Saturday, March 16, 2013

All-girls school (Part 3)

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By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, Jake had made up his mind. He returned home with a smile on his face. His mom asked how classes were, and he replied with joy. His dad asked him how he was adjusting to being female. His smile grew. He loved it. He had even called the hospital about the possibility of staying a woman after the four years were over. They had told him it would be no  problem. His parents were both glad that college was going so well for Jake. For a moment they felt like they were losing their son to the college, then they realized they were simply gaining a daughter, a smart, talented daughter.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Do not touch the dancers (Part 3)

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TG Caption
Over the next few minutes, Ray began to calm down. His thoughts drifted back to his recent divorce, and he realized that it was no longer his problem. He wondered if someone from the club would be forcing him to continue this woman’s routines for the rest of the night, but he was being left alone for the time being. He shrugged. He had a new gorgeous body with time to kill. He didn’t see anything wrong with enjoying that time. The large orbs on his chest were particularly fascinating as he began to roll them around, then he squished them together. He fiddled with his nipples. It all felt so good. He had gone here to get his mind off his divorce, and it seems like that finally happened (although not in the way he expected at all).

Tomorrow (Part 1)

Mike had been watching TV with his sister on a Thursday afternoon when his vision seemed to shift. He looked over to the other side of the sofa to see--himself?!? They soon figured out that they had swapped bodies. His sister, Angela, was freaking out. She didn’t want to be in her brother’s body, and she certainly didn’t want him to be in hers! She only hoped that they could switch back before school tomorrow!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Science and engineering (Part 2)

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TG Body swap
Rich was getting pretty excited looking through Ashley’s closet. He couldn’t wait to try some of this stuff on! Ashley’s body was just so attractive, and that body was going to be his for the time being! He lifted up a leather print jacket. Ashley’s body would look so cute in this; he’d look so cute in this! He couldn’t believe he was getting all excited about this stuff! He would’ve never gotten so excited about clothes back when he was a man. Maybe it was something about being in Ashley’s body...

Safecracker (Part 1)

Peter knew the Medallion had to be inside of this safe. It hadn’t existed back when he was in his own body--back when he owned this house! No, Jenna had taken all that from him with that damned trinket! But he had snuck in under cover of darkness and planned to get back the Medallion and get back his life!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


TG Transformation
Despite considering himself a very excellent wizard, Harry was still prone to screwing up magic spells from time to time. He had been casting one designed to grant desires, but he had gotten distracted thinking back to his first crush back at wizardry school. Soon enough, he found he had transformed himself into an overly sexed up version of his crush. He looked back over the book again, seeing that he should be able to cast a reversal in a day’s time. However, the next day he returned to discover he had read it all wrong. If he didn’t cast a reversal within a day’s time, it meant the spell would be permanent! He was stuck in his new body for good!

Swappers Club (Part 2)

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Wayne tried to figure out what city he ended up in as he waited for the valet to bring his car around outside. He couldn’t just checked the paperwork, but he always liked to try to guess the city when he found himself in a new body. Speaking of his new body, he could tell that being a woman was going to take some time to get used to. The long hair was one thing, and the breeze he could feel on his legs was another. Not to mention the weight on his chest! He wondered what it would be like when he had to pee.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pink bag (Part 1)

TG Bodyswap Caption
Everything had been going according to Conner’s plan so far. He had gotten the Medallion of Zulu and used it to switch bodies with Francine. She begged for her body back. He told her that the medallion wouldn’t work for twelve hour, but he placed the medallion in a pink bag for safe keeping until they could. Of course, he had no plans of keeping it safe; he was going to toss that thing away the first chance he could get.

The necklace (Part 4)

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As Jake walked around, he realized he could not only get used to it, but he actually started to enjoy this! He actually enjoyed being a woman! There was still a small part of him saying that he shouldn’t be liking this, that he was really a man. But it grew smaller and smaller the more time passed. He was ready to just throw the necklace away and enjoy his new body, but something told him he might want to keep it for the sheer amount of power it possessed.

Monday, March 11, 2013


TG Body Swap Great Shift
The Great Shift was a little unbelievable for Will. The very idea of swapping bodies was a little outlandish to begin with, but even the young woman he swapped with was something else. Her name was Elizabeth. She was so skinny. He looked down and wondered how her frame could even be supported on such skinny legs. Then again, her entire body was skinny.

ASAP! (Part 9)

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Dr. Blake waited for Miho to share all the awful news. She shrugged. With the machine destroyed, she wouldn’t have to be the one to deal with being kicked out of college, at least for now. He promised her whatever he could do for her in the future. She shrugged again. What could he possibly offer as long as he was stuck in her body. Dr. Blake knew she was right.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daily douse

Dale had tried saving up for a lifetime pass for Bikini Beach, but there was no way he would ever have enough money. Instead, he developed a plan. He bought a day pass and managed to hook up a hose to the shower, sneaking it out the entrance. Every morning from that day forward, he would go to where he hid the hose and doused himself with water from the hose. Each morning, it transformed him into the woman he had been at Bikini Beach.