Saturday, July 13, 2013

Drunken (Part 3)

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TG Caption body swap
Once Albert had figured out what had happened, he bolted upright like when people wake up from a bad dream in the movies. He wasn’t upset about the swap, however. In fact, he was quite pleased. A big smile spread across his entire face. He was now Jenny! Sexy, smart, beautiful Jenny! If he had to be a woman, she would’ve been his first pick! He can’t imagine why she did it. Perhaps just because she could. What if she wanted her body back at some point? He would need a good plan to avoid her from now on.

Friday, July 12, 2013

The barn (Part 1)

Body Switcher
James had been pretty pissed when his parents decided to move halfway through his senior year. He went from being a popular kid in the city to having no friends in the middle of nowhere. But after school one day, he discovered a strange device in the barn behind his house. It seemed to come from the future. It was no wonder neither of his parents had found it -- they never ventured into the barn. A oddly conspicuous manual by the machine labeled it as a body switcher. He laughed. If only he knew anyone in this back woods town to test it out with!

He had almost forgotten about the machine until a woman arrived at his house a few days later. When he answered the door, she had a look of glee in her eyes. She asked if he knew about what was in the barn. He nodded. She questioned if he tried it out yet. He said no. She smiled and offered to use it with him. Soon enough, the two were in the barn powering up the machine. After a few buttons were pressed and a flash of light, James found himself in the woman’s body. He was in shock that it actually worked, but within a few minutes, he asked to switch back. She paused. She begged him just to let her keep it for a little while, about an hour, maybe two. He didn’t trust her, but he agreed. He watched as his own body skipped out of the barn. James decided he would just wait out the two hours in the barn.

Sharing an apartment (Part 3)

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TG Caption
A few more months after the body swap, John and Monica started dating. They had been friends forever but had never previously been romantically involved. However, being uncomfortable with their new genders, dating one’s own former body just sort of made sense. In fact, it wasn’t long before they were engaged to be married. They never spoke about it, but they began to wonder if the body swap was fate’s way of bringing them together in a twisted sort of way.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


TG Great Shift
Captain Roland Washington breathed a sigh of relief as his plane touched down on the runway. It had easily been the most stressful flight he had ever been on. They were thirty thousand feet in the air when The Great Shift struck, swapping the bodies of just about every single person on the plane (and on the ground as well). Luckily, the plane had been on auto-pilot when it happened. He found himself back in couch inside the body of a housewife on her way home from vacation with her husband. The husband hadn’t swapped and was confused as to why everyone was freaking out. Roland made his way to the front of the cabin as quickly as possible. He was once again fortunate when whoever was in his body unlocked the cockpit, giving Roland the chance to get up there. His co-pilot seemed nowhere to be found. With all the body swapping chaos, Roland looked for an airstrip, but everyone over the radio seemed no help at all. He took a chance by bringing her down in the closest possible runway, but when it was all over he was proud to have saved the lives of everyone on board. He knew many other planes that day weren’t nearly as lucky.

Coma (Part 7)

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TG Caption model body swap
It had been a few years since Charlie started his own company. Modeling had paid for the initial investment, but his science experiments soon started paying the bills. He'd given up modeling once he no longer needed the money and focused on science. Today, he’d be heading to one division working on a top secret project. His own experience had been the inspiration for researching body swapping technology. He wondered why his previous employer had never gone public with their discoveries. His legal team had checked, no patents had been filed -- they’d be submitting their own shortly. Charlie had thought about using the invention to get back being a man, but he had gotten used to being female; he even dressed more feminine by choice these days. His experience did make him realize there was a market for body swapping though, one filled with people who just felt like they lived in the wrong body and others who just might want a temporary escape.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


TG Body swap
Louie knew he had to work quickly to fix his invention. His girlfriend was upstairs, and she was pissed. He could certainly understand why though! He had asked her to help his test his latest invention, a simple device that could directly exchange a thought between two people. Ideas wouldn’t be lost to the awkward clumsiness of verbal exchanges, true genius could be passed down before death. Of course, he couldn’t have excepted the power surge that resulted in the entirety of both their brains downloaded into the machine and switched into the other’s body. Danielle was so pissed when she realized she was now in Louie’s body. Louie was dismayed to see a number of fried circuits and melted metal. It would take him some time to fix it all, but his girlfriend insisted he get started as soon as possible. As he worked with various tools to repair the broken parts, he worked up quite a sweat. It was so strange to feel a few beads drop between his breasts and even odder to feel the glands under his breasts start to pool up. He wondered how Danielle was able to deal with these things hanging from her chest all the time! He was beginning to get as anxious to get back to his own body as Danielle was to get back to hers.

