Saturday, December 21, 2013

First Night Out (Part 1)

Al knew all about Exchange Island before he came, but he was still surprised when he ended up swapping with a woman upon arrival. In hindsight, he realized there was about a 50% chance of changing genders, he just didn’t expect it. His new body felt so weird that he spent the morning and afternoon of his first day locked away in his room. It didn’t help that the person he swapped with seemed to have brought nothing but skimpy clothes with her.

It wasn’t until night that Al finally braved going out. He took a deep breath before changing clothes; he couldn’t believe what he had picked out was actually one of the less revealing things among this woman’s wardrobe. The beach was closed at this hour, but the resort had a late night club...with free drinks! He grabbed a beer at first, but it didn’t seem to please his new taste buds, and so he switched to mix drinks.

As he sipped his beverage, he remained a wallflower, watching others lose their inhibitions on the dance floor. He noticed how much many people seemed to really be enjoying their new bodies -- some even were basically feeling themselves up on the dance floor. He wondered if he could build up that sort of confidence. He looked at his mixed drink and realized that there was only one way to do that.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Return (Part 4)

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The doctor avoided Jack’s question as he continued to examine Jack, still finding nothing that would indicate the person before him was a healthy young woman. He was eager for some sort of proof that Jack had once been male, but no proof seemed to be coming.

Jack could see a look of concern in the doctor’s eye. “Do you believe me?” He asked, echoing an earlier, much simpler question

“The numbers are too high to be coincidence, and if there was an environmental factor contributing to a mass delusion, there would be toxicological evidence in your blood work. I’m afraid I have no choice but to believe you.”

Jack wasn’t exactly comforted by that response this time around.

Jack reworded his question, “Do you think anyone else will believe me?”

The doctor sighed, “Probably not, and it would be quite unlikely anything I could say would make any sort of difference. I am convinced, however, that if I can prove what happened to you, it might just be the most amazing scientific discovery this decade. But it’s all a matter of proof!”

Thursday, December 19, 2013

His Own Face

It was a sight Scott had never expected to see ever again: his own face. When he saw it, he immediately hid, hoping his former body didn’t also see him. It was two years ago when that body he just saw was his. He was a nerdy guy with too much time on his hands. So much time, in fact, he had time to invent a brain swapping device. He picked his friend Tammy to swap with. Tammy was a quiet and shy nerd much like himself, but Scott thought she was beautiful and saw her potential. When they swapped, Scott was excited. He would put on makeup and dress in gorgeous skirts and dresses. He’d look in the mirror and see Tammy’s body look better than he could’ve possibly imagined. He knew he had to keep it for himself. Without a word to Tammy, he just uprooted and left. He figured he could make a good life for himself anywhere with his brains and Tammy’s looks, which he certainly had done. But it was now in this new place two years later that he saw Tammy with his former body. He hid, not because he feared she could somehow switch them back (he knew she couldn’t), but because he didn’t know how to explain what he had done. How could he possibly justify the fact that he had stolen her life and dumped her with his?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Accident

“He’s waking up.”

Martin didn’t know where the words were coming from. His surroundings were quite unfamiliar. The last thing he remembered was driving back from college for the holidays. His parents had picked him up, and he got into an argument with his mom. The car skidded, and that was the last thing he could recall.

“Can you hear me, Martin?” The voice asked.

“Uh...” It was all Martin could manage to say.

“It’s okay. Don’t try too hard yet. The neuro pathways will take some time to adjust to your new body.”

“There’s good news and bad news,” A second voice spoke, “You were in an accident. We were able to save your brain, but your body was crushed. Your mother, on the other hand, was completely brain dead from her injuries. Doctor Brown did something miraculous. He placed your brain in your mom’s body to save you.”

Martin wanted nothing more than to scream upon hearing this, but he couldn’t seem to; his brain was still adjusting. He couldn’t believe he was now in the body of his own mother!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Slacker (Part 2)

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It turned out running wasn’t really an option. Between the heels, the skirt, and the uncomfortable feeling of an unfamiliar body, Neil was going to have to slow down. His pace slowed to a walk and eventually he halted completely. He paused to look at his new body. He couldn’t get a good look under the stuffy suit, and he could certainly feel that she had short hair. He also tasted lipstick on his lips. Eventually, he focused on his hands. They were so slender and feminine. The nails were painted. It was so weird for him to think that this was now his hand!

Monday, December 16, 2013

In Shock (Part 3)

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Jim started to pick the things up off the floor. Before long, a tall man stood above him. The man was clearly looking down Jim’s shirt. Jim adjusted his long hair to try and cover up a little. He looked up to see the man was still staring.

“I hope that’s what you’re wearing for our date later,” The man said to Jim.

“Our date?” Jim repeated.

“You can’t tell me you forgot? Tonight’s the night you promised that we could go all the way. And with that outfit, I’m sure in the mood!”

“All the way?” Jim’s stomach sank.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Mayor Daniel Winslow knew the Great Shift would send his city into chaos. He needed to address the people to calm everyone down. There were lots of questions, and while he didn’t have any answers yet, he needed to pretend that he did. He scheduled a press conference mere hours after the Shift hit. He needed to show that they were not alone -- he had been affected too; he was in his wife’s body. His speech urged for calm; he pledged to work with state and federal leaders to help find a solution to one day reverse the effects of the Shift. Many were still panicked, but he knew it had worked. People would be coming together in the wake of the tragedy, and he hoped he was leading them as best he could in this moment of crisis.