Saturday, August 24, 2013

On the beach (Part 3)

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Alex could only watch the chaos unfold on the beach next. People started to argue, some quite violently, but he stayed back. His new body felt uncomfortable and weird, but he figured he would get used to it in time. But for now, he still wished he could find some pants. Heck, he’d even settle for a skirt. He was a woman now after all!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tourist (Part 17)

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TG Body Swap foreigner
Remembering the portable game system in his suitcase, he pulled it out. He smiled briefly as he looked at the money in there before he started to play. He was able to lose himself in the game. For the first time since the swap, he wasn’t worried about his new body. He wasn’t concerned with the bouncing breasts on his chest or the void between his legs. He wasn’t even thinking of the large sum of money that was now his. While he had come to accept his new place in life, playing the game allowed him to feel normal. The amount of comfort in that was simply indescribably wonderful. Todd grinned. Life was good and getting better and normalized.

The gym (Part 4)

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TG Caption the gym body swap
The original Tammi had made quite a scene when she realized she could no longer do her job in her new body. Barney had watched the gym kick her out. He felt a little bad for her, but he hadn’t asked for her body! It just happened! As he went through the day, he realized how boring just pretending to work out in a gym all day was! Unlike his office, he wasn’t able to surf the web to find a silly Youtube video or anything to get him through the day. He certainly couldn’t go back to his old job -- no one would believe who he really was, and he was sure Tammi didn’t have accounting credentials! But he was starting to think Tammi’s job might not be for him. He couldn’t wait to go home -- home to Tammi’s home -- to relax for the rest of the day.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


TG Celebrity Body Swap
Timothy couldn’t see a downside at first. He had the opportunity to steal a body, so why not pick a hot celebrity? He thought being an actress would be a breeze, but it proved to be tougher than he thought. Simply controlling his new female hormones were a problem, resulting in a few illicit scandals. He also had no ability to control the media’s coverage. He was branded a cheater, a slut, and so many other bad names. He didn’t care much about the criticism, he was still young, hot, and beautiful! He just slapped on some leather pants and hit the town to see what other trouble he could get into!

Bridal shop (Part 5)

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TG Body Swap wedding
Victor was having such a good time. This was the body of his dreams! But then the woman in his body asked a question, did he plan on getting married to her fiance? The reality dawned on Victor, he’d have to take on every aspect of this woman’s life, and she was about to get married. He wanted time to be a single woman, to fool around, to experiment. He told her that he planned on calling off the wedding. She pleaded with him not to. He loved her; he was a good man; he deserved a good wife. Victor put his hands on his hips. This was his life now! He had no plans to just sort of fit into a “good wife” role. In fact, he was pretty sure that he’d be a horrible wife, at least right now! Settling down was just the last thing he wanted to do!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Drone strike

TG Caption
When the government heard of the poor response to the drone strike program, they immediately looked for a way to use the unmanned aircraft in a way that would reduce civilian casualties yet remain just as devastating to the enemy. Doctor Otis Cummings soon developed a solution that was quite clever. He fitted a drone with the technology to perform an almost instant gender swap. He had invented the gender swapping technology by complete accident one day when he transformed himself into a woman -- a gender he quite proudly embraced. As he displayed his technology to military brass wearing a skimpy swimsuit (one of the many ways he enjoyed showing off his new gender), he explained that such a transformation could be damaging in terrorist countries where patriarchal society dominated. A sudden change in genders in a land where the sexes aren’t equal would easily through a place into chaos.

Prankster (Part 2)

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TG Transformation
Roy could only describe the feeling of his new body with words like “weird” and “unfamiliar.” He knew his morning swim was out of the question at this point. He tugged on his shirt, feeling like he just wanted to cover himself completely up and hide. He didn’t want to face the world like this! Since his clothes hadn’t been transformed, he soon discovered another problem. His breasts were moving all around without a bra. He shrugged as he came up with a rather simple plan. He’d just go into the woman’s locker room and look around. People left stuff behind all the time. He was sure he’d be able to find a bra in there. He was hoping that wouldn’t be a permanent part of his wardrobe, and that whatever sort of prankster transformed him into a woman would undo it soon enough.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Owe you one (Part 1)

TG Caption altered fates
“You know that I’m only doing this because you’re my sister, and I owe you one, right?” Benjamin asked his sister.

