Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Paradise (Part 9)

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Altered Fates TG Caption
Jerry couldn’t help but feel a sense of frustration as he searched the beach for the medallion knowing he wouldn’t find it. It was an effort in futility, and he could be spending his time doing a number of better things with his time. As time wore on, he decided to have a little fun with his search. He dunked his head underwater; sometimes he went into deeper waters to examine the way his new breasts floated. However, much of the time was still just spent wading, more often than not simply pretending to look and not taking it at all seriously.


Cameron had been looking for a story to make a name for himself as an undercover journalist for a while. Catching wind of Bikini Beach seemed like the perfect story. Water that turned men into women? It seemed like something that was begging to be exposed. Hiding a camera with him on his first visit, he was shocked at his own transformation. He was now a completely beautiful woman, and was luckily more covered than some of the other more scantily clad guests. However, looking at his footage just showed a beach full of women, nothing to reveal the transformation. He kept going back day after day, getting slightly better footage each day, but he still needed the nail in the coffin. He was sure one more day would do it, but was told he could no longer get in unless he bought a lifetime pass. He shrugged; he probably wouldn’t use it again, but what harm could it do?

Monday, October 7, 2013


Jason took a big whiff, inhaling the scent that still lingered on his fingers. Considering he had recently swapped into the body of a gorgeous women, they’d smelled exactly as one might expect after repeated bouts of curiosity. He wondered if others could smell it on him. He wasn’t sure he really cared. He couldn’t imagine any guy approaching the experience of being in a woman’s body any differently.

Salon (Part 1)

Altered Fates TG
Kelly had to do some major convincing to get Roger to agree to switching bodies with her for a while using the Medallion of Zulu. Tossing $200 into the deal finally got him to agree. Not quite knowing what to do while he was in Kelly’s body, he decided he might as well do something feminine that he’d never get away with in his male body. With the cash in hand, he headed to a beauty salon. He was going to get his haircut, a facial, his nails done...the works! As he sat down, the woman taking care of him suggested removing all jewelry, as it could potentially be ruined. He was hesitant. He really didn’t want to take off the Medallion of Zulu, but he certainly didn’t want it to get ruined either. Reluctantly, he took it off and started his treatment.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


TG Magic
Seth returned the book to the shelf in the library. It had done him quite well in the past few weeks. The first spell he cast from the ancient book allowed him to steal Tiffany’s body. He had hoped she would accept her new fate in his body, but she would not stop complaining, so he looked up a second spell. This one made her forget who she really was. She now thought she has always been Seth, which left the real Seth to live in Tiffany’s body without anyone to nag him. Of course, all of that was only in the first volume of magic spells. He couldn’t help but wonder what secrets the other books on the shelf held.