Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tickets (Part 1)

It seemed like an appropriate trip for Hal’s last day on the job as a ticket taker. The train was practically empty. An Asian woman was sleeping in one of the seats, a family was trying to control their two kids, and a couple sat hugging each other. He hadn’t wanted to retire, but the company was forcing him. He wished he could stay on just a few more years. That’s when he noticed the young Asian woman’s hair start to gray. It was sudden, and soon he noticed it wasn’t just her hair! Her whole body seemed to be getting older, and it looked more and more familiar. She was turning into him! That’s when he looked down to realize that he was turning into her! He saw her ticket was for the next stopped and rushed to wake her. She nodded for a second as the train slowed down. She turned to him and smiled. “You’re welcome,” she said as she left the train. Her smile was nothing compared to Hal’s reaction. He became ecstatic. He was young again and could continue his job. It meant the world to him!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Crossing (Part 2)

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Alvin was stil very unsure of what to do next. He went into a late night diner in hopes to collect himself. He ordered a bit of food before he realized that he didn’t know if he had any money on him now or not! Luckily, he found some cash and and driver’s license stored safely in his bra. The size of his new breasts impressed him; the large puffy coat he wore had certainly hidden the great shape of this new body of his. Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad.

Back to school (Part 2)

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Al was still early to class, so he explored the campus a little bit. Things had changed so much since the last time he was at a school. Things were so much more modern and students these days wore such skimpy clothes these days! He hoped he would stay his old self at heart, but he could feel his heart racing thinking about going out and interacting with young folks. He’d have to insist on doing something with his wife when she returned to pick him up after class. They had so many youthful things that they could enjoy again!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hypnosis tape

John had put the hypnosis recording on his stereo and sprawled out on the couch. He hoped it would help him relax, but after getting through the entire thing, he didn’t feel any different. He sat up with the same stressed feeling he had before. That hypnosis tape was a rip-off! It didn’t do anything. Or did it? John continued with his nervousness by fiddling with his long hair and adjusting his breasts in his bra...wait a second, HIS breasts. Guys didn’t have breasts! But he couldn’t ever remember NOT having them. He was beginning to wonder if that hypnosis tape had actually done something really strange to him.

Get back (Part 2)

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As Kelly left the cab, she turned around to shut the door. Eugene knew this was his last chance. He shouted out, “Have a nice day,” and soon found himself in her body. He was overjoyed, but Kelly was furious! Her body had been stolen from her, and now she was stuck inside of the body of a gross, dirty cab driver. She wanted to get revenge right then and there, but she could not do anything but drive away. She’d plan her revenge, but it appeared that it would have to wait.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Ryan and Elana had found a strange package on their doorstep one day. Inside was a strange device and a note, explaining that the machine inside could switch the brains of two people. The couple were curious to experiment and soon found themselves in each other’s bodies. They agreed to spend the day as each other and attend a friend’s BBQ. What they hadn’t noticed was their toddler son had snagged the device on the way out the door, thinking it was a toy. It wasn’t until a few hours later when they saw the boy playing with the device in their friend’s backyard. Elana gently tried to coax it from him before he accidentally used it. However, Ryan began freaking out when he noticed his son smashing the device against a rock. Unless they could find a different way to switch back, the married pair would be stuck in each other’s bodies.

The curse of the werewoman (Part 1)

Since sleeping with that woman six months ago, Kevin had regretted it every night since. She had been a werewoman, a person who was a man by day but transformed into a woman under the moonlight. The curse was passed on through sexual intercourse. That meant that in the moonlight, Kevin too would be transformed into a hyper-sexual female version of himself. He spend the night looking for his prey--men. Men to sleep with, men to pass the curse onto. Many have tried to break the curse; others have killed themselves just to prevent the curse from being passed on. Kevin wasn’t so brave. He just accepted the inevitable--that he would become a woman at night, a woman who thirsted for sex, a woman who desired to pass on her curse.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Michelle still felt awkward about preparing her former body for the runway show. The Great Shift had been devastating to her. She had been a model, and while her new body was still very attractive, female, and skinny, it was also shorter and older. She was also thankful to still have a job, though now she was styling fashion shows instead of walking in them. This one proved to be very awkward, particularly because her old body would be in it. The person now inside her body was a man, a construction worker. And he spoke, well, like a construction worker, making rude comments about both Michelle’s former body as well as her current one. It was hard for her to hear such language coming from her former mouth.

Bachelorette Party (Part 4)

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Shortly after his drunken comments, Ryan blacked out. He had hoped the next feeling he would have would be waking up in his own body, but when he woke up the next morning, he was still Megan! Days turned to months, and he soon lost all hope of getting his old body back. Ryan had thought Megan would flip out in his body, but she picked up Ryan’s life without skipping a beat. She never spoke a word about who she really was--not even to Ryan. She went on to marry Amber and live a happy life. Of course, that meant Ryan (in Megan’s body) had to live Megan’s high-fashion, late-night party life. He hated to admit it, but he actually enjoyed it. He liked being a bad influence on his female friends, he loved flirting, and while he lived a quiet lifestyle as a guy, something about Megan’s body just loved being the center of attention. He never, ever expected to be out on the town with a dye job wearing 4 inch heels at three o’clock on a Wednesday morning, but there he was...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Minimum wage (Part 3)

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TG Captions body swap
By the end of the day, Jon was praying. He had never been a religious man, but he still wasn’t sure why this body swap had happened. So it was a long shot, but he figured it was worth a try. He was also just wishing and hoping for the hands on the clock to hit five. He had no idea how hard people on the bottom end of the payroll worked! This was a tough job--even despite being boring--he was on his feet all day and he was really tired! Hopefully, he would not be doing it much longer; hopefully, he’d find a way back to his own body.


When Tyler first found the MAU machine, he was skeptical. Considering how often his car broke down, he’d hate to think of something malfunctioning with a device that was able to transform his entire body. However, after a few tries, he became more trusting. After a few weeks, he was using it several times a day. Today he used it to transform himself into a copy of a friend’s girlfriend to play a little prank on his buddy. It was as he was changing himself back that machine finally stopped working; the truly awful part was that it was literally halfway into the transformation when it stopped. His left side was still himself, but his right side was an exact copy of his friend’s girlfriend. One large breast still hung from his right side torso. His crotch was REALLY weird. He had one ball and his penis was about half it’s normal side pushed slightly to one side. Feminine parts were slightly to the other, also seeming about half as big as it should be. He was truly a freak!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Gretchen fit the stereotype of a spoiled teenager. She was dating a member of the football team, she was on the cheerleading squad, and she was highly egotistical. As a senior in her last semester, she had even given up on going to many of her classes. In the stairwell one day, she found a strange coin labeled “God for one wish.” Her egoism got the best of her, thinking of how awesome she was, she wished that everyone in school was like her. The coin disappeared in her hands! As she continued to climb the stairs, she soon found she wasn’t alone. She was taken aback when she noticed that all of them looked exactly like her! What had that wish done? She ran through the halls. Everyone’s body had been transformed into a copy of hers, all of the girls, all of the boys, and even all of the teachers! They all had her spoiled and egotistical attitude. She ran into her science class to see her teacher, Mr. Reilly (who of course had a copy of her body as well) painting his nails instead of actually teaching anything. All of her classmates were just giggling, gossiping, and bragging--and all of them had her body. She was really freaking out, but the wishing coin had disappeared. What could she possibly do to fix all this?