Saturday, August 31, 2013

Front lines (Part 2)

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Lance became irritated when the flight was understandably delayed as a result of the Shift. He devised a plan quickly. He was just going to pretend to actually be this reporter, and act like he hadn’t swapped. This plane would be going back soon enough, and it seemed unlikely the real reporter would make it back here any time soon. The plan seemed fool proof until a producer told Lance that he had just gotten a call from HQ. They were requesting a report on the Great Shift from the front lines, and that meant Lance was gong on the air any minute now. He wasn’t sure how he was going to fake it! He knew nothing about how to be a reporter!

Friday, August 30, 2013

The black van

TG Caption
Jared had just been walking down the street when the black van pulled up. Two figured abducted him and pulled him inside. He was freaked out as they injected him with something. Before passing out, he saw a woman’s body hooked up to various electrodes. He awoke to see his own body now lying there in the van with various electrodes hooked up to it. At first, he thought he had died and was looking at himself through some out-of-body experience. That is, until he realized he was now in the woman’s body he had seen earlier. The two people quickly pushed him out of the van and drove off in search of someone new to place inside of Jared’s body. Though it might take some getting used to, Jared realized he certainly didn’t mind having this woman’s body!

Far from coincidence (Part 4)

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TG Body Swap Caption
Kamal and Leah walked around for a bit looking for a place to sit and assess their situation. They found a chair, and Leah quickly fell into her new role as a male and offered the seat to Kamal. He awkwardly shuffled as he sat, still adjusting to being in Leah’s body.

He turned his head back up to his former  body with a look of concern, “Do you think we can find that guy again? Do you think he’d switch us back?”

“It doesn’t seem likely,” Leah replied.

“I just don’t know if I can adjust to this. Being a woman -- being you -- it already feels so awkward. Your breasts, your bra, your shoes! It’s all so uncomfortable!”

“You’ll adjust. You’ll have to. I guess I will as well...”

Thursday, August 29, 2013


TG Body Swap The Switcher
The sign in front of The Switcher had read that the ride wasn’t for pregnant women or people with heart conditions. Richard was never one to listen to warnings. He figured he had reached an age where he could do anything he wanted. He was a cranky old man who just didn’t care. Of course, he had no idea of what the thrill ride would do. As it spun around, it felt like his life was literally being sucked out of him. He wondered if he should have heeded that warning! He was sure this was it! But then there was a quick snap, a feeling like everything was going to be alright as the ride slowed down. It was when he got off that he noticed something different. His skin was smooth instead of wrinkled, it was now dark instead of light, and he was a woman instead of a man! He looked over to see his old body still sitting in the ride. It was still and motionless. Richard didn’t want to question his second chance. As attendants started to care for his former body, he made a break for it. He exited the amusement park just as he heard the sound of ambulances in the distance.

Eight strangers (Part 2)

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TG Body Swap
When the group arrived back in the lobby, they were prepared to part ways and start their new lives in their new bodies without even really questioning how. They went to the front desk to pick up their check; they each also picked up any items like bags and purses. After Norman picked up his body’s purse, he stopped the rest of the group from leaving with a smile.

“Hey!” He piped up, “Maybe we should all like exchange numbers and stay friends and stuff!”

It seemed like a reasonable idea, and soon Norman had five new numbers on his phone. It didn’t even seem like an issue that he was actually using his new body’s phone, and he actually didn’t know a single one of the other people whose numbers were in it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Panda! (Part 1)

With the endangered pandas numbers dwindling, there were many desperate for just about any idea that would work. As a conservation biologist, Maggie Xiao was willing to do anything to save the species. It was her chance encounter with Dr. Irving Rothstein at a conference that would provide her with a unique opportunity to do just that. Irving had been working on a body swapping device, dropping a mention of it with Maggie in casual conversation. She could see the potential immediately. She asked Irving for his help.

The plan was nothing short of insane. She would allow herself to be swapped with one of the male pandas. Over the course of a few hours, she’d mate as much as possible. Irving would be in charge of looking after the panda while it was in her body. He was reluctant -- his device was still in the testing stage -- but he was a sucker for Maggie’s beauty and went along with the plan without much persuasion.

Maggie and Irving didn’t tell anyone about the plan, knowing how crazy it sounded and how much trouble they might get into, but the first part seemed to go off without a hitch. Irving paid close attention to the panda now inside Maggie’s body. It seemed quite confused. It seemed quite fascinated by the lack of fur on Maggie’s skin and her facial structure. It kept poking its own nose, presumably trying to figure out what had happened.