Smuggled (Part 2)

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Gavin’s clients were getting quite impatient by the time they got to the airport’s parking lot. It was fairly common; most people didn’t like being in the bodies of animals for too long. He put on a pleasant smile to try to reassure them. It was simply a matter of getting to the safehouse. It wasn’t far from the airport, and in the basement there were three bodies tied up, gagged, and in chairs. He switched his client into two of the bodies and untied them. Despite having just been in the bodies of dogs, the couple was shocked by the swap. The Mexican pair was now in the bodies of two white people! Even odder was the man was in a woman’s body and the woman was in a man’s. Gavin shrugged. He hadn’t paid attention; the fee for the smuggling wasn’t large enough, and he just didn’t care. The couple didn’t feel like they were in a position to challenge and left. Then Gavin looked at the final body stil tied up. He had enjoyed that body, but it had outlived it’s usefulness. Plus, he couldn’t have any loose ends. He pulled out a gun from a file cabinet and pulled the trigger.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


TG Possession
“I know you can hear me, Rebecca.” Robert said aloud, “You look fantastic tonight, though I bet you won’t feel so great in the morning. When I asked you to prom you could’ve just said ‘no,’ but instead you made a decision to humiliate me. You laughed in my face, you called me a loser, and you made sure to have the entire popular crowd mock me for months. Well, I bet you didn’t expect me to know how to possess people -- most never suspect that, of course -- and I figured prom night would be the perfect night to possess you and enact some revenge. You’ll be my passenger for the night; you’ll be able to see and head every single thing I do to your body, but you won’t have any ability to influence my choices. Believe me, you’ll want to. You’ll be so sad when I ruin this dress and expose your breasts to everyone in the process. You’ll be even sader when I seduce and sleep with that geek Norman. It will be all anyone will talk about for the rest of the year.”

Once bitten (Part 2)

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Bruce was healthy enough to walk around fairly quickly. He didn’t know quite was he was going to do; would anyone believe that a bug had turned him into a woman? There was something else still bothering him. The clothes he wore clearly weren’t from the village. The doctor explained that they were from a previous visitor who had been a woman until she found a plant that turned her into a man. Bruce thought about it. A bug that could turn men into a woman, and a plant that could turn women into men. There had to be a correlation! This could prompt a whole new wave of research!

Monday, July 8, 2013


“Carl, I’ve got to tell you that you’ve been taking this whole body swapping thing quite well.”

“It’s okay, Shanice,” Carl smiled, “I think I deal with being you for a few hours until the medallion recharges or whatever the hell it needs to do.”

Carl fingered the Medallion of Zulu around Shanice’s neck. He was only pretending to want to get back to his own body. He needed a plan to get the medallion from Shanice and hide it or toss it or something. Then there would be no way to switch back.

Run down (Part 2)

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...And just like that, Rodney was now in Sheila’s body. He was hating this already, but what other choice did he have? His father had threatened to cut him off from the family fortune after he called his stepmom a bitch. Understanding a woman’s perspective for a month was the only way to convince his dad not to take his trust fund away. It was all his stepmom’s idea. Rodney sighed. He’d rather suffer with being a woman for a month than suffer without his trust fund for the rest of his life! He had only had a woman’s body for a few minutes, but he already couldn’t wait for this month to be over!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The brain transplant (Part 4)

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Eric sat outside to take a moment to think about what to do next. He was trapped in a woman’s body in a strange place with no money, no phone, and no identification. For all he knew, he was miles from any sort of civilization. Also, whoever did this to him could be back at any minute. He would have to start walking, maybe hitch a ride once he found a road, and then figure out whose body he was in once he got to a town of any kind. It wasn’t much of a plan, but it seemed like the only viable option.