Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy ending

When Travis wished his life was more like a fairy tale, he had hoped that he would become a King or a Prince. He never imagined he would have turned into a Princess! After his carriage broke down far from the castle, he was sure an evil would befall him. He just hoped the happy ending wasn’t far around the corner.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Detention (Part 2)

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Body Swap TG Caption
For about the first fifteen or so minutes of class, Luke decided he’d do nothing. He figured the kids would start getting rowdy or at least chat amongst themselves, but they were all used to Miss Chang’s strict nature. They all sat quietly in their seats just staring at him. Luke felt a little unnerved and took his feet down from the desk. He figured he’d start a lesson. He was such a horrible student that he figured he’d be an even worse teacher. If he did a terrible job, he was sure it would get Miss Chang fired...and he was sure he’d be doing a bad job!

Family (Part 1)

“I really don’t think you should be smoking while you’re in Carla’s body, Dad.” Rick told his father.

“Shut up, son!” His dad snapped back, “You don’t see me telling you what you can and can’t do to your mother’s body. In fact, do whatever you want. Knock yourself out. I left her years ago, because I just didn’t care. I still don’t.”

“Maybe that’s what a lot of this curse is all about. We’ve been a pretty crappy family. Maybe we can’t swap back until we get a better appreciation and respect for each other.”

Thursday, April 4, 2013


TG Body Swap Great Shift
The Great Shift was nothing short of terrifying for Harold. One minute, the world just went dark. Despite not being able to see, he certainly felt different! He could smell smoke and certainly felt a cigarette between two fingers, but that was a minor change. It was how his body felt different that was the big thing, like how he could feel breasts on his chest and a void between his legs. He was a woman -- a blind woman to be exact! This was going to take a lot of getting used to!

New life (Part 2)

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Over the next few days, Alex explored his neighborhood. Just about everyone had swapped bodies like he had. He took notice of beautiful women. He had a strange feeling when he did so, but not one he was used to; it was more like...jealousy. He wished he was more beautiful; he wished he was prettier. Did all women feel like this? Did they all have these insecurities? Why couldn’t he control them?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Sabotage (Part 1)

Dominic knew he was one of the leading candidates for the promotion at work. His biggest competition was his co-worker, Mei. He developed a plan to sabotage her, which soon went a bit too far. As he saw her escorted out of the office by security down to the lobby, he knew he hadn’t just ruined her chances, he had gotten her fired! He was sure the promotion would be his, but he didn’t realize that Mei was three steps ahead of him. He took a sip of his coffee and got a massive headache. His vision blurred for a moment, and when it all cleared he realized he was no longer sitting at his desk. He was now standing in the lobby, and he was standing there inside of Mei’s body! Dominic’s plan to sabotage Mei might have gone too far, but Mei’s plan to secure the position for herself by stealing Dominic’s body had gone off better than she imagined!


Tyler had been pretty happy with the results of the Great Shift. He had become a young and beautiful woman, but as the months passed, he noticed that he had been gaining a bit of weight. It took him a while to realize why. He was still living as though he was still a 200 pound guy instead of a 130 pound woman. He should cut back on his eating and start exercising. There was no time like the present to start! He pulled out an exercise video and started to workout. He didn’t want to risk losing his really hot body for simply eating too much!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


TG Exchange Island body swap transformation
It rarely rained on Exchange Island, but anytime it did guests were in for a unique experience. The magical showers of the island would initiate a spontaneous gender transformation. When Robert had originally started his vacation on the island, he was a little disappointed to find himself in a man’s body that was mostly similar to his own. He was shocked and surprised when the rain came down and transformed his body into a woman’s! It was just what he wanted for his vacation! Of course, his original body had changed genders as well. He had assumed his life would go back to normal once his trip to Exchange Island was over, but while the body swapping magic of the Island was temporary, the rain’s gender changing magic was permanent.

Horribly wrong

What had he done!? What had he done!? The two women had gotten into his cab with their crying baby. He had intended to use the cab’s magic power to switch with one of them, but he had made a terrible mistake -- he switched with their baby girl! He couldn’t talk or fo much of anything! He hoped she would be okay in the cabbie’s body, but as the taxi drove off, it seemed she didn’t have any sort of problem. He couldn’t believe things could go this horribly wrong!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pin point

Curt was thrilled with the results of the Great Shift. He had switched bodies with an extremely hot woman. He would dress his new body up in sexy clothes for even the most mundane tasks, simply for the excitement factor. However, as he came to accept the body would be his for life and not just a temporary thrill ride, the excitement started to fade. He could pin point the exact moment it changed. He had worn a hot little black dress to go grocery shopping on his weekly trip to the supermarket exactly three months after the Shift. He had just picked up some cereal when he felt overdressed and silly. He had spent a half hour putting on makeup and was wearing shoes that pinched his feet for what purpose? He no longer felt a rush from it. He finally understood why women didn’t do this all the time.

Some air (Part 2)

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The noise coming from outside the window was impossible to ignore. Andrew heard plenty of people screaming. He looked down to see many groups of people fighting. They were shouting about being in the wrong body. Andrew realized he wasn’t the only one stuck in this situation. Well, he was certainly glad to be safe up in this room and not down in the street! It didn’t seem like many people were listening to reason, and this new body of his certainly wasn’t strong enough to get involved in a brawl!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Walking (Part 3)

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After a few more attempts at walking, Kris decided he would just crawl to the television. When he turned it on, he learned that almost the entire world had been affected by what the reporter called “The Great Shift,” which swapped the bodies of 95% of the world. He may have been dressed up like some sort of weird rubber doll but he rationed that it could have been worse. Sure, he was a woman, but he could be a relatively normal looking one with a simple clothing change. There would be young people now stuck in aged bodies or healthy folks stuck in wheelchairs. The possibilities were endless,and Kris’s outcome was simply nothing to complain about.