Saturday, November 17, 2012


Bill had been enjoying his time in a woman’s body at Exchange Island, but he was beginning to get ready to be back in his male body. Luckily, he only had a few days left. He was having cramps and feeling irritable, and he was worried this body’s period would soon be on his way. He tried to ignore these issues with a relaxing nap on the beach. But he woke up to a shock. He was no longer on Exchange Island! He was on a beach outside of a very large city, and he was still in the woman’s body! He was worried he would be stuck like this! He wasn’t sure how it had happened, but he knew this violated the clause of the contract he had signed to not leave the island before his scheduled departure!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Had to

Quincy usually tried not to let the results of his experiments worry him, but this one was a little bit different. Three days ago, he had used a chemical formula that transformed him into an 8-year-old girl. Neither his age regression or change of gender had worried him. However, since that time he had aged rapidly. Upon examining his body, he estimated he was now about 20 years old. If he didn’t fix whatever he did soon, he’d hit old age in another week, and he’d almost certainly be dead after two. But he would not let that happen. He’d find some way to reverse this; he had to.

Mass transit

George walked out of the subway station. He had just walked down a few minutes before, but he doubted any more trains would come today, not after what just happened. Everyone on the platform switched bodies with someone else. Many had swapped from the surface or from a nearby train. George didn’t expect train operators to be immune from the mass swapping, which meant that mass transit would be a mess until some sort of order was restored. As he began to walk about the city streets, George realized how lucky his swapping situation was. He had certainly traded upward. He may not have been immediately comfortable being a woman, but he was a young and gorgeous one! He could probably bat an eyelash and get just about anything he wanted with a body like this!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Robbed (Part 1)

Denise was in for quite a shock when she opened the door to her apartment to find it had been robbed, but she was even more surprised to enter her bedroom and see a woman tied up.

“Thank God!” The woman said, “Could you please help untie me! I know it’s going to be hard to believe, but my name is Bill Cunningham, and I’m a cop! I live downstairs; I heard some suspicious noises and caught a woman robbing your place. She had some weird device, which I now know was some sort of body switcher. I know, because, well, now I’m in her body! She overpowered me and tied me up! There’s no telling what damage should could do with that kind of technology, not to mention with my credentials as a cop!”

Denise was hesitant, but it was almost too crazy NOT to believe. She untied the woman, who immediately phoned her superiors at the station.

Trick him again

Sue had tricked Brian into swapping bodies with her a few days ago. She had always dreamed of living as a man, but after actually trying it, she just wanted to get back to her old body. She figured he would be eager, and was actually surprised to see him with a huge smile.

“Thank you so much!” He exclaimed when he saw her.

“You’re actually enjoying this?” Sue responded.

“Uh-huh! In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever want to switch back!”

Sue realized that if she ever hoped to get her body back from Brian, she’d have to trick him...again!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Simon was pretty sure that things could only get worse for him from here on out. He had hired a prostitute for his best friend’s Bachelor Party the other week. Through a series of tragic events, she ended up dead by morning. It wasn’t long before her pimp came after Simon. He was ambushed, kidnapped, and injected with a strange drug. His passed out body was thrown in a room while the drug’s effect took place. His body shifted until it was an exact match for the dead hooker. While still under, someone changed his clothes. Simon awoke some time later locked in a room. He recognized the clothes he wore -- they were HERS from the night she died. It took him longer to wrap his brain around the fact that he now had a copy of her body as well. He had no idea such a technology existed, and it seemed even stranger to him that a pimp would have access to it! But now was not the time to worry about the whys. Considering what they had already done to him, he figured he’d have a lot more to worry about if he stuck around. He needed to find a way to escape now. He knew he’d be trapped in this body for good now, but there’s no way he’d let himself he trapped in a world of prostitution.

The brain transplant (Part 2)

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Eric decided he needed to evaluate his situation. The first (and most obvious) was that he was in a new body--a woman’s body--but other than that he was alive and well. He evaluated that the more pressing concern was his location. Other than the run down shack he awoke inside of, there didn’t appear to be any other building in visual range. There were no vehicles either. His next step would be to go back inside and look for a phone or anything that he could use to contact civilization. He didn’t want to be around when whoever did this to him came back!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


TG Captions great shift new
Marvin had a hard time adjusting to his new body after the Great Shift. After several months of being a shut-in, his friends and family forced him to a psychiatrist.

“I’m not about to sit down on your couch, Doc,” Marvin told the psychiatrist, “And I’m not going to change out of these sweatpants to enjoy the world. There’s nothing to enjoy! My life is over!”

“Is that how you feel?” The doctor asked, “You appear to be young with many years in front of you from my perspective.”

Marvin sighed, “I know. I know how this works, but it really isn’t going to work on me. I’m a chick now! How could things be worse!?” Marvin paused as he looked back at the doctor, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend.”

“None taken.” The psychiatrist responded, “I have come to terms with the fact that I switched bodies with an eight year old as the result of the Great Shift. Maybe it’s time for you to come to terms with your new body as well.”

One chance (Part 5)

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With keys in hand, Michael developed a plan. He would walk to the park’s entrance and press the alarm button on the keychain. Then he’s just follow the sound to this woman’s car. It seemed like a perfect plan. Surely, she’d have something inside of her car that would give him more information about her life--the life that was now his!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lose himself

TG Captions
James had been stuck in Julia’s body for a little over a month now. He had started to notice changes in his own behavior, but he couldn’t seem to do anything about them. For instance, when he first found himself trapped in her body, he’d wear jeans and sneakers. Now he regularly picked dresses and heels. They just felt comfortable to him. At the book store, he wanted to pick up a thriller, but instead opted for a romance novel. He was wondering if he would lose himself if he stayed stuck in her body much longer!

Swamped (Part 3)

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Bruce stood up; he was certainly a mess. And now he had to go back to Emily’s house and get new clothes. He groaned at first, thinking she’d be waiting for him. Then he realized: so what? Even if she was, what could she do about it? It had taken him five years to locate the body swap spell that caused this. No one would ever believe her. For all intents and purposes, the whole world would see HIM as Emily and see HER as Bruce. She’d be helpless, and he could live her life freely!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Alien adventure (Part 29)

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In some ways, it was good to be back home; back on Earth. But except for her home, the entire planet felt like a foreign world to Jasmine. On her walk from where she was teleported, she recognized little. Soon she thought about going back to the aliens, but she wanted to give her home planet a chance again. From her brief time returning home, she knew her clothes from space were out of place. Though she couldn’t quite remember what was fashionable, she did recall an ex-girlfriend leaving some clothes behind a while back. She chuckled. It was an odd memory for her to still have. So much of it seemed so unfitting now that she felt like a woman with little memory of being a man. She couldn’t even remember quite how relationships worked. Humans were quite a funny species--even if she was one, she no longer truly understood them!