Saturday, September 8, 2012

The weird machines (Part 1)

Janelle had brought the two strange devices over to Al’s house. He looked at them with confusion: what the hell were they? She didn’t directly answer and told him just place his knees in one part and his hands up top. He shrugged and did as instructed; Janelle did the same on the other machine. They started to make a strange whirl,and Al felt like he was losing his balance. He wanted to get off this thing! He started to try, but then he noticed something very, very weird...

“Janelle! I’m in your body! Oh my God! We’ve switched bodies!” He screamed.

Janelle laughed, “I know! That’s what these do? Isn’t it amazing?”

“Amazing, yes! But I don’t want to be you! I’m not sure I can walk in your heels even! I don’t want to be a woman! I don’t want to be you!”

“Tough!” She replied, “The machines won’t work again for another four hours, but if you don’t accept this and calm down, I may not switch back with you at al!”

Friday, September 7, 2012


Ever since switching bodies with that disgusting cab driver one fateful night, John had read up his curse. He found out he could get out of the body by swapping with a future fare. He pondered doing a bit of a test--though he might only get one shot at it if it worked. He had wondered if the curse was with the taxi itself or with the body. He went to work as a limo driver to find out. His first client was a rich and popular Hollywood actress. He didn’t know if he wanted to be a woman, but he shrugged it off as he didn’t even know if he would swap at all. However, after muttering the magic words, he was now the one in the glamorous dress about to attend an award ceremony. He smiled. This was certainly good fortune, and he was glad his little experiment worked!

Crossing (Part 1)

There weren’t many pedestrians out as Alvin walked home at 3am. However, a sole figure across the street caught his sight. She had long blond hair and wore bright colors with a big puffy coat. He decided he’d cross the street just to get a better look at her. She started crossing the street at the same time. At first he tried to avoid looking her in the eye, and as they got closer, their eyes met. His eyes blurred for a moment as she passed him. He looked back briefly, but he no longer saw her. There was just some guy over there; Alvin wondered why he hadn’t seen him earlier. As he continued on his way across, he began to wish he had said something to her -- gotten her name or her number or something. He had an itching feeling some information on her would be good to know. A few feet more and he stepped onto the sidewalk. He looked down at his body in shock. It all made sense now. He had somehow switched bodies with the woman as his vision blurred; the guy’s body walking away was HIS body. He was now stuck in her body, and he didn’t know what to do about it!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Tank had been a misogynist for as long as anyone could remember. It had motivated him to work out from a young age, helping him become one of the country’s leading weight lifters. His fame in the sport helped him score a trophy wife, who was an underwear model. Everyone thought his rude macho ways would get the better of him one day, and it seemed they were right after he mouthed off to a witch. The witch cursed him to switch bodies with his wife. Tank was horrified at first, but he soon discovered a strange quirk about the swap. While they had each other’s bodies, he and his wife maintained their previous skills, which meant that despite being trapped in his wife’s waifish body, he could still lift just as many weights as he could before. He drew more crowds and won more competitions than ever before. Tank ended up even more smug and arrogant and despite his body, was still a total misogynist.


Josh and Mark had been friends since they were kids. The two buddies did just about everything together. They played on the same little league team, double dated at high school prom, and went to the same college. Even in their late 20s, they still hung out all the time. They even decided to take a vacation to Japan together. Things were going well until these two women started pointing and giggling at the two men. Josh was ready to start a fight, but Mark held him back. Then a weird light engulfed all four of them. Josh and Mark could only stare dumbfounded as they saw their own bodies giggling. They had swapped bodies with the two Japanese women, and they realized there was nothing they could do about it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Mitchell could always uncover some interesting things in the mess in his room -- many of which he never remembered even owning! A strange book was one such object. After reading some odd foreign words from the book, he felt sleepy. He nodded off and woke up with a shock -- he had transformed into a woman! He searched frantically for the book, but could not find it in the mess. He was sure it was responsible for this. For the time being, he decided to keep himself locked in his room; he didn’t want anyone to see him like this! His t-shirts were now too big for him yet still tight around his large chest. His pants also were strangely large yet tough to squeeze over his larger hips and butt. After a week, he found the book again. He read the same page, but didn’t feel sleepy. He wondered if he should risk reading something else, or could that make things even worse?


Conrad regretted getting into a fight with his girlfriend, Tara, and calling her a bitch. She took revenge almost instantly, by initiating a bodyswap spell. However, when he started feeling her body up, she decided he may be enjoying his punishment a little TOO much. In a fit of rage, Tara swapped Conrad with their dog and stormed off. The dog seemed quite pleased to be inside Tara’s body as well. Conrad was not so happy. He discovered the world had faded color, and he could no longer understand human speech. For a moment he joined eyes with the dog in Tara’s body, but then her head quickly turned. Something had caught her attention, and she ran off! Uh-oh! If Tara’s body went missing, there might be a big problem getting everything back to normal!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Live his life

Mark had been having difficulty ever since he swapped bodies with his girlfriend, Elise. After a few weeks, he figured out why. It wasn’t that he was now female; he could deal with that. It was that she was insisting on making him live her life. He’d wake up in the morning and was forced to dress in the outfit she wanted him to wear; she told him what he could and could not eat and what he could and could not do. He needed to live his own life, even if he was in her body. He was sick of the dresses she made him wear, so he put on some jeans, packed a bad, and prepared himself to leave her for good. It might mean he would never have a chance to switch back to his own body ever, but that was a risk he was willing to take.

New business (Part 1)

Hank knew he had a fool proof business model. He had set up a store next to Bikini Beach and tapped into their water supply. He knew about the water’s transformative powers and was going to offer his service to any man who wanted their gender changed. But unless Anya at Bikini Beach, he was going to be honest about it! And he didn’t just plan on being the President of this new business; he’d also be its first client!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Looking for answers

Thomas immediately recognized the face staring back at him in the mirror. It belonged to his ex-girlfriend, Brenda. He hadn’t seen her in five years. Of course, just because he could identify whose body he was now in didn’t explain how or why he was in someone else’s body. It didn’t explain the outfit he was wearing either! What had she gotten herself into since they had broken up? She had always been fairly conservative and never wore anything like the vinyl costume Thomas now found himself wearing. Had she done things like this while they were still dating, he would’ve guessed they might never have broken up!

Swamped (Part 1)

Bruce had a simple plan: steal Emily’s body and run. Though he managed to get a good distance away--and the confusion from the swap itself would surely prevent Emily from every knowing which way he ran--he realized he made two flaws. The first was that he hadn’t figured how difficult it would be to run in Emily’s high heeled boots. The other was that he ran right into the middle of a swamp!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Turning heads

In the wake of the Great Shift, there were many who hated their new bodies, but there were also plenty who loved their new selves. Jim was certainly one of the latter. He had always been fascinated by woman’s clothing, but had always been too embarrassed to go out in woman’s clothes back when he was a man. Now he took every single opportunity to wear all sorts of clothing that he had previously hid in the back of his closet. For heading to the gym, he put on a gold bikini with some sneakers in a matching bag. He put on some silver heels with a shiny jacket, and he was off. He loved turning heads on the street with his style--or maybe it was his sexy body!