Saturday, December 15, 2012

Zen (Part 3)

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“You’ve got to be kidding me!?” Nick exclaimed.

“It’s never happened with between a student and myself before, but I have heard a few stories from some of my fellow teachers,” The instructor said, “If you hope to get your body back by the end of this session, I suggest you calm yourself.”

Nick groaned. What choice did he have? He tried to relax as he followed instructions for the first pose.

Friday, December 14, 2012


TG caption body swap
Perceval had been looking to prove himself as a knight. The others of the round table had slayed dragons and saved kingdoms, but he had yet to distinguish himself. One day at a tavern, he finally heard of a maiden captured by a witch. He bravely made his way into her lair and found the damsel with relative ease, but they were discovered before escaping. Perceval charged as the witch cast a spell. Perceval prevailed, but the spell’s damage had been done. His body had been destroyed and his soul had been pushed into the body of the maiden. As he placed his armor over her tattered dress, he wondered what had happened to the maiden’s soul. He felt like a total failure, but he figured he was certainly distinct from all the other knights now at least!

Unprofessional (Part 2)

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Despite Will’s initial hesitation, he eventually gave into Lloyd’s advances. The two soon started feeling each other up and fooling around. Will knew it was against good business etiquette and certainly against many of Exchange Island’s rules of being in a borrowed body, but as things got hot and heavy, they soon stopped caring. Of course, once word got around about Will and Lloyd breaking the rules, any hopes of a business deal was off, and the pair were forced to spend an extra week in the bodies of women--neither of them complained.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nowhere (Part 1)

Buying a house in the middle of nowhere was a dream come true for Phil. He loved the outdoors, and it soon became one of his favorite activities to go walking in the vast forest behind his new home. He’d spend hours, often getting lost, just walking around. One day he found an area by a stream with mossy rocks, but the most fascinating thing was that the air seemed to literally sparkle. He watched the sparkles dance around for a while before he realized they were all settling on his skin, encasing him. He began to panic, but they soon disappeared. He was felt such a relief that he hadn’t noticed how the sparkles had changed him. They had completely transformed his body, but for the time being he seemed oblivious.

Groupie (Part 3)

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As Bruce considered the possibilities, he heard a voice, “Hey, you aren’t supposed to be back here.”

Bruce recognized the voice immediately and replied, “Fuck off, Morty; I ain’t who I look like.”

Morty could immediately recognize the accent and style of speech. He asked, “Bruce?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“Why would you want to be a woman?”

“Want to? Look, I’m not sure how this shit happened, but it happened! You think I enjoy this?” Bruce made an awkward semi-feminine gesture with his skirt, but it still came of quite manly, “And if you make some sort of damned comment, I’ll punch you in your goddamn face.”

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby mama (Part 1)

TG Caption
Kenneth had awoken to a surprise. He looked down and discovered he was now a woman! The house he was in certainly wasn’t his own either. He immediately explored her closets to put on a cute leather skirt and sweater. He was enjoying being a woman so much until he heard a sound from the other room -- a baby crying. He realized no one else was going to answer its cries, so he figured he would have to tend to it. As he changed the baby’s diaper, he decided that being this woman simply wasn’t fun anymore! Ultimately, Kenneth decided to explore the neighborhood, hoping he could find someone to shed light on the woman he now was.

The one (Part 4)

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Though Howard’s actions seemed quite strange to many around, several guys were attracted to what they saw as a strange and spirited woman. A man soon approached, asking about a date. Howard’s face lit up with excitement. He agreed with a smile, feeling truly like a woman. He also realized his “the one” may in fact be a man now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


TG Caption husband wife swap
Oliver had swapped bodies with his wife six months ago. When it first happened, they immediately went to the doctors.. At first, the medical experts thought both of them were crazy, but comparing brain scans to previous ones seemed to confirm they were telling the truth. Doctors had no way to explain the swap, and it wasn’t long before it took a toll on Oliver’s marriage. He and his wife had a hard time being in each others’ bodies. She left him last week, taking most of his clothes with her. He guessed it only made sense -- after all, his own clothes didn’t really fit him -- but it was hard to see so much of what he felt was himself go. He ended up digging through the back of the closet to see what she had left behind, hoping for some familiarity. He found his old high school letter jacket. He hoped putting it on would make him feel better, but the fact that it was so big on him only reminded him of the small, feminine frame he now had.


Nate wanted to scream when he switched bodies with a woman at the library, but proper etiquette of the location won out. Instead, he started digging into any of the books around, thinking there had to be something inside one of them that caused this.And that’s when he heard the whispers. It was two men. They were talking about magic and about how their initial test had been a success. Then they talked about plans to pull off a crime spree. Nate recognized one of the voices. It was his own--or rather, his voice before he swapped bodies with this woman!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dorky (Part 1)

TG Caption
Amanda had always been embarrassed by her dorky brother, Ed. She hoped that as he got older, he’d become more normal, but he never did. She couldn’t understand how a man in his 20s got excited about dressing up in costumes. He would tell her it was only for something called “ComicCon,” and he acted like it was the most important event of the year. She just didn’t get it.

Amanda always had hope she could change him, and one year she got desperate. She borrowed a device from her father that was capable of switching bodies. She hoped that if she showed Ed how his body could dress cool, could look cool, and could be cool, it might influence him. What she hadn’t banked on was initiating her plan the night before ComicCon.

Ed was shocked to be in Amanda’s body, but he wasn’t about to let that spoil his fun. In fact, he realized his sister’d body opened up all sorts of new costumes he could wear. When the two met up, Amanda was shocked at how dorky her body was dressed up!

Her plan had backfired. Instead of people seeing Ed look cool, they’d see her dressed up as a dork! She knew no one she knew would ever be at something as lame as ComicCon, but who knows how many had already seen Ed dress her body up like that!


Victor hadn’t owned a bicycle since he was a kid. He knew they were popular in the city, but he never used one. He had always taken a cab everywhere. That all changed after his body was stolen by a cab driver. He thought he would trapped in that fat, middle aged body forever, but after weeks of driving, he thought that if his body was stolen while in this cab, maybe he could steal someone’s body as well. Soon enough, he found himself in the body of an attractive young woman. He soon realized cabs were no longer an option. For starters, he didn’t want to risk being stuck in that cabbie’s body again--not even for another second! Next, this woman was poorer than he had been. He might have been able to afford a cab once and a while as a treat, but not on a regular basis. He decided it was time to ride a bike again, and (as the saying goes) he had never really forgotten how. As an added plus, it kept his new, beautiful body in great shape.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Conformist (Part 2)

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Cosmo looked at his reflection in the window on the side of the van. It was exactly as he feared. He guessed this woman had two kids and a husband somewhere, probably a nice house too. Cosmo couldn’t even remember the last time he showered! He wasn’t about to change his hippie lifestyle just because his body didn’t match it.