“I know, but you are the best brother in the world! Besides, you know mom was being totally unfair when she sent me to this boarding school. They don’t give us ANY freedom. I just need one afternoon away from here, but they watch us like a hawk.” Tiffany told her brother, “That’s why I have this!”

She pulled out a small medallion and an outfit of clothing that matched her own. She placed the medallion around her brother’s neck and touched the clothing to him. Within moments, he had turned into an exact copy of his sister. He changed into the spare outfit and stashed his own clothes away.

“It’s so weird,” Tiffany said, “Like looking in a mirror!”

“If you think it’s weird for you, just imagine how I feel!” Benjamin replied.

“Well, I better get going. Someone will probably be around soon, and I have no idea how to explain how there’s two of me here!”

“But what should I do while I’m here as you for the afternoon?”

“Just sort of hang out. I don’t have any classes today, so that’s no worries. I know it will probably be boring, but I have to go through this every day! I can’t thank you enough for the break!”

The most amazing vacation ever (Part 2)

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Scott soon learned a bit about the woman whose body he’d be in the for the length of his stay. Her name was Carly, and she was 20 years old and had come to Exchange Island with her parents. It wasn’t a trip she had been looking forward to. But her parents had done it to teach her a lesson, which she would probably soon learn as Scott noticed she was in her own mother’s body. But with an argument about to brew among the family, Scott decided he would not butt in too far.

Instead, he went for a run on the beach. He couldn’t believe how good it felt. The way his borrowed body move was one thing and the smoothness of it was another, but the thing that made him the happiest of all was the sheer youthful energy he now had! As he ran, he realized the time was already passing quickly. He knew his time on the island would be over before he knew it; he had to make the most of it all before it was all over!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Waited so long

stolen body tg caption
Five years. It had been five long years since that bastard had taken her body. Ever since that day, Judy had been searching for him. She didn’t know how Quinton had managed to swap bodies with her nor how he evaded her for so long without a trace. But things had changed last week when a private eye she had hired gave her some information about a sighting in a nearby city. She was there within an hour, trying to locate her former body. Sure enough, as she scanned through her optic device, there he was...with her body! He had dressed it up in leather; he probably had some sick fetish. That’s probably why he swapped bodies with her in the first place. Judy brought herself back from her thoughts. She needed to figure out a good place to ambush him. She’d take him and MAKE him give her body back. She had waited so long for this day, and it was finally here.

Are you okay? (Part 2)

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TG Body Swap
“Seriously, Amy,” The woman’s voice asked again, “What’s wrong?”

Zach knew he had to act fast. He must be in the body of a woman named Amy. He couldn’t really think of what to say, so he just blurted out, “Uh...”

“It’s those heels, isn’t it?” The woman sighed, “I told you not to wear them. on this grass. I’m sure they’ll be fine one we get to the pool area, but you’re probably just sinking right into the soil here, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, that’s it.” Zach lied, “It’s these damned heels.”

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Detention (Part 4)

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TG body Swap
As the kids filed out of class, Luke hopped Miss Chang’s butt onto a desk for Principal Houser’s lecture. But instead, Mr. Houser actually laid praise on Luke’s lecture, calling it challenging to the overachievers and encouraging to the underachievers. Luke was floored. He wanted to get Miss Chang fired, not boost her up. He decided it was time for extreme measures.

He graciously accepted the praise while uncrossing his legs in order to flash Mr. Houser. Luke decided he would seduce the principal. Such behavior would certainly get Miss Chang fired. Mr. Houser was married and known for being rather outspoken again infidelity in the town. He thought the mere suggestion would be enough, but Luke was shocked when he felt a pair of wet, mustached lips press up against his own.