Saturday, August 27, 2011

Daylight saving

On a cool October weekend when Roger was presented with an interesting gift. For the next twenty-four hours, he’d be able to modify reality in any way he wished. He created all sorts of physics-defying objects at first, but it wasn’t long before he started changing his own body. He took the form of movie stars, a fat man, an elderly gentleman, and so on. A little before twenty-three hours in, he saw an ad for a Christmas Spectacular, and transformed himself into one of the dancing girls. He smiled with his new form, but then he felt the magic start to leave from his hands--his smile started to turn around! No, he still had one hour left to get back to normal! Then he realized, it was daylight saving time, and his twenty-four hours was up! He was stuck like this!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Kevin looked through the rusted fence to the shuttered building. That’s where it all happened five years ago. He was struggling for cash in a brutal economy, so he signed up for experiments at this medical facility. The first experiment he was subjected to was an experimental brain surgery, where his brain was essentially switched with another participant, a young woman named Cassie. Despite the surgery being a complete success, the lead doctor had reservations about switching the pair back to normal immediately, wanting to give them time to recover. The reversal surgery was scheduled for a month later, but Cassie got into a horrible accident. Kevin sued the company. It was a strange trial to say the least, but he ended up scoring a huge settlement. He had essentially lost his life, and he got financial compensation accordingly. The company couldn’t take the hit. Kevin reflected as he stared in; it was true justice.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Middle of the road

As a car rushed passed Geoffrey’s face, he was shocked. What was a car doing inside? Then he quickly realized that the car wasn’t what was misplaced--Geoffrey was! He suddenly found himself in the middle of a very busy street. It was even weirder to be clad only in a skimpy pink bikini! Weirder still, however, was the cute, female body under that bikini, a body which was NOT Geoffrey’s! Another car rushed by, blowing blonde hair into his face. He started to panic. He didn’t know where he was; he didn’t even know WHO he was. The woman he now was had no ID and certainly no money on her. He had no idea how to even contact anyone he knew! He paused for a moment. These were bigger problems; the first thing he needed to do was get out of the middle of the road!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Second lap

If there was one thing running on the track taught Robert, it was that he wasn’t young anymore. He hadn’t even run very far, and he already felt winded. He stopped to rest with his hands on his knees, but then he suddenly got a strange second wind. It was like he was already in full stride. As he started to pull around for another lap, he saw something strange. It was his own body, still winded, on the side of the track. He looked down at his own body to see a feminine form in a pink shirt. He had swapped bodies with another runner--a woman much younger than himself and MUCH more fit! He continued to enjoy his new stamina and started the second lap.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Alex had been reading these old books for hours; he was starting to get tired. He and Kiera had found the old spell that caused them to swap bodies so easily. They never suspected that the reversal spell wouldn’t be in the same book! They kept searching. Eventually, Kiera got tired and went home, but Alex kept looking. Now his eyes were getting heavy. However, if he read about the spell more carefully in the first book, he’d know that falling asleep would seal the spell, making the swap irreversible.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lost it

“You lost it!?” Daniel exclaimed, “How could you lose it? Without that medallion, we’re never going to be able to get our own bodies back!”

“I’m sorry!” Elena responded, “I wrapped it in my scarf, and when I went to go unwrap it, it wasn’t there!”

“Well we better retrace your steps! I’ve had fun being you for the past twelve hours, but I certainly don’t want to be stuck in your body forever! Now, where do you last remember seeing it...”

Sunday, August 21, 2011


It took Frank forever to find a bar in the hours right after the Great Shift, but if there was ever a situation where he needed a drink, this would be it. The bartender hadn’t been shifted, so he was wondering why very few people were out. Frank leaned on the bar to explain what was going on. The bartender listened patiently, partially hoping to get lucky with the beautiful woman talking his ear off. However, with it being only his first night in a female body, Frank was certainly not ready for that yet!