Saturday, January 12, 2013

The curse of the werewoman (Part 2)

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Within mere moments after his transformation, Kevin would usually spot his first victim--or at least his first attempt. He was still surprised that men could resist his werewoman ways. Thanks to the curse, his sexual appeal was supernatural. He could often tell who would be able to resist, but there were always surprises. As long as he was a woman, he had no remorse for passing on his curse, but he would always feel awful the next morning when he woke back up as a man.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Stay calm

“At this time all we can do is ask that everyone remain calm. So far all we know about this so-called ‘Great Shift’ is that it caused most of the world’s population to swap bodies. We do not yet know how or why. As you can all plainly see I have swapped bodies with my wife, but yet I assure you it is I, Mayor Tom Denton. Once again, I hope you all remain calm and look out for one another at the time. We will be speaking with state and local officials and provide more information when we have it.”

Affirmative action

As a conservative, John had always been against affirmative action, welfare, and other liberal programs. But his liberal friend challenged him: Did John really think he would’ve been just as successful in life if he had been born a poor black woman instead of a rich white man? John laughed; of course he would. The next day, John would find that he would be able to try to prove his point. He woke up in a crappy apartment on the poor side of town. He had a body that wasn’t his own. His new skin was darker, and he had the curves of a woman. He decided to max out a credit card to buy an expensive dress for job interviews. He was beginning to sweat. Despite his experience and qualifications, he was now on his fifth interview. However, none had been interested in hiring him. He was beginning to regret his arrogance.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Kyle had been seeing his therapist, Dr. Leslie Mutter, for two years now for his depression. He honestly didn’t feel like he was getting any better, but he had developed a little bit of a crush on Dr. Mutter. In fact, it was a little bit more than a crush. He was downright obsessed, but over the course of his therapy he came to realize that he didn’t just want to be with her, he wanted to BE her. He wanted to be a woman, a sexy woman in a short dress and high heels, the type of short dress and high heels Dr. Mutter was wearing today. This was the cause of his depression. He wasn’t a man; he didn’t feel like a man. He wanted to be a woman. And suddenly he realized he wasn’t just thinking these things in his session, he was actually saying them aloud! Dr. Mutter just smiled, telling Kyle he had made excellent progress today but the appointment was now over. Kyle was in shock at what he had revealed, but as the doctor lead him out of the room, a strange green light passed over both of them. And soon after Kyle realized he had swapped bodies with Dr. Mutter! He was now her! He was now Leslie! He quickly pushed his former body out the door and sat down to smile. This was a dream come true. Meanwhile, just outside the office, Leslie smiled from Kyle’s body as well. She had never had the opportunity to try out her body swapping therapy before. She had intended it for couples therapy, but never got a single couple as a client. Kyle was her first test. She was sure it would be a great success for him to live out his fantasy for a week. What harm could he possibly do with her body anyway?

Pinch me

It had been months since Doug had agreed to test the new experimental body swapping device. He was one of just a handful of volunteers. Switching bodies with a young Asian woman wasn’t exactly a terrible experience for him, but when the project reported it would too risky to return anyone to their old bodies. For the most part, none of the volunteers actively sought each other out and due to the secret nature of the experiment, they were unable to talk about it with anyone not involved, and it was by pure coincidence that Doug had seen his old body outside the supermarket. But it wasn’t merely seeing his former self that caused his depression to return, it was what it was doing. He nearly burst into tears upon seeing his body making out with another guy!

“Someone please pinch me and tell me I’m dreaming,” He cried.

A nearby woman obliged, pinching him on the cheek.

“Ow!” Dough shouted, “Why did you do that?”

“You told me to.” The woman flatly stated as she also gazed at the two men with a blank expression before adding, “And besides, my body is the one yours is making out with.”

Doug looked at the other woman and then back at the couple. She was right. All four of them had been part of the experiment...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lie (Part 1)

TG Magic Taxi Caption
Anthony could never understand why his girlfriend Kristen always insisted on taking the subway. It could be 4am, and he would beg her to take a cab back to his place for the night, but she refused. She told him that she couldn’t justify the expense of a taxi, but she was lying to him. Before she met Anthony, Kristen hadn’t been a ‘she.’ In fact, she didn’t even used to be Kristen. Months ago, she had been a man named Frank until a magic taxi changed her life...

Sidelined (Part 16)

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Now that she was thinking of herself as a woman, Michael needed to stop thinking of herself as Michael at all and start thinking of herself as Sarah. She had one more year of high school, and then she could go to college some place far away. Maybe she could even graduate early. After all, she should know all the material at this point. She adjusted the strap on her shoe. She was doing it. She was thinking of herself as a she; she was thinking of herself as Sarah. If the real Sarah ever came along, she’d just have to act dumb.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Three way

TG body swap caption
“I’m really having trouble wrapping my head around all of this.” Alex spoke, “We arrived home to find this weird three pronged device on our table. We all touched it at the same time and somehow swapped bodies. Now Chris is in my body, I’m in Brittany’s body, and Brittany is in Chris’s body.”

“That seems to be the case.” Chris answered, “Maybe we should all try touching it again at the same time to switch back?”

“What if I don’t want to switch back?” Brittany asked.

Alex looked at her, “What!?”

“I mean, not just yet,” she added, “I’m curious! I want to know what it feels like to jerk off as a dude! Obviously, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! I want to know what it feels like!”

“That’s MY body you’d be jerking off,” Chris scolded.

“Well, not presently!” Brittany smiled, “Right now it’s mine to do with what I please!”

Try again

Joe sure hoped he could find the magic taxi again. He had used it to steal the body of a beautiful woman, but he had made his choice out of simple curiosity. He tried his best to experience womanhood to its fullest in that time. He wore the tallest heels he could find, and he dressed as sexy as he could. But it was only a few days before he got sick of it and wanted to be a man again. He had been taking taxis all the time, but he still hadn’t found the magic one again. Until he could find it, he would be stuck in this woman’s body.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nowhere (Part 2)

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Phil found his way home fairly quickly after his encounter in the forest. It wasn’t until he leaned on his porch railing that he noticed the changes to his body. His initial reaction was simple confusion; he didn’t know how to react. His mind put together the logical conclusion, that the sparkles had turned him into a woman. He hadn’t even noticed the heeled shoes on his feet or the tight shorts during the entire walk home. No, he was just noticing it all now. His hair was a different color, and even his skin tone had changed. His mind was just trying to take it all in.

Art vs. Science

The college had been experimenting with bodyswapping technology, but the device was filled with flaws. The lead technician, Professor George McDougal, was supposed to switch with his assistant. Instead, a small malfunction caused him to switch bodies with a woman practicing her ballet at the art school, which had a building right next door. George rushed back to the lab to attempt a reverse switch. However, reactivating the machine didn’t switch them back. George’s new body did get its hair chopped off in the attempt and the ballet dress was shredded. The woman in George’s body hadn’t reacted emotionally upon switching bodies, but seeing George with her destroyed dress and ruined hair made her break out in tears.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fallen (Part 4)

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Seth thought about it. The heels on his feet would be the least of his worries. He was a woman now, and he didn’t know the first thing about being one! Sure, some things were the same, but he’d have concerns like getting periods and taking birth control. He’d probably have to wear things like dresses and skirts from time to time. On the plus side, after that fall, he was happy to simply be alive.