Saturday, March 2, 2013

Facebook exclsuive captions!

Hello all!

I've decided that for every 100 friends I get on Facebook, I'm going to post an exclsusive caption to FB! So be my friend over there!

I love you, Bro

Anthony and Brett had been best friends since kindergarten, but things had gotten a little weird ever since the Great Shift had switched Anthony into the body of Brett’s girlfriend Sarah. Anthony had hoped a friendly lunch would ease the tension. It was seemingly beginning to work until Brett pulled out a small box and placed it on the table.

“What’s that?” Anthony asked.

“Open it.” Brett responded.

Anthony hesitated before lifting up the lid, peeking inside, and slamming it down. “What the hell?” Anthony demanded.

“No, I’m serious.”

“A ring? A fucking ring? How many times do I have to tell you this. I may look like Sarah, but I’m not Sarah!”

“I know! I know you’re not Sarah. That’s exactly why I’m asking. Sarah was beautiful, but a bit of a pain. But now that you’re her. I mean, my best friend’s brain in her could I not want to marry you?”

Anthony sighed. He couldn’t believe he was having to do this. “Look, Brett, you’re my best friend. Yes, we’re best friends. We will always be best friends. Despite what I may look like, I’m still the guy who you would go to the bar with on Friday nights to pick up chicks. I still want that. I want chicks. I know some have been affected by the hormones of their new bodies, but Sarah’s really haven’t affected me. I’m a lesbian now. I guess I can also say this now: I love you, Bro....just not like this.”

Anthony slid the ring back over to Brett. Brett could only stare back at his friend with a terrible look of rejection.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Zulu 2.0

Colin was quite proud of his invention. He could simply touch a button on the device around his neck and change his form. Essentially, as long as he wore it, he was a shapeshifter. His geeky friends wondered how it worked. They assumed it was some kind of hologram, but Colin knew the device actually changed his body completely. When he transformed into a woman, he was actually a woman. It was incredible. He was able to construct it after finding a strange medallion that was capable of switching bodies. But the medallion had too many restrictions, like only being able to swap every 12 hours and only being able to switch through some form of contact. By taking apart the medallion and incorporating what looked like magic dust from its inside into his device, he was able to fully control the transformation. A mental image was all that was needed. A mere thought and he could be anyone, anyone in the whole world or even someone he merely thought up!

Some air (Part 1)

For a moment, Andrew felt like he lost all control and collapsed on the bed. He blinked once or twice and just as quickly as it happened, he felt fine again. But the room had changed around him. It was smaller and there were clothes thrown everywhere...women’s clothes. Perhaps not surprisingly, when he looked down he discovered a body that could easily fit those clothes. He opened the window to get some air. While he was certainly enjoying his new body, the whole circumstances just seemed all too surreal to him!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Broken rules (Part 2)

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TG Body Swap Caption
Brian didn’t really know what to do. He was in a woman’s body, and he didn’t know how or why it happened. His own body was passed out next to him, so he grabbed his leather jacket and started wandering around. Depressed about losing his body, he bought some vodka and started drinking. If this was a nightmare, maybe he would wake up. If not, at least the booze would drown out his depression for the time being.

Walking (Part 2)

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Maybe attempting to walk in the heels he found himself in wasn’t the best idea. No sooner than Kris had made his way to his feet then he found himself falling over. He fell on his bottom, which now felt rounder than his former male self. He sighed as he propped himself up. He figure he should give it another go. He also resolved that after checking to see if this body swapping phenomenon was wide spread, his next stop would be this woman’s closet. She had to own some more reasonable outfits!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Do not touch the dancers (Part 2)

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TG Caption magic
Ray had a wide range of emotions from fear to curiosity. He had gone to a strip club and suddenly was in the body of one of the dancers. He wanted to cover up, but found his new breasts were far too large for the outfit he wore to actual close up. The zipper seemed to be purely ornamental. As a bit of panic set in, a voice came from a speaker in the room:

“There’s a reason we tell you not to touch the dancers.” It said, “It is for your own good. There is a magic in this place. We will not explain it fully to you, but know that it helps keep our profits high. It is also what caused you to be in your current situation. We can never predict exactly what the magic will do when flesh touches flesh in this place, but consider yourself lucky. Others have had it much worse.”

Ray didn’t like the sound of all that. He waited for the voice to tell him more, but that seemed to be it. At least for now.

Fighting game (Part 4)

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Brad should have probably seen this coming. He had been transformed into Chun Li, a character from one of the video games he often played, by a magic remote. However, he discovered he hadn’t been the only one. His sister had been transformed to the game’s main villain. Unfortunately, she didn’t maintain her original mind. She caught her brother off-guard and knocked him out. Brad awoke to find himself chained up. He knew her likely plan for him. Much like the game, she’d try to force him to fight. However, he doubted she’d find anyone to match his current skills. And he calculated if he moved just right that he might be able to break free from these chains as well.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Waiting is the hardest part

Luther had responded to an ad in the paper to be a human test subject for the latest medical technology. It didn’t promise to pay all that well, but he really needed the cash. He was left in the waiting room for a long time while filling out a gigantic pile of paper work before he was escorted to a room where he waited some more. After a long while, a light flashed and he found himself back in the reception area, but instead of being seated in one of the chairs, he was standing behind the main desk. The phone rang, and he hesitated before picking it up.

“Hello?” He asked, coughing because he thought his voice sounded strange.

“You haven’t realized it yet, have you?” The voice on the other end asked.

“Realized what?”

“Look down. You’ve switched bodies with our receptionist.”

Sure enough, Luther looked down to see the cute female body that had greeted him some time ago.

Alien adventure (Part 30)

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Jasmine put on the woman’s clothes she found and began to explore. Earth may have technically been her home, but with so many memories taken from her, it felt like a foreign world. The hardest thing for Jasmine to deal with was the feeling of how primitive the inhabitants were--in particular the men! Was this how all males of the species acted or was it exclusive to this particular colony? Was she like that back when she was a male? She couldn’t remember.

Monday, February 25, 2013

What the hell is your problem?

TG Captions Marital Swap
“I know it’s been a week since we all swapped bodies with each other’s wives,” Troy inside the body of Josh’s wife’s body started to confess, “Janice and I were fooling around with a body swap spell and somehow you all got caught up in it.”

“You did what?” Josh asked from the body of Gus’s wife.

“Oh hell no!” Gus screamed from Troy’s wife’s body, “You trap me in your wife’s body and pretend like you don’t know what the hell is going on until a full week later? What the hell is your problem!?”

Get back (Part 4)

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Eugene decided to try again. He figured Kelly couldn’t have gotten far with the magic taxi. She probably wanted her body back anyway. He’d just hail her again, swap back to the driver’s body, and try again. However, twenty minutes of standing on the curb, and there wasn’t a single cab in sight--let alone the magic one. He thought about it; the odds were against him. He might just be stuck with Kelly’s body and her life. He’d better adjust to being a woman!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

At work

Daniel knew reading at work was a bad idea, but he just couldn’t stop himself. When his boss walked by, he quickly tried to close the site. However, his transformed body immediately confessed his secret. After reading one too many captions, he had actually been transformed into a woman!