Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This is based off the story in this caption.
TG Caption
There had been rumors of the arcade’s history. Years ago, players had been turned into characters from the games they were playing. Reggie was well aware of these rumors. In fact, he was hoping it would happen again while he was playing Mortal Kombat. As a skinny nerd, he always picked someone like Liu Kang, hoping he’d be changed into the character one day. He became excited when he saw the rumored sparks and his body began to change. But he wasn’t changing into Liu Kang, he was changing into his computer opponent -- Mileena! Reggie was horrified as he changed into a mostly sexy woman. That part turned out to not be so bad, but when his face transformed with Mileena’s disfigured mouth, he was horrified. How could he go through life like this!?

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