Saturday, February 25, 2012


Joe and Rob were so eager to try out the latest technology at the video game expo that they hadn’t listened to a single word of warning. They ran to one of the new virtual reality games, put on the goggles, and began to play. Both selected one of the hot, Tomb Raider-esque characters and started shooting down planes in the game. They played for hours, unaware of the game slowly altering their bodies. They didn’t quit until the convention hall shut down the power to close up for the night. As the game ended, both young men were shocked at their appearance. They had played for so long that the game had transformed them into exact copies of the avatars that they  had selected!

Friday, February 24, 2012

The date

Adam looked up with rage at Jennifer. She had asked him out on a date to a secluded beach, but it was all just a secret plan to steal his body. He was excited when she asked. All the guys at college wanted to get with her, but she was always so cold. He had hoped he’d be the one to help her break out of her shell.

In a way he was, but not as he expected. She did her best to explain herself as her own former eyes glared at her, “Just because I was a beautiful woman did not mean I was comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to be a man; I’ve always felt like a man. If it makes you feel better, you were my ideal. I wanted to be like you, but I’m afraid that means you are now stuck as me.”

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Children and parents (Part 2)

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Emily pulled in her husband and gave him a kiss, “I’m so sorry, Frank,” she said.

Frank sighed, “I’ve been trying to call Maggie on my cell phone ever since this happened. She doesn’t seem to be picking up. I’m doing fine for now, but I certainly don’t want to be stuck in our daughter’s body any longer than I have to!”

“I just hope they’re okay. There’s no telling how they’re reacting to being in our bodies. I’m sure it’s terrifying for them!”

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shoes (Part 1)

Brent always used to hate shoe shopping with his girlfriend, Valerie. He’d always get so bored. But this would be the first time since their situations were reversed thanks to the Great Shift. Valerie was excited to go with Brent for his first shoe shopping experience as a woman! She laughed as he tried on various pairs of high heels. He rejected all of them; it seems that he would be just as picky as she was now that he had her body.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vertigo (Part 3)

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Carson was so confused. He wanted answers about how this happened to him. He thought he might not be the only one, so he was going to try and turn on the TV or search the web, but he was having trouble getting to his feet to walk over to a remote or a computer. It problem wasn’t just from the disorientation he felt inside of his head, but also from the fact that he felt like he was teetering on these heeled boots. He lifted one foot to the ground and could feel his knee shake as he tried to steady himself.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bachelorette Party (Part 2)

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Ryan soon realized that it wasn’t his hands keeping the bottle up. One of the other women was holding it. On top of that, another woman was now holding his hair, keeping his head tilted back. He was having so much trouble breathing as the champagne spilled into his mouth. He kept coughing much of it up. He could feel that Megan’s body was already drunk, and this additional alcohol was only gong to make it worse. If this was how they were treating the maid of honor, he could only imagine what his fiancĂ© was going through! He was glad he’d be there to help, but he was starting to wonder if he’d be much good in this state!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Even though Robert had been CEO of the company for four decades, he felt he was starting to lose some respect and control of the boardroom. He placed much of the blame on The Great Shift, which had caused him to swap bodies with one of the company’s interns. Despite his years of hard work, he now appeared young and inexperienced in the eyes of many of his colleagues. He also wondered if sexism played a factor, considering the gender of his new body.