Saturday, June 23, 2012

Housesitting (Part 1)

William was housesitting for his friend Julie for a week, but thanks to a certain medallion in his possession, he’d be using a little more than her house; the medallion allowed him to turn himself into a copy of her just by touching a piece of clothing to it. He dug deep into her closets to pull out skimpy outfits she never wore. After transforming himself in Julie, he put on the tiniest pair of shorts she owned and a top that covered little more than the bra beneath. He felt his body getting wet when looking in the mirror. It would be a good week.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Game show (Part 1)

Toshi was filled with excitement. He had been selected to compete on one of his favorite game shows. Each episode involved a challenge. One was physical and the other intellectual. But there was always a twist. On one episode, a contestant was blindfolded. Another had to complete their tasks in a tank filled with water. Soon enough a young woman was standing next to him. He groaned. Was he going to have a partner? Not quite. As it turned out, Toshi would be swapping bodies with this young woman to complete today’s challenges. He was in utter shock as the lights went down and the swap was underway.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paradise (Part 8)

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Jerry’s moment of laughter with his wife was short. It wasn’t long before Crystal and her husband demanded that they all start looking for the medallion. Jerry told them that it likely wouldn’t wash up on shore for another day or two, but they didn’t seem to care. Getting Crystal’s body back was a priority, and logic took a back seat. So Jerry simply combed the beat and shallow waters for the rest of the day, looking for something he knew he wouldn’t find.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reservation mix up

Graham had just come from the lobby of the Exchange Island hotel. They had called him at 11am to question why he hadn’t checked out yet and also informed him that the woman he swapped with would like her body back, as she was about to leave. He couldn’t believe they had mixed up his reservation; he was here for two more weeks! He had a drink in his hand and a bikini on his body; he was ready to hit the beach and this was wasting time! They checked the books and noticed their mistake--he wasn’t due to be out yet. This meant the woman would have to stick around for two weeks or return home with Graham’s body. Graham didn’t really care for now and just made his way down to the shore, happy to be triumphant. He’d be less happy in two weeks to find out that the woman had left the island, and with his body a thousand miles away, he’d be unable to be switched back, leaving him stuck in this woman’s body for the foreseeable future!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Storming out (Part 1)

Henry stormed out of the restaurant. He was so angry at his wife, Danielle. She was always playing around with magic and witchcraft, and this time she took it too far. She was playing around reading her spellbook at dinner, and she cast something that ended up switching the bodies of her and Henry. He did his best to sound angry with her voice to insist that she swap them back this instant, but she was having trouble with the spell. She’d need to work on it back home. He really wasn’t going to enjoy the time stuck in her body!

Monday, June 18, 2012


As a lifestyle reporter for one of the country’s hippest magazines, Ralph often found himself attending fashion week. It was a task he both loathed and loved. Though he often found the subject matter boring, he certainly had no complaints about going to the fashion shows and watching beautiful models walk down the runway. He found himself gawking at one in particular. He mumbled to himself that he wished he could spend the night in her bed. He started to feel strange, and after a few more models walked by, he noticed why! His wish had been granted in the weirdest way he could imagine: he had switched bodies with the model! He had her sexy, shapely form and even wore her designer dress. He was panicking as models continued to walk by, but no one else noticed him. Everyone’s jaw dropped, however, when the final design took to the catwalk. It was Ralph’s middle aged body strutting its stuff. Ralph could feel himself turning red from embarrassment. He knew his wish was only to spend one night in her bed, but after seeing his body humiliated, he never wanted to go back!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Immigrant (Part 6)

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“Uhhh...” Miguel didn’t want to speak much. He knew if he spoke more than a few words that his Mexican accent would be evident.

“I know you wanted to have a picnic out here in the desert, but with all these police hanging out...Maybe we should just go back into town.” The man continued, “What do you say?”

“Sure.” Miguel’s heart started to beat faster. He certainly could go with this guy back to town and maybe find out where this woman lived! He hoped he could figure it all out without making this guy suspicious!