Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blood sugar (Part 2)

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Despite the clear evidence in the mirror, Jim still had a hard time believing the woman’s reflecting back at him was now his. He kept looking back, expecting to see her behind him. But it never happened. He was alone in this room, and that meant the reflection was his. He was this absolutely gorgeous woman. It still seemed completely unbelievable; no, it seemed impossible! But the evidence kept staring back at him every time he turned to look at the mirror.

Friday, December 7, 2012


TG Caption Body Swap Upload Download
When Jared and Aaron entered the room, there were already two women sitting across from them with helmets on their head. The two men proceeded to place similar helmets on their own heads with a sense of giddy anticipation for what was about to happen. There was a quick jolt, and the men watched as the women’s facial expressions turned blank. It was the first step. The women’s memories and personality were being removed from their brains. The men knew they would soon follow. In fact, it wasn’t long before they felt another jolt and had their own memories and personalities sucked away. All four had the consciousness in the central computer for a few moments before downloading commenced. Jared was downloaded into the body of the woman on the right; Aaron was placed inside the woman on the left. The two women were now in the matching respective man. It had taken a good amount of time to upload and transfer an entire self from one body to another, but the procedure had been a success!

Brain power (Part 1)

Ben had been working on his invention for months. It was supposed to boost brain power, and he was going to be his own test subject. He strapped himself in and activated it; something unexpected happened. Instead of boosting his brain power, it displaced it. His brain had been zapped into the body of his neighbor, Joy. She must have been planning to go swimming in her pool, judging from what she wore--what he was now wearing! This was completely unanticipated. Not that Ben was complaining. The scientific ramifications were huge! Though he also realized Joy in his body would be pretty upset; he was sure she’d be storming over any second now.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Statistically unlikely

TG Caption Magic Taxi
After falling victim to the magic taxi and finding themselves in a new body, most people tended to avoid taking a cab. But not Malcolm. It had been a year since his encounter, and he had not stopped taking taxis since. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy his new life as the wife of a high power stock broker, he just felt it was statistically unlikely that he’d ever end up in that cab again. Even if he did, what was the worst that could happen? He’d spend some time in a gross body, sure, but then he’d just target an even richer, sexier body. Finding the cab again seemed like it would be a win for him. Though he still didn’t expect that would ever happen.

Dream vacation

It was supposed to be a dream vacation in a tropical paradise at a luxury resort for Paul. For a few days it was, but as he sat on the beach sipping drinks, he exploded at the local woman serving him for being a bit to slow. She tried to explain the beach was busy that day, and she had to make sure everyone was taken care of, but Paul just exploded. The woman turned back to him with a glare and the mumbling of a few words. He went to sleep in a comfy bed and thought nothing of the events of the day until he woke up the next morning. A drip of water fell on him. The roof was leaking, the bed he slept in was hard and uncomfortable, and there was a draft. He shot upright; he realized these were not the conditions of the luxury hotel! He was in one of the shacks that the locals lived in, many miles from the hotel. At first he thought he had been kidnapped, but then he tried to stand up and realized he was attempting to do so on heels. He was in someone else’s body. He searched for a reflective surface, and when he found one, he was shocked. He had switched bodies with the server he yelled at yesterday!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


TG Captions
Mr. Saunders took great pride in his job teaching math at a local high school. He often spent free periods tutoring students who were having trouble one-on-one. This would be his third time meeting with Alyssa. She was having more trouble than anyone. He wondered if it was because she was more focused on boys than her studies. As he worked with her, a strange smoke oozed into the room from the neighboring chemistry class. They both coughed for minutes until it cleared up, and they found themselves in each other’s bodies! Mr. Saunders was in a panic. Not because he was in the body of one of his students, but because she was in his! She barely understod this stuff; she certainly couldn’t teach it! He sat down to prepare a cram session, but soon found it all too difficult for him. Alyssa, on the other hand, seemed to now take to it like a fish to water. As Mr. Saunders tried to focus, his mind soon shifted to other thoughts -- like cute boys!

Crack whore

Aaron recognized the building that he found himself inside from his days as a social worker. It was a place where druggies, the homeless, and crack whores hung out. He hadn’t been here a moment ago. He had been sitting on his couch at home, but a strange flash of light blinded him and he was now here. It wasn’t just that he was in a new place, he realized he was also in a new body. He knew based off the people that frequented this place that no body he could’ve ended up in would be a god one. He wasn’t exactly surprised by the skimpy outfit he now wore. He could only figure he was in the body of a crack whore. The hardest part would be withdrawal, but his social worker career gave him plenty of knowledge of how to break the habit and where to go for support, even if this woman was flat broke. He just needed to get out of this building and find some place safer. The building was no only famous for its poor residents, but its crime rate. There were murders and rapes on a daily basis, and Aaron didn’t want to be a victim of either.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


TG Caption cultural change
It happened when Henry Jones was attending college in the 70s. The young Republican met a woman in one of his classes. He had tried to date her, but she had other ideas. Using an ancient spell, she stole his life and his future. But just because he was in the body of a black woman didn’t mean he was going to give up on his dreams to succeed in politics. In fact, many years later he looked back on it all and decided he did pretty well for himself despite his swapped body. He had never told anyone about the body swap, but the incident had actually confirmed his conservative values. After all, he ended up making it in the world despite now being female and black, why couldn’t any one else just do the same?

The prude (Part 6)

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Ryan quickly rushed to put all of Dr. Wong’s clothes back on. He grabbed her keys and headed back to the lab. As he drove, he thought about it. Did he really want to be stuck in Dr. Wongs’s body forever? He looked down to see the sexy leg pressing on the gas pedal with a high heel. Oh, yes, this is what he wanted! It wasn’t hard to screw up years of work in only a few minutes. And after he was finished, he knew his fate would be sealed.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The mission (Part 2)

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The rest of the crew would be coming out of stasis shortly, and it was up to Commander Talcon to prepare for them. He needed to have an aura of confidence and present a read-to-go attitude. Coming out of stasis can be quite disorienting. The computer had woken him up first so none of the crew would see him stumbling around and getting a hold of himself. He had the added surprise of waking up as a woman, so he certainly hoped he had enough time to overcome any personal difficulty he might have with that scenario. He had to admit that it didn’t seem so bad thus far.

He felt a little odd as he moved about, but he suspected no one would notice his discomfort. The first place he went to was a small locker. Inside were the few personal items he had been allowed to bring. He took out a pair of glasses; they blurred his vision. He had know it would probably be silly to bring them. It was unlikely his inherited body would need them, but he had read so many good books with these glasses, he felt the need to take them for the sake of memory. They’d always remind him of his past.

Immediately (Part 2)

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Great Shift TG Captions
After reacting with initial curiosity with a hand straight down his pants, Kevin became a little bit more interest in his new body. He took off the jacket he wore and thought about stripping completely naked, but he also realized he was in the middle of a street. Though it seemed pretty deserted at first, it wasn’t long before another confused person crossed his path. Kevin sighed as he put back on the jacket. Further exploration would have to wait.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tickets (Part 2)

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The next day, Hal arrived at the central station. He went about his work day as he had done for the past few decades. He directly people onto the train, he helped them find seats, and once aboard, he took their tickets. His time card had a new name on it, Alice Han. Her work history showed that she started the very day Hal had been set to retire. He was curious about his own records, but considering he was no longer Hal, they were off-limits and confidential. He tried not to let it bother him too much. He still enjoyed his work, and while he could’ve worn the same style of pants the male ticket takers wore, he felt pretty good about wearing the short skirt the female ticket takers were allowed to wear.