Saturday, July 6, 2013

The mission (Part 3)

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Neil returned his glasses to his personal locker. By this point, he was almost recovered from being in stasis, and he was starting to feel more and more comfortable with his new body. He went to the computers to see how his crew was doing. As it turned out, not well. The automated breeding program had not gone as well as hoped. Very few of the crew were going to be awoken in young, healthy bodies. A few would be stuck in older, infertile bodies from previous generations. Others didn’t have a body at all; they would remain as brains on the ship for the time being. It also seemed that the incubation systems aboard the ship would not be able to be used for future births. That meant that once they touched down on the planet, all females on the ship would need to start reproducing with as many different males as possible. This was needed to produce a sizable population with adequate genetic diversity. Neil’s face went white as he realized that since he was in a woman’s body now, he’d be pregnant for the rest of his adult life.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Prankster (Part 1)

Roy would always show up at the pool first thing in the morning. It was often a little chilly out still, even in the summer, but he was sure to get a few laps in before anyone else even showed up. Like many other days, he was alone there this one morning, but it would soon become a day quite unlike any other. As soon as he arrived, he heard a noise. He wondered if he wasn’t alone, yet when he went over to where the noise had come from, there was nothing. After he heard it again, he turned to look back. Again, there seemed to be nothing there, but he could swear that he had heard it. And this time he was sure that he could identify the sound as giggling. He couldn’t think of anything funny he had least not today. It wasn’t until he was about to change that he noticed anything amiss. He was about to lift his shirt off and head into a locker room when he noticed how thin he arms were. He noticed how different his stomach looked. Two small breasts pushed the front of his shirt out. Under his clothes, he had a woman’s body. He had been transformed into a woman! He began to think back to the giggles. Were they laughing at him somehow becoming a woman? Or was the person laughing the one responsible for his body’s drastic change? Investigating the spot where he heard the noises earlier still turned up nothing. What the heck was going on here?

One thousand dollars (Part 2)

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TG Caption
Byron tried opening the door that he came in, but he found it locked. He tried to open the other door, which had been labeled as the emergency exit a few minutes ago. Now it was in the same foreign language as everything else in the room. However, it was locked as well. Byron looked on the bright side -- there was still the thousand dollars to look forward to at the end of this. He started to wonder what exactly they were testing. Was it something that switched his body with this woman in some foreign country? If so, it would seem they succeeded, and they should work on switching him back and getting him paid. Maybe the experiment was to see how long it would take him to go crazy in a new body in a strange place. He might be feeling confusion, but he certainly didn’t feel crazy. For the time being, there was no way for him to tell what any of this was about!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The most amazing vacation ever (Part 1)

Scott had a pretty miserable time at Exchange Island last year when he had to spend his vacation in the body of a 70 year old man. But he thought he’d give it a second chance. He braced himself as the plane landed...It wasn’t a bumpy ride, but he knew the swap would happen as soon as they turned off the fasten seat belts sign. Sure enough, it did, and he had to say that his body this time around was so much better. He was an attractive young woman, and he jumped down the steps of the plane with pure glee! He was going to have a great vacation this year!

Her reputation (Part 2)

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Calvin couldn’t quite believe how hard it was to keep his mind off sex. Now that he was Maggie he had her hormones and her urges. He figured that since he was wearing her workout clothes, he’d head to the gym. However, seeing hot and sweaty guys were an instant turn on to him now. In addition, the stretches that Maggie’s body was able to do also seemed to heighten her sexual feelings. He hoped that he would be able to overcome all of this. Just because he had Maggie’s body now, he didn’t want to live up to her reputation!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Loss for words (Part 2)

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Garrett did not appreciate being a test subject, but as the doctor spoke more, he developed a bit of sympathy for the old man. The body Garrett now had once belonged to the man’s daughter. She had a terrible disease that ate away at her mind while keeping her body in tact. Even though he knew Garrett wouldn’t be the same as his daughter, he was just happy to see her body able to move, walk, and talk again. The story was sad enough that it convinced Garrett to stay for a few days, but before he did he had a question: why him!? The old man explained. Garrett certainly wasn’t the first person he captured, but he was the first one he captured where he found a significant, previously undetected genetic defect -- one that would’ve crippled his muscles in about ten years. It was a little suspicious. Garrett had never seen a single doctor that told him anything like that. When the old man brought him to a rest in a place that seemed more like a dungeon than a bedroom, his suspicion grew.

