Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dinner (Part 2)

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Andrew laughed to himself. He knew nothing about making dinner! He looked in a few cupboards and was just confused by everything inside. But he figured out a plan soon enough. It was a tactic he knew Amanda employed quite often. He just reached over the phone on the wall and called out for pizza. He knew she’d be angry, but maybe she’d be so angry that she’d just leave Andrew in her body. Nothing would make him happier.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Connect through Facebook

Jenny and Leonard both looked at their phones and notices an app called “Body Swapper” had been installed. Neither had remembered installing such an app, but both were curious. The two friends explored the program at the same time. Leonard hit a “Connect through Facebook” feature. Only Jenny’s name was shown on his friend list. He clicked her picture. A moment later, a notification appeared on Jenny’s phone that said, “Leonard wishes to switch with you? Yes/No.” She hit “Yes” and within moments the two friends had switched bodies. Leonard freaked out inside of Jenny’s body. He tried to go back into the app to undo the process. A popup appeared, “Please add more friends for additional swaps.” With no one else listed, for the time being, the two were stuck!


Noah had been re-reading over the ancient text for hours now. After speaking the words, a light shot out from the pages and switched his body with his young teaching assistant, Miranda. They tried saying the words again to no success. Noah had translated it as best he could, but there was nothing about switching bodies in there at all--and certainly no indication about how to reverse the process--but he was convinced there had be more. With enough studying, he was sure he could undo this and get back to his own body!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exicitng and exotic

It had taken a lot for Clifford to convince his wife to vacation on Exchange Island. She was worried about swapping into a random body; he promised her it would be exciting and exotic. Once he got her to agree, Clifford was ecstatic. He had no idea what unfamiliar body he’d end up in. His heart was racing as they arrived, and then the swap happened. Clifford ended up switching with his wife. He ended up being a little bummed out about it. His wife’s body wasn’t different or exotic; he saw it every night. He was so hoping that he’d be switched with a stranger.

Ingredients (Part 2)

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Ricky grumbled after exiting the seventh store he had searched. His sister’s boots were really starting to hurt his feet, and her bra was pinching him in the back. He just wanted to find this last ingredient and get back to his own body. He texted his sister, hoping that she might have any leads that would bring an end to his searching.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Jorge had been working as a janitor at the hotel for years. He made less than minimum wage with no benefits. If he tried to complain, Ms. Hamilton, the hotel’s owner, would threaten to deport him. Like many on staff, he was in this country illegally. One day, there was a problem with the hot water, and Ms. Hamilton demanded Jorge go down to the basement to figure out the problem. He tried to explain that he knew nothing of the mechanics of a hot water heater, but she wasn’t listening. As he made his way to the basement, Jorge heard a loud bang and was knocked to his feet by an explosive force. He stood up feeling different. He looked at a mirror in one of the hotel’s hallways and soon figured out why. The reflection looking back at him was Ms. Hamilton’s! The force had somehow caused him to switch bodies with her. A smirk came across his face. If he was now in her body that probably meant that she was now in his. It would seem that it was time for a little bit of revenge.

Immigrant (Part 7)

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Miguel went with the man and stayed absolutely quiet until he pulled into a driveway. The man leaned in for a goodbye kiss, but Miguel pulled away and bolted for the front door of the house. He found a key hiding under the welcome mat and made his way inside. He dug through the recent mail to discover the full name of the body he was now inside: Rosealyn Winslow. His chances of getting deported had to be zero now! He breathed a sigh of relief. Next, he had to do something about what he was wearing. He dug into her closet and drawers and found mostly tight and revealing clothes. He was going to try and opt for one of the few conservative options, but he found himself having a strange aversion to such thing. Ultimately, he settled on a leather mini skirt and sheer top.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Mark had been trapped in the room for a month. He had been kidnapped and locked inside. Each day, his captors would place his brain inside of a new body. He would wake up every day as someone new. Each day, he would search for an escape, and finally today he found it. He just needed a way to break the glass, and he’d be free. Sure, he’d be stuck in the beautiful body he possessed today, but in a way that was more of an encouragement instead of a deterrent.

Secrets (Part 1)

Lina and Jack had been friends for longer than either of them could remember. They had grown close over the years that during sophomore year at college, Jack felt comfortable enough to tell Lina his biggest secret: He was gay. Lina rolled her eyes; she had always suspected. But he stopped her. It was more than that. He also secretly longed to crossdress. In fact, he wished he was a woman. Lina was silent. Jack worried how she took the news. But, in fact, she had a confession of her own. She was a witch, and she knew a body-swapping spell. Jack’s eyes lit up. Lina sighed. She agreed to switch bodies with him for a few days...just so he could know what it felt like to be a woman. A few moments later the spell was cast and the two bodies collapsed. A few hours later, Jack awoke and realized he now had Lina’s body. Lina was feeling slightly more uncomfortable, but took solace in the fact that it was only temporary. When she ran into Jack a few hours later, she became horrified. What the hell had he dressed her body up in? He told her it was from his secret stash of women’s clothing. If he was going to be in a woman’s body, he wanted to dress like the woman of his dreams. Lina was flustered. She wanted him to change; she wanted her body back. Jack looked at her deep in the eyes and said, “No.”

Monday, August 20, 2012


Kevin had just been walking around and minding his own business when a crazy old man grabbed his arm tightly. He tried to struggle free, but was honestly surprised at how strong the man was! The old man then took hold of a passing female jogger; she looked terrified. A quick laugh from the guy, and then he just let go. Kevin wasted no time; he just ran out of there. He incident had scared him enough that he didn’t notice he was now running with very different legs; in fact, an entirely different body. The old man had switched the pairs’ bodies, and now Kevin had the body of the female jogger. He wouldn’t realize until he finally calmed down, and by that point, he had run at least a mile.

Blood sugar (Part 1)

At the time, Jim had chalked up his sudden collapse to low blood sugar, but when he awoke, he could tell something besides his glucose level was wrong. He spied his reflection in a mirror sitting on the floor, but the face looking back clearly wasn’t his own! He would’ve considered himself an average looking guy before, but now? This woman was a knock out, which meant that he was a knock out, he guessed. He also guessed that “he” was now a “she!”

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pick (Part 1)

Gary had his body stolen about a week ago. Ever since then, he had been stuck in the body of a cab driver, but cab he drove had the magic power to allow him to switch bodies again. He often spent nights looking for just the right victim to swap with, so far not finding anyone quite to his liking. Then he saw a group of friends outside of a bar, flagging down a cab. They were bar-hopping, which meant he could have his pick of any of the seven if he wanted. Two of the guys were too overweight for his taste; the other looked like a bit of a nerd--though he did consider the potential paycheck for such a body. That left the women. Though he hadn’t considered picking a woman before, something about this group felt different. He was drooling over each one of them, developing a strong desire to become one of them. But how would he ever pick? There was a blonde with a quick wit, the short spunky one in a leather jacket, a feisty woman with red shorts and a fur hat, and a quiet brunette who seemed like the girl-next-door type. This was going to be a tough decision!