Saturday, November 12, 2011

Start the party (Part 1)

Kevin was talked into attending a costume party by one of his friends. He had never really enjoyed dressing up, so he went without a costume. When he arrived, he discovered that it looked like he was the only person not dressed up; this made him very noticeable. The party’s host, a blonde woman by the name of Marta dressed in a Barbarella-esque outfit, started bitching him out. But she explained that there was a solution as she zapped him with what looked like a toy gun that she was holding. But it was certainly no toy, as it apparently swapped their bodies! Marta told him that she would take care of his costume while he enjoyed the party in her body. He was stunned as she walked away. Then he realized that she left him with the bodyswapping gun; he could use it to become anyone he wanted!

Friday, November 11, 2011

One night (Part 2)

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As Zach thought more about it, he began to smile. He actually loved being in Denise’s body. This night would be the best night of his life, but what if he could keep Denise’s body forever? His smile grew even bigger. He wondered how he was going to break the news to Denise. Maybe he should run off somewhere with her body. Then again, he had no idea how she swapped their bodies in the first place--she might be able to initiate a swap back from anywhere. Maybe she liked being in his body too. Perhaps he could talk her into a deal...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trouble (Part 1)

Otis had always been conservative and very protective of his little sister, despite (or maybe because of) her often wild ways. When she went off to college, he knew that he’d no longer be able to look after her. He often wished he could still keep her out of trouble. One Friday night, he got his wish. He suddenly found himself in a loud, smelly room. His mind was spinning, and he soon realized that he was drunk...and inside his sister’s body! This was not what he he had in mind! At least he knew nothing bad would happen as long as he was in control of her body..or so he thought! It seemed that along with her body, Otis also obtained his sister’s wild ways. He downed a few drinks and danced provocatively with some guys. He was shocked at his own actions, but he just couldn’t help himself.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A few days after the Great Shift, Derek had managed to get in contact with the woman he switched bodies with. They talked for a while about adapting to their new bodies and genders, and ultimately agreed to trade wardrobes, since their old clothes now no longer fit their new bodies. Derek arrived at the woman’s apartment with two suitcases filled with all the clothes he owned as well as the two of the three pairs of shoes he owned (she already had the pair he had worn that day), and he was shocked to see so many boxes lined up! He hadn’t expected this woman to own so many clothes! Apparently half of the boxes were shoes! He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to get everything in his car! She told him that a large wardrobe was going to be one of the many things he’d have to get used to now that he was a woman!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthday (Part 10)

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After the amount he had to drink last night, Matt should’ve had a hangover, but he once again found himself in a new body--and this body didn’t drink last night. While he may have escaped the morning after effects of alcohol, he couldn’t get away from his own memories, though they were a little fuzzy. He was pretty sure he experienced sex as a woman last night; plus, he was pretty sure that he liked it! But a feeling of morning after guilt still filled him, and he was just hoping it would fade as he continued to travel from body to body.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pretty hot (Part 4)

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Mark tried to retrace his steps, but his old body was nowhere to be found. He supposed it was always possible that this woman hadn’t noticed she was now in his body, or could it be possible that she was happy with his body? The thought gave him some comfort--after all, he was certainly happy now that he had HER body!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Learning curve

Putting lipstick on was one of the many things that Chuck had to learn after the Great Shift. He also had to learn about cup sizes and how to buy bras, period and putting in tampons, and a host of other things he hadn’t learned about growing up as a male. He was one of the many people who found themselves in the body of the opposite sex as a result of the Great Shift, and unlike a lot of his friends, he was doing pretty well with the learning curve of his new gender.