Saturday, January 5, 2013


Brian and Amy wanted a wedding that they would never forget. Picking Exchange Island for the location was certainly a good start. Because they didn’t know what sort of bodies they would end up with, the planning was minimal -- the guest list was small, the dress was designed to be quickly altered, and many legal forms had to be signed in advance. When they arrived at the resort, both were a little surprised at their bodies. Brian would apparently be the one wearing the dress to the ceremony, which he hadn’t even thought of as a possibility, and Amy would be the one in a suit. The morning of the wedding, Brian arrived feeling full of life. He had the seamstress alter the dress to be short, sexy, and perfect for the beach. He looked over to Amy, seeing her in the body of an 80-year-old man and knowing he loved her no matter what body she was in. With the few guests in attendance also in different bodies, the wedding wasn’t as awkward as anyone would have imagined. But the first night of the couple’s honeymoon? Well, that was a whole different matter...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Student body (Part 6)

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Great Shift TG Captions
Richard Strauss braved it through the next few months to finish out the rest of the school year, doing his best to cope with Cassia’s body and social anxiety. It was a difficult task, and when summer arrived he decided to evaluate if he would return to teaching in the fall. He sat in his chair to think about it. The social anxiety stress of getting up in front of a class each day wasn’t healthy. On the other hand, Cassia’s body was still young and beautiful with a full life ahead, and thanks to the Great Shift that life was Richard’s. After several hours of thought, he made a decision. He’d return to school, get some higher level degrees, and pursue a career as a research scientist. Something where he could be alone and solitary to do work.

Deal with the Devil

As an old jazz musician, Ty was no stranger to writing songs about people making a deal with the devil, but he never expected to be bargaining with Satan himself. He had been laying in a hospital bed when the man in a red suit came to visit him. He promised eternal life; Ty would be able to switch his soul into a new body to avoid death. Ty thought it was the perfect deal. He’d keep switching bodies and never end up in Satan’s clutches. The two agreed and Ty’s soul was off to a new body. The devil laughed as he placed Ty’s soul in a woman’s body, thinking being female would be torturous to Ty. But Ty laughed harder--he had absolutely no qualms with being a woman!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hair spray

Kevin had come to pick up his sister Amber for a visit to their parents. She was still getting ready, putting hair spray in her hair. He waited as she continued until a strange blue glow approached them. Curious about their relationship, the blue glow decided to reassign their roles. Soon, Kevin’s tall male body became much more feminine. Before long, he was completely female and wearing Amber’s clothing. Amber was now male and in Kevin’s outfit. She still held the hairspray, but was now spraying Kevin’s head. Kevin continued to wait as Amber got his body ready. The Role Exchanger paused to observe but remained confused at the pair’s relationship.

Wishing fountain (Part 1)

Nothing about the fountain looked special or unique, but Charles just couldn’t stop himself from dropping a coin in and making a wish. Feeling a bit depressed, he simply wished for a new life. The change was almost instantaneous. He soon looked down to see designer heels on his feet and a stylish bag in his hand. He had made a wish for a new life, and he had certainly got one--the life of a woman! The was not what he had expected at all! He dug through the purse to find another coin; he needed to make another wish to reverse this!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Own style

TG Caption bodyswap
When Mark switched bodies with Danielle, he felt awkward in her sheer top and leather leggings, and he wasn’t shy about expressing how he felt. Danielle told him to relax, that she had some other clothes nearby that he could change into. She soon brought in a small rack with a selection of other outfits, but Mark was less than pleased with what was available. Everything was either skimpy or just plain weird. If he was going have to get used to being Danielle, he’d have to develop his own style.

Birthday wish (Part 1)

Last night had been Justin’s birthday. He had gotten drunk before blowing out his candles and made a wish. He wished to wake up the next morning as a woman. He wasn’t wholly sure why he had made the wish. Maybe it was a secret desire or maybe it was just a passing curiosity. It could’ve even just been the booze. Regardless of the reasons for the wish, he never couldn’t possibly expected it to have come true. Strangely, however, over the course of a night of of alcohol-induced slumber, Justin’s wish would come to be granted despite all odds.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


TG Caption
Thor had a tough battle with his adversaries. In fact, he wasn’t feeling well at all. He looked down to his side to see a large wound. He was puzzled; how could they harm a God? He soon felt faint as his body weakened and his soul escaped, searching for a healthy body to attach itself to. It didn’t take long. Thor began to feel his senses and strength return to him as his soul attached itself to a new body. He was a little shocked at his new body. It was soft and female, quite unlike his former self. But he had no worries as his Godly powers returned to him. No matter what body he was in, Thor was ready to fight for justice.

Court side (Part 4)

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After a few months of being in his new body, Sam had to admit he was really enjoying it. He hadn’t expect to actually take pleasure in things like buying expensive clothes and getting his hair done, but he couldn’t really deny it anyone. Of course, he still loved going to the basketball games as well. One day another woman sat next to him, and he could tell immediately it was another man like him, who had stolen a woman’s body just to sit court side at a game. The two instantly bonded, and they could each tell the other was in the same situation without speaking a single word about it.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby mama (Part 2)

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TG Caption Great Shift new
The streets seemed pretty dead, and after only a little bit of walking Kenneth regretted his choice of high heels. However, just as he was about to give up and go back, he saw a woman. She was older, probably around 40, wearing jeans. He wasn’t quite sure how to ask what was on his mind without seeming crazy, but he tried his best.

Not coming up with anything better, he simply blurted out, “Excuse me, do you know what’s going on here?”

The woman laughed, “You haven’t see a TV or anything? The whole world has swapped bodies.”

Kenneth was sort of relieved to hear this.

“The name’s Gus, by the way.” The woman said, “I thought I had it bad being a woman as a result of this whole thing, but at least I didn’t end up with a little brat!”

“The baby’s not so bad,” Kenneth replied suddenly feeling a sense of love toward the infant, “And my name’s Kenneth. It’s nice to meet you.”

The prude (Part 8)

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Ryan attempted to enjoy his euphoria for as long as possible before reality set in. While he loved being in Dr. Wong’s body, there was no way he could live her life. She was a genius and he was an idiot lab assistant. Sure, there would be a few more days of attempting to switch back, but she had upcoming meetings and so on. Ryan’s sabotage would prevent any hope of switching back. Dr. Wong’s pride would prevent her from spilling the truth. Ryan guessed she’d probably use his body to go back to school, ace a million classes, and earn countless degrees. But what could Ryan do with her body? Continuing Dr. Wong’s work was just beyond his mental capacity. Sure, he had her resume as well, but without the skills to back it up, what good would it do him? At the same time, that inflated resume would make him overqualified for jobs he’d actual be good at. He tried making a list of options, but all he could come up with was “trophy wife” and “stripper.” He really hadn’t thought this through!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Brain power (Part 3)

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It had been well over half an hour now since Ben switched bodies with his neighbor Joy. He figured she’d storm over enraged immediately. The fact that she hadn’t simply didn’t make any scientific sense. Then he thought about it. What if his machine had worked? What if it didn’t swap their brains; what if it just boosted his so much that part of him was forced into Joy? His original body wouldn’t even know. Ben thought about rushing over and telling himself that the machine had worked, but then he thought about it again. Joy seemed to live a happy life. He could just take it over, act like her, become her. No one would ever know. He sat back. Yes, that was the perfect plan.