Saturday, October 20, 2012

Freshman 15 (Part 2)

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It wasn’t long before Peter realized this woman’s body that he was now in was much more fit than his own. But he was curious exactly how fit. He went on the porch and did a handstand. He was surprised at how easy it was! In fact, he was able to keep himself that way for a few minutes! He found himself able to stretch his legs in all kinds of interesting ways. He wondered if this woman was a gymnast or something!

Friday, October 19, 2012

In my face

TG bodyswap sibling body swap caption
“I don’t care how much you shove that camera in my face; I’m not going to be taking off my clothes and putting on some sort of show just because I’m now in a woman’s body.” Evan lectured his friend Jim after both of them had switched bodies with their sisters. Evan continued, “If you want to see a woman naked, why don’t you take off your own clothes?”

“Because that’s MY sister!” Jim protested, “That’s just weird.”

Evan rolled his eyes, “Whatever.”

Birthday (Part 14)

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Matt went to the shore to where the woman’s friend was waiting. He grabbed a beer from their cooler and started to chug; then he took a second one and began to drink that. He wanted to drown this whole thing in booze. He knew it wasn’t possible, but he was hoping to just forget for a bit--at least for a while. Then he started to feel a familiar tingle. Was he going to swap again or was it just the feeling of being intoxicated? He couldn’t quite tell right now...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Late night

TG Great Shift bodyswap
Aaron was vacationing through Asia when the Great Shift happened. It was late at night, and he was taking a train back to his hotel after a night of drinking. When the Shift first happened, he thought he was hallucinating from all the alcohol. It just didn’t seem real that he now had smooth legs, for instance -- not to mention now having female body parts! It was the fact that he now felt completely sober that made him figure out this was real; he had swapped bodies with another person, a woman. The few people on the train were also affected, but he suspected that the real nightmare would begin when everyone woke up in the morning.


The advertisements promised an end to death as we know it.
A new company had developed technology to place the brains of humans into cyborgs; it promised near immortality except for any sudden accidents or brain diseases. Humanoid robots had been around for a while now, but so far their actions were programmed--they were designed as maids to help out around the house or as sexbots. The idea of putting a real human brain inside of a cyborg was completely new. The demand was outrageous, but the supply of cyborgs designed to accommodate a brain was limited. The wealthiest citizens quickly bought out the inventory. Frank was on death’s door; he couldn’t wait for a restock. But the elderly man was also resourceful. Seeing a sexbot in the store, he asked how similar the wiring was to the newer models. The technician in the store had to admit that there was no real reason it couldn’t be done, and soon enough Frank plunked down his cash and was ready for the transplant. The transfer took only a few hours, but for Frank it seemed like a mere instant. One minute he was in his old, frail body and the next he was a blonde bombshell. Despite being made of synthetic materials, the body felt very human. Frank was thankful to be alive. However, he soon discovered a slight problem with using a sexbot for the transfer. There was residual programming left in the cyborg, and he just couldn’t stop thinking about sex and pleasuring other people!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Once bitten (Part 1)

Bruce had gone to the rainforest to do some research. Despite being very careful, he felt a weird sting on the back of his neck. He soon passed out and woke up on a table in a nearby village. But checked himself to see if he was already, and was shocked to find that he now had a woman’s body. The village’s doctor arrived and told Bruce that his spontaneous gender change was a result of the bug bite. Several men in the village had been bitten by it, but no one had ever been able to catch it. Bruce had heard of weird plants and animals in the rainforest with many strange effects, but never anything like this! However, the evidence was clearly in front of him.


