Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nervous intensity

Clifford had been watching the game so far with nervous intensity. There were a number of college recruiters watching. He should be playing in this game, but thanks to a magic medallion that caused him to swap bodies with his aunt, he was watching from the crowd instead. He didn’t expect his aunt to play well, but she was actually doing pretty good. It wasn’t quite as good as he could normally do, but it would probably be good enough to impress some schools. He breathed a sigh of relief; the only obstacle now was figuring out a way to reverse the swap!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bridal shop (Part 1)

TG Caption Brdial
Victor had seen a thousand brides come through the bridal shop he worked in, and he was often jealous of almost every single one. He wished he could be a gorgeous bride, but there was so much that made that impossible. Even if he could get over the social norms of his male gender, he would still look silly in a gown. Then he saw a woman in the shop one day that seemed unlike the others. Usually they were happy, but she was sad. He talked to her, and asked why she wasn’t looking forward to what should be the happiest day of her life. She explained that it just did not feel right. Something was wrong. As they looked into each other’s eyes, something strange took place. Victor realized he was now the one trying on the dress. He was in her body! And she was in his! They could both see in the other’s eyes that they were now so much more content.

Average day (Part 1)

It had started out like an average day for Joe. After breakfast, he needed to get some shopping done, so he went to the mall. In the midst of the crowd, he noticed someone drop a small, round device. He thought it looked like a clear grenade at first, but he figured no one would be crazy enough to drop a grenade in a crowded mall. Then it exploded. He didn’t expect it to hurt, and it didn’t. But he also didn’t expect to be alive, but he was. In fact, the entire crowd seemed to be fine; they were just knocked to their feet. Speaking of feet, it didn’t take Joe long to notice something different about his. His shoes were pinching. He looked down to see purple boots that were quite feminine. In fact, his whole body was now quite feminine. The strange clear grenade hadn’t blown anyone up, but it did swap everyone’s bodies! And Joe was now in the body of a young woman who had been walking around the mall.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The invention in the basement

TG Transformation Caption
Alice didn’t think too much about her husband Ted hanging out with his buddies, Larry and Brad, in the basement. She just assumed they were drinking beers or something. She had no idea they were building a device capable of transforming their bodies. Their first experiment with the invention was a true challenge. They turned themselves into young, attractive women. The three men were quite proud of their achievement and quite pleased with the results. Their wives’ weren’t nearly as pleased to see three young floozy’s in Alice’s basement!

Ignorance is bliss

Danny hated when his sister would practice her guitar. It was loud and rattled the whole house. He tried to ignore it by playing an RPG game on his computer. But a strange surge of electricity, and the nerdy boy now found himself in the basement in the body of his punk sister. At the same time, she now found herself in front of the computer in her dorky brother’s body. Neither was happy about the swap.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Magic wand

TG Magic Caption
Usually when Bill called Norm to hang out, it was because he wanted to grab a few beers or something, but this time was different. Norm was surprised to see Bill’s sister, Natalie, sitting quietly in a chair. Norm hadn’t seen Natalie since high school, so he was a little surprised. Before he could strike up a conversation, Bill instructed Norm to sit down. Norm unconsciously complied. Bill then showed off a wand, which he claimed was magic. Norm laughed, but Bill soon proved it by switching Norm and Natalie’s brains. Norm verbally objected, but Bill simply responded by using the want to morph Norm’s clothes into a pink dress, black corset, and very tall heels. Norm objected again, and this time, Bill used the magic want to shrink Norm’s waist to an impossibly small size. Norm decided he’d sit down, shut up, and least for now.

Cineplex (Part 2)

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Chris had been running in and out of movie posters all day. He was really enjoying this. It seemed he could only change into a woman. He tried jumping into a poster with only men, but he found he was unable. He realized this presented a problem if he ever wanted to go back to being himself, but he also didn’t consider being able to take the form of just about any female celebrity a “problem.”

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time running out

TG Body Swap
When Derek spotted Veronica in his former body, he quickly ducked behind a car. He had eluded her for the past 24 hours and if he could do so for just 15 more minutes, the spell he had cast to switch their bodies would be sealed, and there would be nothing she could do to switch them back. However, if she touched him skin-to-skin, he’d wind up back in his former body. He didn’t want that. He liked being Veronica. He hoped that he could continue hiding from her until time ran out.

That's what friends are for (Part 1)

Barney couldn’t believe he was doing this. Ernie was his best friend, but he started to think this well beyond responsibilities of friendship. Ernie’s wife had just left him; however, an important company picnic with clients in attendance required Ernie to bring her--families were good for sales! He begged for Barney’s help. He’d use an experimental device the company had been working on to transform him into an exact copy of Diane for the duration of the picnic and transform him back once they returned home. Barney reluctantly agreed. After the transformation, Barney looked down. Ernie had definitely made some enhancements! Diane’s breasts were big, but they weren’t THIS big...even from this different vantage point, they shouldn’t be THIS big. Barney thought about fighting it, but decided he just wanted to get this whole thing over with.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Put on a shirt and get to work

“You need to stop whining,” Brendan told his girlfriend as he applied lipstick for the first time, “We’ve missed a week of work already, and we really can’t afford to miss any more. We spent that time trying to reverse this body swap, but it’s time to accept that we’re stuck in each other’s bodies for good. Now stop moping and put on a shirt. You need to finish getting ready and head off to my job!”

Talent (Part 3)

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Larry thought that even if he couldn’t play the piano, maybe he could dance? He stood up, but his movements were stiff. He figured it was a long shot. It’s not like he knew how to dance before the transformation, what would have possibly made him think he could do it after? He sighed as he took one last effort with a dramatic spin and twist.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wishing fountain (Part 2)

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Charles grabbed a coin from the purse and tossed it into the fountain. He wished for his old life back, but nothing happened. He took a seat on the side of the fountain, but still nothing. He went through the bag for another coin, tossed it in, and wished for his old body back. Again, nothing. He was beginning to panic. What had he gotten himself into with that wish? And why couldn’t he reverse it?