Saturday, September 29, 2012

Notice (Part 5)

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As Bert pumped his car’s gas, he noticed a few men staring at him again. He still couldn’t figure out why, He noticed a few had cameras, so he snapped at them, “Take a picture! It will last longer!” They were happily obliging with his request by snapping a few photos. Bert only became more puzzled.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Sally Connors shot an evil eye at Professor Marx as he walked by her in the hall. She couldn’t believe what he had done.

“Miss Connors,” the professor forced a smile while trying to talk to her, “You have no reason to be upset. You were fully versed on the nature and extent of my cranial research and experiments when you agreed to be my lab assistant this semester.”

“I am your lab assistant, not your guinea pig! I also didn’t expect that I would be trapped in your body until this semester ends!” She snapped back at him.

“But don’t you understand the scientific possibilities!? Not just in the fact that I have perfected a brain switching process, but that we have the ability to explore so much of the psychological aspects of who we are and how we are perceived while we are in each other’s bodies! I have been taking notes about everything while I am in your body!”

Sally just groaned and walked away.

Immigrant (Part 8)

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This wouldn’t have been a life that Miguel would’ve picked for himself, but he found Rosalyn’s body to be more than suitable. As her, his long goal of living in America was fulfilled. More so, he was an American citizen! As an added benefit, he could easily turn himself on just by looking in a mirror. Hell, he could do it simply by looking down! This was going to be an exciting life for Miguel from here on out!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hiking was one of Donovan’s favorite activities. He loved nature and exploring new places. It was one of his hikes when something truly strange happened. He first spotted a strange pink glow through the trees. He went to explore and found an entire lake glowing pink. The glowing soon stretched out from the water to engulf him.Within a few minutes, it had changed him. He was now softer, skinnier, and feminine. In fact, a quick reach between his legs revealed he was now female. After his transformation completed, the lake’s glow dissipated. He shrugged. He supposed he needed to find a blue glow to reverse the changes; it just meant more exploring and more hiking!

The weird machines (Part 2)

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For the first few minutes, Al was horribly uncomfortable in Janelle’s body. But he quickly adjusted. In fact, after about 15 minutes, he was walking her heels like a pro. Over the course of an hour, being in Janelle’s body just felt natural. The curves of her body felt natural to him. Once the four hours were nearly up, he didn’t even want to go back to his own body--he felt that comfortable! Of course, there was no way for him to know that these were psychological effects of the machines. The more time you spend in a body, the more you adjust. If he stayed a day, he wouldn’t think of himself as Al anymore. If he stayed a week, he’d have a hard time remembering what it was like to be in his old body...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Carl had been eager to test out his new body swapping device, maybe a little too eager. He hired a prostitute to be one test subject and used himself as the other. The hooker was confused to be in a new body, but she saw it as a way out of her horrible life. She started to bolt for the door, and Carl knew he had to stop her fast. He used his device to switch her and his dog. He wasn’t sure if it would work on animals, but soon his own body was walking around on all fours and barking. Next, Carl switched himself back into his own body, leaving his dog inside the prostitute’s body. One more step and everyone would be back to normal, but then he tried to use the device and it stopped working! It would take some time to fix it.Carl was sure glad he wasn’t expecting any visitors soon. He wouldn’t know how to explain the woman walking around on all fours and eating out of dishes on the ground.

Swamped (Part 2)

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Bruce almost made it to the other side of the swamp...almost. He tripped with the heeled boots he now wore at the edge, falling into the mucky water. Now he needed some clean, dry clothes. He figured he had two options: either try to get some from Emily’s apartment or just buy new ones. Buying new ones would certainly be safer, but as he looked for a wallet in Emily’s coat pockets, he wasn’t able to find one!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


As one of the most popular students in school, Lawrence felt he had earned the right to be a little cocky. One night he simply dumped his girlfriend Roseanne with no remorse; he just thought he could do a little better. She was in tears, but he just didn’t seem to care.

When he woke up the next morning for his daily run, he felt a little weird. He didn’t think much about it since he was pretty tired. He usually went got ready in a zombie-like manner anyway, throwing on his workout clothes without giving it much thought. He didn’t notice exactly what was wrong until he saw his reflection as he was about to leave.

Looking back at him from the mirror was Roseanne! Or rather her body! He must have switched with her last night while they slept! How could he had missed this when he first woke up? He had even worn her feminine workout clothes instead of his own without even noticing! His heart was racing and he began to panic. Maybe he could apologize to her for last night, maybe he could fix this.

Alien adventure (Part 25)

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A crow cawed in the distance, and Jasmine jumped up startled. The bird was no longer familiar, it was a strange unknown creature in her mind. So to her the lizards that ran by on the ground. She prepared herself for the dangers around her. She. Her. Jasmine thought about those words for a moment. She still had a few memories about her former body. She knew she was male on her 18th birthday; she remembered being male when she learned to ride a bike. But she realized that the details of what that old body felt like were memories she no longer possessed. The limited memories of her body were all of being a woman. It was truly who she was now. She. Her.

Monday, September 24, 2012

One thousand dollars (Part 1)

Byron showed up at the address he had read in the paper. The ad had promised one thousand dollars for only a few hours of work as a test subject. When Byron arrived he was brought into a room where he was told the experiment would begin shortly. He sat down and asked how he would know when it was starting; his host told him that he would certainly know once it began. Sure enough, after a few minutes Byron’s eyes blurred. They quickly refocused, but it seemed now that all the signs in the room were in a foreign language. He stood up, but nearly tripped as he did so. There were now high heeled boots on his feet. In fact, he now had an entirely new body complete with long blond hair and some very sexy, shiny pants. He ignored the sway of his hips and jiggling of his chest as he walked over to a cabinet to examine some binders. The contents of these were also in a foreign language. He was sure there were probably answers and details contained in there, but he couldn’t read a word of it!

One chance (Part 4)

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Michael started to search his body for any signs of his new identity. He checked in his pockets, in his shoes and socks, and even in his bra. As he did this, he really started to notice the feelings of his new body. He could feel the weight of his new breasts and the panties he wore riding up his butt crack. He knew it wasn’t very lady-like of him, but he simply reached into his wedge and pulled them out. At the same time, in the back pocket of his shorts, he found a set of keys! Finally, something to go on to help him discover who he was now!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Look like an accident

Steve kissed the medallion. He couldn’t believe it worked; he had used it to switch bodies with Amanda. She had freaked out and demanded to switch back right away, but he told her it wouldn’t work for another twelve hours. Now in her body and with the medallion around his neck, he just needed to find a way to lose it that would make it look like an accident. Then he would have her body forever!