Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pool shark (Part 1)

Keith was a pool shark who hustled people at a local bar all the time. He’d throw a few games then amp up the ante and show off his skills. He made a decent living this way. The only problem was that everyone in town soon knew him and what he was up to. Luckily, one day he stumbled upon an alien morphing device that allowed him to change his appearance. Keith found it advantageous to pick a body that seemed weak and naive. For his latest transformation, he chose to be a young woman just over 21 who looked sweet and innocent. Wearing a skirt and heels to the bar felt weird, but he knew he should play up the sex angle too. He approached some smokers outside, bubbly asking if anyone could teach him billiards.

Friday, April 27, 2012

One last look (Part 2)

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Max’s smile grew as he made it out to the parking lot, almost at Marilyn’s car. He couldn’t believe that he was getting away with this. He had her body, and he would soon have her life. Who would believe a crazy story about bodyswaping anyway?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sister of the bride

Tina always had a tense relationship with  her sister, Ashley. Tina was introverted and shy; Ashley always flaunted her body. When Ashley arrived at Tina’s wedding in a slutty dress, Tina nearly kicked her out. Their mother talked her out of it, but in hindsight Tina wished she had. During the reception the Great Shift hit and Ashley swapped with Tina’s new husband, Jefferson. The poor man was horrified to be in Ashley’s body and felt awkward in her slutty dress. The worst part was how Tina looked at him now the way she used to look at Ashley, with a subtle hint of disgust and envy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Bingo Night at the Senior Center sure did look a lot different after the Great Shift. Just last week when Herman looked out, the room had been filled with gray haired heads. Now it seemed there were only maybe one or two silver headed folks in the place. Then again, it’s not like he should be one to talk. Last week he wore an oxygen tank and rode in a wheelchair, and now he was in the body of 20-something year old woman. He wore skimpy clothes to show off his new curves, and he was enjoying every minutes of it--even though he still attended Senior activities like Bingo!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Up front payment

Ian’s band had just completed their most successful show to date. As he walked off the stage basking in the after glow, he suddenly felt strange and pushed around. He realized he was now somehow in the crowd, and even stranger, he appeared to now have the body of one of his band’s female fans! He needed to go see whoever was in his body backstage. Fortunately, he knew his security well, and he knew their weakness, which could easily be exploited with his current body’s assets. Ian quickly located Bob, the horniest security guard, and rubbed up against it. He started pleading to be let backstage, promising sex in return. Bob smiled. He would agree, but payment needed to be made up front. Ian went pale. He did NOT want to have sex with Bob just to see his own body to try and fix this mess.

Monday, April 23, 2012


For the past decade, a small group of European scientists had teamed up with a group of Asian scientists to develop transporting technology. It was based off a theory that it might be impossible to transport the physical body over miles instantly, but it would not be impossible to transport the essence of who they were--their thoughts or their soul. As the two groups were about to attempt a final test, the Asian team decided to play a prank on their European counterparts. While the European scientists put the colorful transportation devices on their heads, the Asians had hired four women to do the same. The lever was switched and the four male Europeans found themselves thousands of miles away in Asia inside the bodies of the four Asian women! Both groups of scientists had a good laugh. The women now inside the bodies of the European scientists miles away were not laughing.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tourist (Part 7)

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Todd returned to the place where he had first swapped bodies with the Japanese tourist, at least where he thought it was. The entire store didn’t seem to be there anymore--not even the building! It was just an empty space. Todd was sure this was the spot, but there wasn’t even a trace left! He aimlessly walked around the shopping area for a bit, hoping that he was either mistaken and find the store or discover another place that sold the strange trinket that swapped his body with this young woman!