Saturday, December 22, 2012

Coma (Part 6)

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That was the final straw. Charlie was sick of feeling like a corporate puppet. He was sick of never having any meaningful time in the lab. Wu Ji had built up a lot of good will, and Charlie had improved upon it. He had always resisted outside modeling and marketing offers from other companies because of the lab. With the lab starting to feel like more and more of a tease, Charlie decided to quit. He realized he didn’t even have to take many modeling jobs to amass a good deal of money. He soon leveraged that into business ventures of his own. Now as a successful businesswoman, he was truly free to explore any avenues he felt like...and he was particularly hands on with his science ventures.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sharing an apartment (Part 2)

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TG body swap caption
“So I still can’t find anything about people actually switching bodies on the web,” John told Monica, “But I found a lot of folks who write fiction about it...not much help if you ask me.”

“You’ve been searching on your laptop and phone ever since we swapped bodies a month ago.” Monica retorted, “Maybe it’s time to just to just relax and accept it.”

“I don’t think I can accept being a totally different person, even if it is you!”

Monica paused before answering, “I don’t recall owning those leather pants. Did you buy those?”

It was John’s turn to pause before responding, “Hey! A girl’s got to look good, right?”

Agent #2023

He was part of a secret shadowy part of the government. No one would ever acknowledge the group’s existence, but they kept the country safe. He had been training with the group for years. Since his first day, he had only been known as Agent #2023--his original identity remained confidential. Training had been hard work, but today would be his first official day in the field. Or it would have been. A comparable agency from an enemy country had discovered the group’s base, and they had an evil plan. Conventional weapons would’ve been far too easily identifiable, so they had developed a weapon of confusion--a weapon that could switch people’s brains. As Agent #2023 started getting ready for his first mission, he suddenly felt strange. He son found himself in another part of the base wearing a white lab coat--and in the wrong body! He recognized whose body it was, Agent #1897, she was one of the scientists at the base. While the weapon did cause some confusion, it was too short for the enemy to take advantage of. Within moments, Agent #2023 had new orders. He striped out of Agent #1897’s lab coat and into the standard issue outfit for female spies. He grabbed a gun for what would now be his first mission--vengeance against the enemy who attacked the base with that strange bodyswapping weapon!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The dud

TG Captions
“It’s just not fair,” Wayne complained, “I was the one that did the research to discover the body swapping spell. I gathered the ingredients. So how come you guys got to swap with three hot, popular chicks, and I got stuck as the dumpy nerdy girl!”

“That’s just the way things turned out,” Taylor shrugged with a smile, “When we swapped with the girls in our gym class, we each knew that we all had a one in four chance of getting the dud. It just turned out that it happened to be you. But, hey, how about we have a slumber party tonight and give you a makeover? Who knows, it may even just make you as hot as the rest of us!”

Change of plans (Part 6)

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After a short engagement and a few months of marriage, Tom got what he had been wanting since the Great Shift placed him in a new body. He could feel the new life slowly growing inside of him. He felt like the mother he was destined to be, and it felt good; it felt right. He smiled as he felt the baby’s first kick.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not a bad deal (Part 1)

TG Caption body swap exchange island
Despite its many magical abilities, the resort on Exchange Island was still subject to the wears and tears of the weather. Things needed to be repaired and structures needed to be built. Construction workers brought in for the tasks weren’t immune from the body swapping effects of the island. The staff did their best to make sure the workers swapped amongst themselves by bringing them in at odd hours or during the off-season, but from time to time, they’d end up switching with one of the guests. From the latest batch of workers, it seemed only Al ended up switching with a guest. At first he was furious. How was he going to be able to do his job like this? There was no way these frail feminine arms could continuously lift the fifty pounds required. He was told not to worry. Someone would be hired to fill in for his job. In addition, he’d be getting paid for his time as well. In fact, while the repairs were being done, he could enjoy a paid vacation in his borrowed body. He looked over to see his colleagues hard at work while he was about to change into a bikini and relax on the beach, getting paid while not having to lift a finger.This wasn’t a bad deal at all!