It was disheartening. A few short weeks ago, Justin had been one of the top golfers on the planet, but now thanks to the Great Shift, he was awful! His new body was so much weaker; he shots never seemed to go where he wanted them too anymore. His only hope was to keep working at it; to get his new body back to where his old one had been. Though with his horrible scores, he wondered if that would ever be possible. Also, considering no woman had ever qualified for the PGA so far (and he was now a woman), he questioned if training even mattered.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Adam looked at the apple in his hand. It had been the second one he had received in less than a week. The first one had turned him into a woman. If he bit into this one, it would make the change permanent, but it would also mean he would never be able to have any contact with anyone from his former life ever again. No family, no friends, no loved ones. If he didn’t take a bite by the end of the day, he’d go back to his old life, his old go-nowhere life. He liked being a woman. He had enjoyed this week. He polished the apple and opened his mouth...

Body swap crimes division

Zach had worked hard on the force for ten years, and he was happy to get his latest promotion to the body swap crimes division. When an inventor developed body swapping technology a few years back, stealing someone else’s body became popular very quickly. Most major cities had to implement similar divisions to combat the new breed of criminals. It was a difficult job with a high burden of proof on the police’s part. But some days it was easy. Zach’s latest arrest, for instance. He couldn’t imagine how the woman had been dumb enough to swap bodies with a cop like him in broad daylight. He simply grabbed the handcuffs from his former body and placed her under arrest. The only pain for Zach from the whole thing was the judicial process. He’d be stuck in the woman’s body at least until they scored a confession and perhaps all the way through trial. However, it didn’t appear that she’d be confessing anytime soon. Luckily, the swapping left a trace signature of the original owner, but of course that meant he’d have plenty of visits with the evidence team and specialists. It’d be a pain to be stuck as this woman for that time, but he was glad he’d be a part of getting one more non-consensual body swapping scumbag off the streets.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Paul had been living at home since graduating college. It was a quite depressing situation that lead to many days and nights of binge drinking. After finding the Medallion Zulu, those drinking sessions would often have very strange results. Today he called over his best friend, Harold. Paul then used one of his sister’s bras and turned himself into her double (she had moved out long ago). When Harold arrived, Paul would just sit in all sorts of suggestive ways and ultimately asked Harold to sleep together. But Harold was hesitant.

“Come on,” Paul drunkenly begged while spreading his legs wide, “You’ve always wanted to get with my sister.”

“My sister?” Harold asked a little confused.

Paul quickly confessed about the medallion and who he really was, but he maintained that the offer to sleep together was still on the table.

Harold rejected the advance, “You may look like your sister, but it’s still you in there, Paul. It would just seem...a little weird.”


Reggie was an obese blob of a man, weighing over 300 pounds, but he was also a genius. It was how he obtained his job as lead programmer at a hi-tech company developing bodyswap technology. The test was supposed to be between two volunteers, a malfunction caused everyone at the company to switch. Reggie ended up in the body of Jane, the company’s accountant. He immediately went to work searching for any coding errors which could’ve caused the malfunction.

A half hour into his work, Kevin and Rebecca entered Reggie’s office to ask how it was going. Kevin was in charge of hardware and Rebecca was the receptionist. Kevin was in Rebecca’s blonde bombshell of a body, and Rebeca was stuck in Reggie’s body. When Reggie sighed that he hadn’t found anything wrong with the code, they both accused him of causing the accident to get a better body.

Reggie was taken aback! He didn’t like being in Jane’s body at all! He was used to being huge. Being stuck in Jane’s body felt like he didn’t even exist! It felt like his body had wasted away to nothing, and then these two jerks came making accusations? He shot back at Kevin with a stern look that there was nothing wrong with the code, that it must be his hardware, and that he must’ve had a secret plan to become Rebecca.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coma (Part 5)

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Charlie couldn’t believe he had been called away from the lab for this! Though he never enjoyed Ji’s responsibilities, the times when he had to present a new product while wearing a strange and skimpy costume were the worst! He just had to force out a smile and deal with it! Normal modeling actually seemed like a pleasure compared to this! What no one ever told Charlie was that they intended to keep him busy with Ji’s responsibilities; the lab was merely a ruse to keep him involved.