Saturday, January 26, 2013


Jason had always been an annoyance to his big sister. He would read her diary, mess with her stuff, or just get in her hair. As he got older, he got much smarter. He found new inventive ways of figuring out her secrets. His latest was a device intended to read her mind. He’d never need to take time to snoop around her room any more! He activated it and was assaulted by a barrage of thoughts, but they were all too scattered to make out. He quickly turned it off. His vision was blurred, but he gasped when he saw his sister in his room! He must’ve been discovered. Then he realized he wasn’t in his own room, he was in his sister’s! And what he thought was his sister standing there was actually his own reflection in a full length mirror! He ran back to his own room where his sister in his body was nowhere to be found. Putting on his own glasses, his vision cleared. ‘Fascinating,’ he thought, ‘I may be in Vicki’s body, but my poor vision is still my own.’

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chubby legs

TG Caption Exchange Island
Erick had been vacationing at Exchange Island for close to twenty years now, but he was starting to wonder if the weird body swapping resort was starting to attract too many people. There was a time when it seemed everyone on the island was gorgeous. Year after year, he spent his vacation time in model-like bodies. But this year was different. The crowd looked like a bunch of dumpy folks, and the body he got this time around was certainly not up to par. These had to be the fattest legs he ever remembered having, and the cellulite on the back of them grossed him out a little. He guessed it wasn’t all bad, however. The chubby legs meant he also had a totally bootylicious butt, and his chest was a-okay!

Get back (Part 3)

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While Eugene had been initially pleased to be in Kelly’s body, he soon realized how uncomfortable he felt as a woman. He thought gender wouldn’t matter, but he had spent his entire life up until this point as a man--being a woman was just something he wasn’t used to and wasn’t sure that he could get used to it either.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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...And the kitchen sink

TG Caption
“Well, there goes another failed attempt to get our bodies back!” Robert threw his arms up in frustration.

“Relax, there’s got to be another way,” Katie said.

“Another way? We’ve tried so many! First, we switched bodies when your father was trying out some new invention he made, then it sparked and malfunctioned before being able to switch us back. Next, we overheard some kids at the mall talking about some sort of store called Sells’R’Us, but we find no sign of it anywhere. Then, your friend claims to have a medallion that could change us back, but she loses it moments before we arrive! I’m beginning to give up! I’m going to be stuck in your body forever! Hey, what’s that bright light in the distance?...”

Japanese tourist season

Curtis had always enjoyed visiting Exchange Island. However, this year he was visiting during Japanese tourist season, and he had to admit that he was enjoying it just a little bit more than usual. It seemed many of them were unfamiliar with what a visit to the island meant. The woman Curtis swapped with was shocked, but Curtis couldn’t complain. Rules were rules, and for the duration of his trip, he’d be in her body, and she would be in his.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Loss for words (Part 1)

TG Caption forced surgery
Before opening his eyes, Garrett tried to recall the last thing he could remember. He had taken a shortcut through an alley where he was attacked. Now he was waking up. He certainly was lying on the street. He would’ve guessed he was in a hospital, except it was far too dirty. A creepy old man stood behind him, and smiled when he saw Garrett’s eyes open.

“I see you have awoken,” The man said, “I apologize for my associates’ brutality. It has become impossible for me to find willing volunteers for my experiments.”

“Experiments?” Garrett asked. He noticed his voice sounded strange. He held his hand to his throat and tried to clear it. He spoke again, “What kind of experiments?”

“Today, I have made a breakthrough! After numerous failed tries, I have performed the first successful brain transplant!”

“Brain trans--” Garrett stopped mid-sentence at the realization. His strange voice made sense now. The man had placed his mind into a different body, and as he began to look at it, he realized it was a woman’s body! Garrett was at a loss for words.

Secret project

Dr. Jim Vickers had been working in the Arctic research center for months. His experiments were going well, but he also spent his spare hours working on a secret project. When he was ready to test it, he put in a request for another scientist. He qualifications were very specific, knowing only one person would fit the job description. Her name was Dr. Sue Allen, and Jim really didn’t want her for her experience. His secret device was a body swapping machine, and he wanted her body. He switched with her on the first day. She looked at him with shock, asking why he would do such a thing. He looked back with a smirk. He told her no one would ever believe her; they’d just think the Arctic isolation drove “Jim” crazy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Got some explainin' to do

After a half dozen beers, Chris had lost count. He was out all night until the sun came up boozing and smoking, playing illegal poker games, and having a good time. He had gotten so wasted that most of the night was a blur. He hadn’t remembered many of the unusual bets he had made at the card games. As he stumbled home drunk, a cigarette still in his mouth, he reached his hand to the wall to stop himself from falling over and put his other hand on his dizzy head. He was far too inebriated to realize his body wasn’t his own and his memories too clouded to remember gambling his body away to a beautiful woman. But it slowly came to him as he walked. He had no idea what he was going to tell his wife! He could talk his way out of not coming home, but he didn’t think he could talk his way out of coming home inside of the wrong body!


Much like most of the world’s population, Bruce found himself in a new body as a result of the Great Shift. When it happened, he felt quite weak and ill. It didn’t take him long to realize why. Not only was he in someone else’s body, but that someone else seemed to be starving herself. He could only assume his new female body must have been an anorexic. He vowed immediately to fix it, but he soon found it difficult to eat. Despite the visual evidence to contrary, it just made him feel fat. He was going to need help with this. He may think like himself, but he had this woman’s psychology and her chemical make-up, which meant that he likely had her anorexia too!

Monday, January 21, 2013


The New Great Shift TG Captions
The Great Shift had been very stressful for Gerry. Not because he was in the body of a woman, he could deal with what that meant for his life later, but he was nervous to be separated from his baby daughter, who he had been taking for a walk when the Shift struck. He found her safe right where she had been when he swapped; his own body seemed to be nowhere around. He wondered if it was still her infant mind inside that body or if someone was now trapped in her body. He tried not to let that trouble him too much. There was also the matter of finding his wife, who now could be in the body of just about anyone. She had been with him on the walk, so his plan was to stick around for a little while longer before heading back for home.

Hoping and wishing

Lucian closed his eyes tight. He hoped and wished that by the time he opened them that everything would be back to normal. However, all the hoping and wishing in the world would not reverse the body swapping effects of the Great Shift. When he opened his eyes, things were quite the same as when he closed them. He was still stuck in a woman’s body. He sighed as he closed his eyes and hoped and wished again. It wasn’t working, but he didn’t have any better ideas about how to get back to his old body.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The merge (Part 1)

Gregory was shy and nerdy. He always hated changing in the men’s locker room for gym class. Every day he wished it was something he didn’t have to do. It appeared one day someone was listening. He had done quite poor in class, and the guys were making fun of him horribly. He quickly changed, and he wished extra hard that he would never have to change in the men’s locker room again. As he opened the door to leave, he practically ran into Kimberly. She was one of the most popular girls in school who just happened to be walking by in hopes of catching a glimpse of the changing guys. Instead of crashing into each other, Gregory and Kimberly merged briefly before splitting apart. In the midst of the absorption, each had gotten traits from the other. Gregory still had his own clothes and glasses, but his body was now female, like Kimberly’s was. His skin was still dark like it had been, but it was much softer. He had Kimberly’s blonde hair too. While he was shocked by his own new self, he was even more shocked to see Kimberly as a man, with all the traits he didn’t get in the morph.