Pink lightning

The storm was sudden and like nothing anyone had seen before. When the television studio’s building started to shake, producer Shawn Lowski knew he had to get his guests out of there for their safety. It was a mistake. As they reached the door, a pink bolt of lightning hit the group. Shawn regained consciousness several hours later. The storm had passed, but the pink lightning had a strange effect. It had swapped everyone’s bodies! Shawn had swapped with a model hired to show of the latest in summer swim wear fashion. He realized he had absolutely nothing to complain about.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


TG Body Swap
An archaeological excavation under a large European city wasn’t a rare and exciting experience for Dr. Hal Singer. There were plans to build a new subway line, and no government official wanted to disrupt ancient ruins. Hal dug is a portion far away from the other archaeologists. If he was gong to find something, he wanted all the credit! He was surprised when his digging opened up a large underground cavern. At first, he thought he had stumbled across the part of the subway that had already been built, but he soon discovered a large portion of the cavern occupied by a strange steam machine. He could date it to the early part of the industrial revolution. It wasn’t exactly as old as they were looking for, but an interesting find nonetheless. Writing on the pipes indicated the user of the machine would switch bodies with a person on the surface directly above. Hal laughed. He was sure one of his colleagues was playing a prank on him now, but as he made his way out, he tripped and activated the machine. It didn’t take him long to find out that the machine actually worked and did exactly what it promised. It also seemed that a strip club now rest directly above the machine’s location. Hal certainly didn’t know how he was going to explain this to his colleagues, except perhaps to encourage them to try it for themselves!


A bright light flashed in Joshua’s eyes, and he could immediately feel how his body felt different. He was still no less shocked when he looked down to see his new, feminine body. He was wearing some sort of see-through top, which showed off a bra fortunately covering his new breasts. His pants were so tight! He wondered how he could even walk! And then there was the hair! It felt so long and heavy! All of this was unfamiliar to him!

Monday, December 17, 2012


TG caption
A month ago, Arnold had a one night stand with a woman named Jessica. He woke up the next morning alone to find that she had switched bodies with him. There was a note by the side of the bed. It explained that a long time ago Jessica had discovered she had the power to switch bodies by having sex with them and wishing it. She used it to get revenge on her boyfriend for cheating on her, but discovered her bodyswapping power stayed with her female body. He often begged her to sleep together again to switch back. She refused, and he eventually decided to go to a bar and pick up a man to swap with. Jessica’s body had been passed on from man to man, and Arnold was the latest victim. After some time, Arnold realized he had a choice. He could stay in Jessica’s body, or he too could find someone’s body to steal. He put on a leather dress and went to a bar to see what kind of guy he could pick up. For most of the night, he was disappointed by his prospects and started to think that maybe he should enjoy his new life as Jessica. That is, until an attractive young man started to hit on him, and he realized that this guy could be the one he could leave in Jessica’s body.

Brain power (Part 2)

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Ben thought he saw someone coming. He squinted his eyes. He realized that Joy didn’t see all that well. He plucked a pair of glasses from the table, and things were clearer. Joy must have worn contacts, as he couldn’t once remember seeing her in glasses. He looked back to where he saw the person coming. There was no one there. Next, he reached for a pile of clothes he noticed not far from the glasses. He had felt a little awkward wearing just Joy’s bikini. After all, this wasn’t his body, he should have some modesty. The whole ordeal had taken quite some time, yet Joy still hadn’t stormed over with his body. He couldn’t imagine what the hold up could be. She couldn’t actually be happy to be in his body, could she?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Talent (Part 2)

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Larry couldn’t believe it! He had become a woman--and a gorgeous one at that! He was sure that with a body like this, he could be a pop superstar. But there was a problem. As he started to play on his piano, he realized it now sounded like dissonant pounding instead of beautiful music. When he said he’d trade anything to be beautiful, he never meant his talent! He sighed as he sat on his piano--it was no more than a worthless piece of furniture now. His dreams were crushed...or were they? He thought about it. He was beautiful now. That’s all that matter; when was the last time a pop star had any actual talent?