Saturday, October 27, 2012

Immigrant (Part 9)

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After thinking about his new life just a little bit longer, Miguel started to wonder why he had bothered to change. He had a hot new body now, and he was all alone. Now was his time to get to know his new curves intimately! He began to take off the clothes that he had put on just a little bit before. He had seen it when he changed before, but now he would really get to know it!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The rest of our lives

tg captions
“Please, Courtney, please,” Mitch begged as he wrapped his arms around Courtney’s head, “I’ve learned my lesson. I know how poorly I treated you while we were dating, but please give me my body back now. I know you used your magic to do this, and I know you can reverse it. I don’t want to be stuck in your body for a single day more. I just want to be me again. Please switch us back.”

Courtney paused, but then spoke out timidly, “I’m sorry. It was me. I did do it; I am responsible. However, there’s no way to reverse this. We’re going to be like this for the rest of our lives.”


James could only describe the situation as completely surreal. He had been working backstage on a production when an angel floated down through the ceiling and landed next to him. He backed up slowly, somewhat afraid. Knocking over some equipment, an electrical wire fell on both him and the angel. Sparks flew between the two bodies. The next thing he knew, he was in the angel’s body! He found that in her body, he could fly! Everything about this seemed impossible. Angels, bodyswapping, and flying? None of it could possibly be real, could it?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pull the trigger

“I don’t want to have to pull this trigger,” Louie stated, “But you’ve left me no other choice. If you don’t give me back my body, I will shoot you.”

“No, you won’t. You won’t shoot your own body.” Carla responded, “I know you far too well. You’re a peaceful man, but more so you are a hopeful man. You want the hope of being able to get your body back. As long as I’m alive and in your body, that hope exists. If I die, that hope is gone, and you wouldn’t be able to stand that.”

“I WAS peaceful. I WAS hopeful. That was before I spent five months in a woman’s body; in YOUR body.”

Anniversary (Part 1)

Chris had taken his wife to a fancy restaurant for their anniversary. There was valet parking, expensive plates, and everything. It was the perfect evening. Or it would have been if the Great Shift didn’t happen. Just as they were sitting down, he found himself standing on a street corner a few blocks away. If he wasn’t mistaken, he was now in the body of a prostitute. He could deal with what that meant for him later, first he had to find his wife, Lucy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Feminine moment

TG Caption body swap
Arthur had been waiting for this day ever since the Great Shift. It would be the first day the stores reopened. Once he found himself in the body of a woman, he couldn’t find a single person with the same shoe size, which meant he had been stuck wearing the heels he had been swapped into. But not for much longer! He just needed to wait for those doors to open, and he’d head straight to the shoe store to buy a wide variety of new comfortable pairs. He paused for a moment; he just realized he had a very feminine moment: getting excited about shoe shopping!

The proposal

Nancy had been hoping her boyfriend Clyde would pop the question and ask her to marry him. Her hopes were dashed when the Great Shift plopped her into the body of a man. She couldn’t imagine that he’d ever want to marry her now! She hadn’t heard a single word from him since the Shift, and she had almost given up hope that they’d even still have a relationship. She was crying her eyes out at home when the doorbell rang. She answered it and saw an unknown woman standing there. The next thing she knew the woman got down on one knee and puled out a ring! It was Clyde! He had wanted to propose for weeks, but his plan got put on hold when the Shift placed him in a woman’s body. He didn’t expect Nancy to want to marry him like this, but when a friend mentioned she was now in a man’s body, he knew he had to try!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gender doesn't matter

TG Great Shift Captions
Lewis and Enrico had been in love for years. When New York legalized gay marriage, the two men were among the first to line up to tie the knot. When the Great Shift struck a few years later, both men found themselves in the bodies of women. The first concern of each of them was to find the other to make sure they were okay. The few days of being out of contact were like torture to the two men. When they finally reconnected, both began crying. They were just so happy to see each other. After embracing and sharing a quick kiss, the two held hands and walked down the street, happy to be reunited and knowing that their new gender changed nothing. They’d said it for years; gender simply didn’t matter when you love someone.

Alien adventure (Part 28)

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Jasmine eventually made her way back to the house she had lived in when she was Jason (though she still couldn’t remember that she used to be called that). The house was one of the first things on Earth that seemed familiar. She remember where she hid the spare key and walked inside. She sat down on her couch and relaxed. It was funny how she could remember every little bit from top to bottom. She remembered how she had organized her clothes (though most would do her new body little good now), how the furniture was arranged, and even what food she had left in her fridge. She had trouble remembering some devices. She couldn’t think of how to operate the screen she was staring at or even what it was called.

Monday, October 22, 2012


The New Great Shift TG Captions body swap
Thom had feared this day ever since the Great Shift. He had tried his best to avoid it. Once he had escaped his old life, he had never wanted to go back or even be reminded of it. He had been pretty lucky with the Shift, he ended up in a beautiful young woman’s body. It had given him confidence, he got a better paying job and was now engaged to a nice man. His old body had first contacted him by email. Thom didn’t respond at first, but then he got another and another and then eventually a phone call. It took a few months of pestering before Thom finally agreed to briefly meet with the person now in his former body. He looked towards the ground when he first saw the person approaching the coffee shop where they had agreed to meet. But he slowly gazed his eyes back. Thom had to give whoever it was some credit. For starters, his body had lost at least thirty pounds, enough to make it look kind of handsome. His unkempt beard had been shaven off. Whoever it was inside his old body didn’t look upset either; they almost seemed happy. In a way, Thom was revealed. He had been nervous because he felt guilty. He had gotten such a great body because of the Shift that he just felt bad for whoever got his. But it seemed it wasn’t really that bad.

Shoes (Part 2)

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Brent had tried on almost a dozen pairs so far. He was truly getting to understand what it was like for Valerie when she had done this. He just didn’t like anything; when he finally did find something he thought would work, they pinched his feet awkwardly, and he decided to keep trying other pairs. Valerie, on the other hand, was getting to understand how Brent felt when she used to make her sit around when she did this. She was so bored! She thought it would be fun, but it just wasn’t!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Notice (Part 6)

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The actions of the men around him continued to confuse Bert. That is, until he reached down to grab his wallet from the car. Suddenly, it all clicked, and he noticed his body. He tried not to freak out when he realized he had the body of a woman. This must’ve been what they had done to him at the research center. But why had it taken him so long to notice? It seemed so obvious to him now!