Saturday, May 11, 2013

Some bad news

TG body swap captions
Gerald came home from work one day to find a young woman sitting on the couch wielding a scythe. He knew she could probably lob his head off with one swift blow if she wanted to, so he decided to proceed with caution and nervously asked her, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” The woman replied, “I’m death.”

Gerald gave a puzzled look, “Death? You don’t look like death.”

“No, not anymore. I used to! You remember the Great Shift don’t you? Oh, my, I guess that was some time ago, right? The massive bodyswapping event that happened generations ago? Don’t they teach anything in history anymore? Anyway, turns out even I wasn’t immune to its effects, which was quite awkward because that was quite the busy day. The woman who ended up in my body went quite crazy. We have her locked down in the netherworld for the time being. My job has become a lot easier since the Shift. It seems people are much happier to follow a cute woman into the afterlife than the gruesome hooded figure I once was. Speaking of which, Mr. Tyson, I have some bad news...”

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chubby (Part 2)

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Despite rushing back as fast as he could, the carnival was closed and long gone by the time he got there. It seemed he would be stuck with this body. The ride back home was quite depressing. But as he thought about it, he realized there was a bright side. He had wanted to be an Asian woman, and he was one. The hardest part was over. Now he just needed to lose a little bit of weight to get his body the way he wanted. Okay, so he’d have to lose a LOT of weight, but he was sure he could do it!

Pixie (Part 1)

magical TG transformation
Francis maintained a beautiful garden in his backyard. One day, he noticed a fish flopping around in a tub where he usually kept tools. He couldn’t figure out how a fish had gotten there. He felt bad for the poor thing, so he took a pitcher and started to fill up the tub. It took hours, but he managed to fill it. Soon the fish was swimming happily. What Francis could have never known was that the fish was magical and wanted to reward the person who saved his life. In an instant, Francis’s body started to change. The fish was turning into a half-human and half-pixie creature. As half-pixie, Francis became a feminine woman with magic of his own. Despite this great gift, Francis wasn’t particularly thankful...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A bad day

One by one, the people sitting at the bar complained about how bad their day was. The woman at the end of the bar laughed as she pulled out a cigarette.

“You want to talk about a bad day. I’ve had the worst,” She said, “When I woke up this morning, I was a man.”

A few jaws dropped.

“I’m not exactly sure what happened,” She continued, “I think I probably pissed off an ex-girlfriend or something. She wanted her revenge, so as the day went on, I slowly morphed into a woman. It was subtle at first, but there was one point that I used the bathroom when things became very obvious.”

Collect them all

When Richard married Susan, there was only one problem -- her son. The young boy hated Richard. Every night, the child wished that his mom had married someone else instead, like maybe one of the characters of his favorite cartoons. Unfortunately for Richard, the wish was granted. Waking up one morning in a strange woman’s body was odd enough for Richard, but he also felt a strange desire to catch Pokemon. He didn’t even know what a Pokemon was, but he knew he wanted to catch them.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best birthday ever

TG Transformation
Mike was having trouble forming his words. He had come home that day and found himself instantly transformed into a woman. He looked at his hands and slowly let a sentence escape from his lips, “This is, like, the best...birthday...present...ever! Thanks, Mom!”

His mom clasped her hands together, happy her son was overjoyed with what she had done.

“It took me months to find that Spells’R’Us store, and the wizard just didn’t understand that I was buying a gift for a boy who willingly wanted to be transformed into a girl. He is so used to tricking people into it,” His mom explained.

“When do I have to change back?”

“Anytime you want?”

“How about never?”


