Saturday, October 6, 2012


Phillip was jealous of his sister, Aria. He had worked hard to study, get good grades, and land a job with a less than stellar paycheck, but she had just walked right out of high school and into a high priced modeling contract. He had been yelling at her over the phone about how easy she had it when an electrical current shot between the lines. The next thing he knew, he was on the other side of the line and inside his sister’s body! She freaked out and told him that she had a gig lined up later that day. He laughed and said he’d go for her. He was sure it wouldn’t be hard at all. He arrived at the location and was handed an outfit. He wasn’t sure how he was ever going to squeeze into it! Plus, he couldn’t imagine feeling anything but exposed while wearing it! Maybe this whole modeling thing wasn’t quite as easy as he asumed it would be. Still, despite his jealous and distaste of the situation, he loved his sister and he wasn’t going to let her down!

Friday, October 5, 2012

I came; I chainsawed; I conquered

Xavier was in shock when he found the body swapping machine he had agreed to test actually worked, and he found himself in Marcia’s body. He couldn’t believe he’d be stuck in her body for three days! Even weirder was how much he enjoyed being in her body! After the second day, he decided he never wanted to go back to his own body. His only option was to destroy the machine. Soon he was outside with a chainsaw ready to wreck that body swapper apart and eliminate any hopes of ever switching back.

Be careful

“What do you suppose exactly IS inside? Should we open it again?” Aaron asked his buddy Seth.

“I’m not sure. Last time we tried to open it, that light shot out and transformed us into women. I can’t help but think something WORSE might happen to us if we try again.” Seth replied.

“I can’t say being transformed into a hot woman like this is bad! Whatever is in here had the power to do that! If we could harness that, there’s no telling what sort of possibilities it could open up!”

“Alright, but let’s be careful...”

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The President

The President knew it would be important to address the American public in the wake of what scientists were calling “The Great Shift.” However, the worldwide body swapping phenomenon had left the President in the body of a young socialite. He questioned if he would be taken seriously from the bubbly blonde’s body. He needed to shrug off such fears. He was still the confident, eloquent speaker he was before, no matter what his outer shell looked like now. This could be a learning lesson for all Americans to not judge by outward appearances. But he wouldn’t lecture the public about such things in this speech. This one was just for hope and reassurance.

POOF! (Part 2)

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As the smoke cleared, Victor was shocked. He was looking for a new trick, but that powder was magic...actual magic! It had transformed him into a woman! There could be countless other things like that in this store! He was excited and started to explore. As he did so, a clerk came out with a stern expression. He’d have to charge Victor for the spilled powder. It was all the cash he had on him! He cursed his luck! He needed to go home and get more, but by the time he returned, the store had mysteriously vanished. He was stuck in this body!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The mission (Part 1)

How many years had it been? How many generations had gone by? Commander Neil Talcon was one of the first volunteers to man a mission to colonize planets outside of our own solar system. It was going to be a long journey, so scientists had come up with a clever way to keep their trained crew alive with limited rations. Brains and bodies were kept in stasis for the duration of the trip, requiring little food and energy. However, the bodies would still age, requiring artificial insemination for breeding purposes for several generations until it was nearly time for landing, at which point the original crew’s brains would be transplanted into their   descendants’ bodies -- a direct descendant  would reduce the risk of rejection. The brains were delivered low electrical stimulus to keep them active. It was like a constant dream. Commander Talcon thought he was still dreaming as his new body opened it’s eyes in the stasis chamber. He soon recognized the ship and realized he wasn’t dreaming. But his body felt strange. The ship had mechanisms to prevent atrophy, but he wondered if they had malfunctioned; his body just didn’t feel right. Finally, the facts dawn on him. He hadn’t even thought that he might end up in a woman’s body. However, it was probably a 50/50 chance each time that his descendant would be a woman. It was a weird feeling, but he wasn’t about to let that compromise his mission!

Alien adventure (Part 26)

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As Jasmine continued to fret, a noise came over her headset and then voices. The aliens from the ship had defeated the Xylians and reestablished contact with Jasmine. They were glad to hear she was okay, but they told her there would be no cure for her missing memories. She sighed, but told them she was ecstatic about their victory over the Xylians.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Anne had always been a traditional, conservative woman. She believed that men should act like men, and women should act like women. However, the Great Shift would completely shake up her views of the world. She wound up in a man’s body, but she still felt like she was a woman inside. No, she still KNEW she was a woman inside. She did everything she could to hold on to her femininity, often overdoing it. She wore makeup thicker than ever before, telling herself it would hide any traces of a masculine facial structure. She never wore pants anymore; it was always dresses or skirts now. She wore high necked outfits to cover her Adam’s Apple. She looked at herself in mirror. She knew she could still pass as a woman despite what was now between her legs. But as she looked, she realized how wrong she had been for all those years. It was not about your gender on the outside, but what you feel on the inside. Maybe the Great Shift was some sort of cosmic karma to make her realize this. Maybe if she had just known this sooner, things would have been different.

New business (Part 2)

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Hank soon found a flaw in his plan. He kept changing back into a man week after week. He’d have to go back to the shower again and again. Not that he minded. He actually loved the feeling of transforming itself. On top of that, it was great for repeat business. He just wished he knew the secret of how to make the change permanent!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bureaucratic mess

TG Caption new Great Shift
Getting things back to normal after the Great Shift was not going to be easy. With everyone swapped into new bodies, it opened up plenty of doors for fraud. Within a few days, the government had set up offices for people to claim what was rightfully theirs. These offices were often packed, and the required forms people had to fill out were long. Doug scanned the papers squeezed on a couch between four other men who had also switched bodies with women. Some were fretting the various parts of the form that verified identity. Who knew their driver’s license number off the top of their heads!? Others zipped through pretty confidently. Regardless, the situation was still a complete bureaucratic mess.

Pick (Part 3)

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Gary was pretty happy with his choice; in fact, he was ecstatic. However, he didn’t want to seem too joyous and arouse suspicion among Angie’s friends. So far he was doing well, but he really wanted some privacy with his new body. He told them he was feeling tired and wanted to go home. He pulled out his phone and hesitated. Would it be wise for him to call a cab after everything that happened?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

On the inside

Ever since the Great Shift, Devin just couldn’t stop staring at his reflection in the mirror. He new body was absolutely stunning! He thought faces this pretty only existed in the pages of magazines, but now that face was his own. If it was possible, he was actually a little intimidated by his own beauty. He felt like he didn’t deserve it. He committed himself to being humble about his looks. He was going to try to be nice to everyone. He felt that if he was so breathtaking on the outside, he should try his hardest to be beautiful on the inside as well.