Sabotage (Part 3)

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TG Body Swap
Dominic left the building and returned to Mei’s apartment. He took off her jacket. He kept taking on and off her glasses, because while they were pinching his nose on one hand, he couldn’t see well without them on the other! The apartment was sparsely decorated, and from what he could tell, Mei’s life seemed pretty boring. She was pretty dedicated to her job, and there didn’t seem to be any indication of a social life. He hoped she had a lot of money saved up as a result! As since he was stuck with her body, her life, and no job, he’d need any savings she had! He’d start looking for new work as soon as possible, and he decided the first thing he’d buy when he got one was some LASIK surgery. These glasses were a pain!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


TG Caption marital swap
Ryan paused to look at the jewelry on sale in the window display at the mall. He was so tempted to buy a necklace or maybe some earrings, but he had to stop himself. It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford it, he just could tell that he was mentally slipping. He didn’t think there would be much harm when his latest invention switched the brains of him and him wife, but as he made the repairs to get them back in his own body, he often found his mind wandering to things more his wife’s liking than his own. For instance, he found himself distracted by celebrity gossip just yesterday, and then this morning, it had been his wife who picked up the wrench and started working to fix the machine. He wondered how she had any idea what she was doing...but he soon realized he didn’t! He felt worthless, but his wife had soon asked for him to get a part at the mall. Ryan used to run in and run out of the mall, but this time he lingered. For several hours, he just window shopped. It wasn’t until the jewelry that he finally caught himself, but by that point, he had been at the mall almost the entire day!

The barn (Part 2)

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TG Body Swap
And so James waited for the woman to return with his body. He waited...and waited. After about three hours, he started to feel sleepy, so he dozed off on the pile of hay he sat on. He was jolted awake by a loud bang. He shook his head, still disoriented by the long hair he now had. As his senses returned from the slumber, it was all coming back to him. He had switched bodies with a woman. He turned to see what was making that banging when he saw his own body with a large hammer smashing up the machine. He was shocked.

“Sorry, it’s nothing personal” His old body said, “This machine swapped me into that woman’s body three years ago back when we were both in high school. She refused to swap back, and she convinced my dad to send this device far, far away. At first, i thought he had destroyed it, but I finally tracked it down to your barn. I needed to escape. I needed back in a male body...any male body! I’m sorry it had to be yours.”

Monday, August 26, 2013

The cube

What was his name again? Kevin? Aiden? Something like that. He was pretty sure he was a he, despite his current body -- then again, maybe he was originally a she; it had been so long that it was hard to remember. The professor had captured him so long ago that he didn’t even remember the details. But he could clearly remember the procedure of what the professor did each and every time. He’d wake up in his cube with his body in a form suiting the professor’s need. Last time, he had woken as a burly lumberjack to chop down some trees. After his task was done, he’d return to stasis in his cube. The pattern would repeat, and each time he’d wake up in a different body. Judging from his current form, he could only guess what the professor’s “needs” were right now; he was pretty sure this wasn’t going to be a pleasant time. He could vaguely recall the last time he was in a sexy female body, which was shortly after the professor had enhanced the properties of Viagra to last extra long. He was sure it was going to be something like that again. He sighed as he got out of his cube to tend to the professor’s needs.

Aftershocks (Part 3)

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A few days later, Thomas added a little more to his blog about his latest body:

“So I guess the routine now for each new body is going to involve a lot of paperwork with the feds. None of it’s terribly hard, but it does kill an entire day. The good part about is that you learn all about the swap that just took place. Basic run-down? The latest was a three-way between this woman, myself, and a man. The man is now in the Asian businesswoman’s body that I had just been in; the woman I now am is now in the man’s body. Apparently, I had been the only person not in close proximity, as the woman and I met while filling out paperwork. I was also the only one who had experienced an Aftershock before.

“The feds also told us they have no estimation on when they espect Aftershocks to stop. In fact, according to their data, it’s actually gotten a little worse.

”On a light note, she did my makeup, but I think she may have overdone it! I’m certainly not a makeup least not yet. I’m sure I’ll be in enough women’s bodies over time that I’ll get pretty good at it.”

Sunday, August 25, 2013

His plan (Part 5)

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Body Swap
Rodney took a few more steps. With all the people around, this should work. It better! He was sure he couldn’t carry this any more! Next, he hoped his plan would work, that no one would be suspicious of a woman like Jenn setting up strang electrical equipment in a crowded area.