with you...and don’t go looking at my fine new ass to help fill that void.”