Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zen (Part 5)

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Nick had to admit that the yoga was actualy relaxing him. Most of the moves made him feel at peace, but there were some distractions. Moon’s breasts were rather large, so when he was in positions like downward facing dog and sunbird, he could really feel their full weight. He hoped they wouldn’t distract him too much. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to achieve zen and switch back to his own body simply due to a massive chest!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Warren swore he had left the Medallion on this dresser. He had placed it there shortly after transforming his body with a bra he had found at the gym. The woman who dropped the piece of clothing could have looked like anything, so he was taking a chance when he put the Medallion around his neck and pressed the bra against it. After transforming into a gorgeous woman, he went out and bought all sorts of sexy clothes to wear.. But returning home in one of the outfits he had bought, he discovered the medallion had gone missing. He had quite a bit of fun like this, but he didn’t want to be stuck!


“Dad, I know you’ve been depressed ever since we swapped bodies, but you’ve got to cheer up. You got the better deal here. You’re young; you’re beautiful. I’m YOU! I’m in your body with the bad heart! I should be the one who’s upset!”

“I’m not sad because I’m in your body, Angel. I am sad because you’re in mine. As your father, I tried giving you everything. Then that strange magic switched our bodies. You shouldn’t be old. You shouldn’t have a bad heart. You should be the one who’s young. You should be the one with your whole life ahead of you. I feel like a failure as a father.”

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Charles was completely shocked by the Great Shift. He certainly wasn’t the only man to now find himself in the body of a woman as a result of the massive body swapping phenomenon, but it was the type of woman that truly shocked him. She was wearing a skin-tight bodysuit with a chain around her neck. She had large breasts and an impossibly tiny waist. He wondered what she had done to achieve such proportions, and he was wondering what sort of job she possibly had and what she was in the middle of doing during the swap.


The first thing that Ralph noticed after the Great Shift wasn’t his new female body, it was the crying baby. As with most people, he found himself in a new body as a result of the Shift. In particular, he was in a woman’s body who had been parking her car at the mall with her child in the backseat. He tried to comfort the child, but it seemed to do little good. Once Ralph realized he was in a body that was quite the opposite of his own, he wondered if the baby had a similar fate. Perhaps an elderly person was stuck inside the child’s body, unable to communicate frustration beyond tears. He needed to find other people to ask. He had to walk slowly towards the mall; he didn’t want to risk falling on his new heels and dropping the baby.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hunt and peck

Emmitt had been an old man before the Great Shift, but thanks to that world wide body swapping event, he was now a young woman. Being youthful once more, he realized he would probably have to rejoin the work force. He had been told that everything was on computers these days. He wasn’t very familiar, but he figured he could brush up by practicing on his old typewriter. After all, he still thought of computers as just being fancy typewriters. He slowly hunted and pecked his way through a cover letter. The old man was impressed with himself, not realizing how truly out of date all his skills were.

All-girls school (Part 1)

Jake had the opportunity to attend one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, but there were conditions. It was an all-girls school; the college refused to allow a single male on campus. In order to subvert the procedure, Jake had undergone an experimental surgery. While reversible, for the next four years he would be a woman. He would have menstrual cycles, have periods, and even be able to get pregnant--though Jake certainly wasn’t planning on that being an issue! In fact, on his first day of class--and his first day as a woman--he was already beginning to reconsider his decision. He could go back to the hospital and get the operation reversed today and start looking for a new school for spring semester.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The better

“How much booze should we get?” Dave asked.

“As much as we can possibly carry,” Justin replied, “It wasn’t easy talking my older sister and her friend into this whole bodyswapping thing just so we could use their bodies to buy alcohol.”

“Woudln’t it have just been easier to ask her to buy us some?”

“Honestly, I always think she’s just trying to get the better of me. After we switched earlier, I quickly found out she was on her period.”

“Gross, dude.”

“Tell me about it! I hope chugging some of this stuff later will just sort of wash away these cramps I’m having. Though the joke’s ultimately going to be on her, I’m paying for all of this with HER credit card.”

Hottie (Part 3)

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The shower stopped and Anish took a minute to catch his breath. He could feel the water drip over his new body, and he could feel his chest move in and out with each inhale and exhale. Of course, he couldn’t ignore the feeling between his legs either. Somehow he knew suddenly that the lifetime pass meant he’d be in this body forever, even once he left the park. How could he have possibly done thing to himself? And would he be able to control his urges on the outside?

Monday, January 14, 2013

The pain (Part 1)

It started slowly with a slight pain in his head, but it grew quickly to a full scale throbbing headache. Patrick held his head and tried rubbing his temples, but it did no good. The pain was so intense that a twisting feeling in his stomach was almost unnoticeable, but that twisting feeling soon extended throughout his entire body as well. The feeling was changing his body, giving it an entirely new shape, but it was hard for Patrick to focus on anything but the pain.

His plan (Part 1)

Rodney didn’t look like a typical mad scientist. In fact, he looked like a regular guy, but he was always making crazy inventions. He had used a mind-reading machine on his neighbor Jenn and discovered she had a strange secret curiosity about what it would be like to be a man. This inspired his next device--a brain switching device. This time he’d ask her first. Though she seemed skeptical at first, before long they had struck a deal and shook hands. Once Rodney switched with her, he’d enact the next part of his plan.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bare legs

Thanks to the worldwide bodyswapping event known as the Great Shift, Tyler was learning how much of a pain it was to be a woman. Getting the bra on his new body was difficult enough, but now he was dealing with nylons, and they were nearly impossible. He had ripped three pairs already. He was beginning to think he should just let his legs go bare for the time.