Saturday, August 18, 2012

Angry (Part 2)

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“Give it back!” Clark tried to demand, grabbing Michelle’s neck.

She simply laughed, knowing two key facts that made the threat worthless. The first was how weak her former body was. She knew she could easily bat Clark away with her new strength. The second was that the spell cast couldn’t be reversed or undone. Even if she wanted it otherwise, they’d now be stuck in each other’s bodies for the rest of their lives.

Friday, August 17, 2012


David had agreed to help Amy test out her latest invention, a body switching machine. He was shocked to find out the device worked, causing him to end up in her body. He immediately asked to switch back, but she told him that she needed to analyze data before doing so. The entire day passed, and Amy told David that she’d take him to dinner to thank him for his assistance. As they sat, David kept trying to work in ways to ask about swapping back, often talking with his hands -- a trait that Amy had back when she was in her own body. As dessert came, he asked once more.

Amy laughed, “Even if I could use the device again to give you your body back, why would I? I love your body! Plus, I will get way more respect as a scientist being male than I ever would have being female! You’re stuck, David!”

Coma (Part 4)

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Charlie hadn’t been at the lab for long before he received a phone call. He’d have to leave immediately, meet a stylist, and make an emergency appearance. He sighed. When he agreed to live Ji’s life in exchange for exploring his scientific inquiries, he expected much more time in the lab! It was really getting to him, and he was looking for a way out!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Night and Day

When talking about their bodies before the Great Shift and after, many would describe it as “the difference between night and day.” For Nicholas, that description was quite literal. He had been playing some ultimate Frisbee on his college quad in the afternoon when it happened. The bright light overcame the field and he was in the dark. It was now night. He was halfway around the world and now in a woman’s body at night. The distance was uncommon but not unheard of with the Shift, but being in a foreign country made it quite difficult for Nicholas, on top of the other chaos of just being in a foreign body. He felt odd as a woman; he felt odd to be a different race; he felt weird to be suddenly so far from home. It was really the difference between night and day.

Out of the house (Part 2)

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Calvin felt much better after getting out of the house, even if it was just next door. He had discussed it with Anne, and for the time being he would stay at Anne’s house and she would stay at his. For the time being it was easier, seeing that Calvin was wearing Anne’s clothes and Anne was wearing Calvin’s. They knew they’d have to move back into their own houses and switch wardrobes eventually, but they were in no rush.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Lucas certainly wished that his wife hadn’t chosen to wear a thong this morning. Of course, there was no way for her to know that they would end up switching bodies in the middle of the day. Now Lucas had to deal with being in the body of his own wife, which meant dealing with her underwear riding up his butt crack. He knew what he was doing to fix the problem wasn’t very lady-like, but he didn’t particularly care!

Alien adventure (Part 22)

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Jasmine could feel that the teleportation process was almost over. She got her gun ready to fight any dangerous creatures she found on the planet’s surface. She was hoping it wouldn’t be like that; she hoped that there would be intelligent life on the planet, able to assist her in getting back in touch with the aliens above. Another part of her hoped to one day return to her home planet of Earth.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Logan had been in a motorcycle accident that damaged his body beyond repair. As a result, he was subject to a treatment to transplant his brain inside of the body of a brain dead person, effectively taking control of their body. He soon became a media sensation as the first successful person to undergo such a surgery, but also because of the skimpy outfits he chose to wear in his new body. One day a reporter asked him about why he would wear such clothes.

He took a deep breath, “Despite my outside appearance, I am a heterosexual male. When a guy like me sees a body like this, he knows how he wants it to dress. Women with bodies this fine just never dress hot enough. And since I have a hot body, I am going to dress it up hot, okay?”

Winter games (Part 3)

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It had been weeks of early morning practice for Ollie as he learned the art of figure skating. It wasn’t too strenuous on him, but he knew a lot of that was because his body was used to it. He knew he wouldn’t have been able to do any of this if it wasn’t for the years of training this body’s original owner had gone through. He had a bit of guilt for taking it all from her--even if it was not his fault.

Then one day at practice, a woman came up to him. He thought it odd  since very few people came to the rink that early. She told him that she was the original owner of his new body. He tried to apologize, but she stopped him. She wanted to thank him. She had thought about giving up figure skating after the Great Shift, but he had inspired her. If he could continue on with her body, she could continue on without her body. It was hard work training her new body to be able to pull off many of the moves, but she was getting better. She knew in a few more years, she could do it. She had the faith that she could. She hadn’t gotten the press like he had, but she didn’t care.

From that moment on, the two became instant friends.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Scientific breakthrough

Visiting the rainforest was a dream come true for Grayson. He had studied for years to become a biologist and knew the unexplored terrain could hold many secrets. His first day out, he got bit by an unidentified bug. He tried to catch it, but it proved elusive. He was worried the next day when he felt ill. Soon he started to rapidly lose weight.It took about a week for the bug’s poison to take full effect in Grayson’s system. He had been hoping to find something unique, and he sure found it! After a recovery period, he returned to the rainforest. He needed to find that bug again! It was truly a unique species that had been capable of completely changing his gender with a single bite! If he was able to extract the poison, he might be able to engineer a reversal and get back to being a man. However, even if he couldn’t and he remained a woman, the scientific value of the bug’s gender-changing poison would be a breakthrough!

Maid of honor (Part 2)

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Several weeks later, Myron had gotten quite used to being a woman--probably better than most. He put on feminine clothes and even started wearing makeup. Sure, he applied it a little thick, but he was still getting used to the whole idea of being a woman now! He had no qualms about wearing skirts, dressed, and even heels!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

First attempt

Kevin couldn’t help himself. He immediately reached up and grabbed his new chest. It felt much better than he could’ve possibly imagined. All his life, he had dreamed about being a woman. He had thought it was impossible until he found a strange spell on the Internet. His first attempt as using it was with a woman he saw on the beach wearing a bikini. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be her forever, but he wanted to try it. He knew he could always use the spell again, to trade up to a woman with even an even bigger bust.