Dr. Henry Grant first heard about Exchange Island a few years ago. His was dismissive at first. After all, switching bodies was not scientifically possible! But his first visit to the island proved that very wrong! He had returned several times since to test various theories about the island. For his latest, he called in a boat remotely to see what would happen if someone left the island in a borrowed body. He had two leading theories. One would be snapped back to their own body back on the island after reaching a certain point. The other would be getting trapped in the new body. His second theory gave him some pause. This was the first time he had swapped with a woman. If he took this boat out to test the theory, he might be trapped in this woman’s body forever. It was a risk he’d have to take -- for science!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sporty (Part 1)

TG Caption
Watching the Sunday football games was a weekend tradition for Paul and his two best friends, Larry and Marty. None of them were about to let a little thing like the Great Shift change that. In many ways Paul was dreading seeing his two friends like this. Though the NFL had quickly gotten going again with teams hastily put back together with many new players, many stores still hadn’t opened. That meant Paul had to pick his outfit from the selection of clothes the woman he had swapped with owned. Being a woman was tough enough for him, but the fact that she didn’t seem to own a single piece of clothing that didn’t scream sexy drove him crazy. He tried his best to go for a sporty look this week...despite the fact that he only had the option of various heels, he picked the most athletic-looking type of heel and some shorts (even though they were way too short for his taste and showed off way too much leg). He was thankful that she owned a few football jerseys though!

It actually worked! (Part 1)

It actually worked! Quinn couldn’t believe that the device had actually allowed him to steal Stacy’s body. He was immediately overjoyed to be in the body of such a hot woman! In the hour since the swap, she had probably just been sitting around and freaking out in his body. However, he had immediately gone to a fetish shop to buy a leather outfit. He was going to take advantage of this body like Stacy never had! He smiled and knew that he had to put this device somewhere for safe-keeping.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Tg Body Swapping Ray Gun
When Tony saw the man pull out an item from his jacket that looked like a gun, he ran. Most in the crowd did the same, but they’d all soon learn that the odd man wasn’t hoping a traditional gun, he had a body swapping ray. Tony felt the force when he was hit, but it didn’t feel like he was bleeding. Instead, it felt like his feet were now misshapen and it was difficult to run. Once his adrenaline lowered, he realized he had switch bodies with a business woman. There wasn’t anything wrong with his feet; he was just wearing high heels now! Of course, everyone had run so far from the chaos, he knew it was gong to be difficult to find his own body. Plus, that mad man with the body switching ray was still out there! He might luck out if he was hit again, or he could end up in a body that would make things more difficult for him, such as a baby or an elderly person! For now, he’d keep his distance and this body.

They were wrong

Jefferson and Maybelle had hoped their farm was far enough away from civilization to not be affected by the transformation virus. They were wrong. Jefferson caught it first. He was sick in bed for a week. Maybelle had hoped it was just the flu, but by the second day, she knew what it was. He had lost a considerable amount of mass, his hair was longer, and his frame became very feminine. After the full seven days were over, he was fully female. He had to borrow Maybelle’s clothes, as his own were now way too large on it. They thought the transformation virus had passed. They were wrong again. A month later, Maybelle was struck. This time, it was Jefferson hoping for the best. However, after only a day, Maybelle had a layer of thin white hair all over her body. Three days later, her hands and feet had melded into hooves. After a week, Maybelle had become a horse. Jefferson still loved his wife dearly, but Maybelle was slowly losing human intellect with her horse-sized brain. Jefferson knew he had to let go and move on. He looked her in the eye to tell her that he was moving on to new relationships. He hoped she heard and understood, but Maybelle’s horse brain could only grasp the words as soothing jibberish.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Family (Part 2)

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“Newsflash for you, Son...your sister smokes! She also wears this ridiculously slutty clothes. Why do you think I’m doing this stuff? I AM trying to respect her and get to know her. Why do you think I’m trying to get you to loosen up? Your mom isn’t a stiff. She likes to have fun. Trust me! I know!”

“Gross, Dad! I’m not sure I want to know...” Rick tepidly responded.

“Well, you’d better learn to embrace being your mother and understanding her personality better if you hope to switch back. I don’t want you to be the one keeping this curse from being broken. Then again, I can’t say I can really complain about being young again. I just wish I wasn’t in my own daughter’s body, you know?”