Happy (Part 3)

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Louis knew there would probably be some chaos from all the mass body swapping, so he made a quick and impulsive plan. He made a deal with a woman now in the body of a man; they’d exchange wardrobes so they would have more gender-appropriate outfits. He went to a few hours to pack his clothes in boxes and waited for the woman. He smile got even bigger when he saw her. They switched clothes and soon he was going back to his place, excited to try on all sorts of feminine outfits.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grade book

TG Transformation
Neil was in danger of failing math this semester. It wasn’t that he was bad at it, the classes just bored him. He thought Mrs. Wei was a pretty terrible teacher. Fortunately, staring at her attractive body was a great way to make it through class.

With only one test left, Neil knew there was no way he could pass even if he aced the final; he needed a different plan. With a bit of magic, he transformed himself into an exact copy of Mrs. Wei and went to her house. None of the neighbors would report what seemed to be someone going into their own home. After a few hours of searching, he found her grade book and altered some of his scores slightly higher -- nothing too suspicious.

As he tucked the grade book away and got ready to go, outside the window he saw a car pulling into the driveway. Mrs. Wei’s husband was home. He thought about diving out the window, but he was too big to fit. He thought about hiding, but how would he explain what he was doing if found? Ultimately, he picked just posing at who he appeared to be and finding an excuse to leave the house -- like groceries or the drug store. He hoped he could fake it for long enough to escape. He didn’t even know Mr. Wei’s first name!

Improbable (Part 3)

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Jason felt a litle awkward introducing himself to the woman he just swapped bodies with. They were both calm about the whole thing and decided to take a walk to chat about what they were going to do now. Jason hadn’t thought about it yet, but he realized she had a point -- they couldn’t exactly continue to live their lives as who they actually were; they’d have to live as who they appeared to be! He took a deep breath as he prepared himself to hear what sort of life he was thrust in to. Strangely, their lives couldn’t have been more similar. They both worked as graphic designers for entertainment companies. They were both single. They even had the same birthday -- though Jason was two years older. Jason wondered if there was an aspect of fate in this whole thing.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Guns blazing (Part 3)

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Hearing a strange noise in the distance, Sargent Booker realized he didn’t need to be able to stand in these boots to do good. He quickly got low to the ground and aimed his gun at the sound. He saw his own body in the distance talking with an alien. He didn’t have a clean shot of the alien, but his own body was right on target. He just needed some sort of confirmation that his body had another alien inside it and not some innocent civilian. That’s when he heard the strange extra terrestrial language escape his body’s lips. Mario inhaled deeply before slowly pulling the trigger...

Almost given up (Part 1)

“Marcia? Marcia, is that you?” The blond woman asked.

“Joshua? Is that you? I’d recognize that smile even on someone else’s body. I thought I lost you after the Great Shift. You were on business in Europe. I expected the worst.” Marcia replied.

“I switched with this blond woman. She didn’t have a phone or a penny to her name. It was hell getting back here, but I knew I would find you. i love you.”

“I had almost given up. And I love you, too. You are my husband, no matter what body you are in.”

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Army experiment (Part 1)

Private Owen Nevins signed up for an Army experiment to put his body in stasis until the technology existed to revive him. It took nearly 1000 years. He awoke slowly and started to stretch when he realized the stretching was being done with a very unfamiliar body. The doctors explained that while they couldn’t revive a body, they could revive a brain, which they did by placing him into a new body. He questioned why they had put him in a woman’s body. The doctors were confused. Sexism was a thing of the distant past by now, and the gender of the two patients were inconsequential to them. However, it was a very big deal to Owen!