Saturday, March 15, 2014

Reassignment (Part 6)

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It was difficult to pinpoint the first crack. There were probably many early clues, but Frances’s husband didn’t pick up on them until one day he came home to find his clothes in a wrinkled pile by the front door. As he walked through the house, he found another pile with burn marks. He eventually came upon his wife in their bedroom. She had unplugged the iron, and there were even more ruined clothes by her feet.

“It’s so weird,” She told him, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ironed the clothes, but for some reason, suddenly it felt like this was my first time doing it.”

Frances’s husband had an idea that this all may have something to do with the reassignment, but he had no way to know that the woman in front of him wasn’t truly his wife at all, but a young man named Lewis simply brainwashed and body swapped.


Nick wondered at first if he was hallucinating. He had stayed up all night for the past two days studying for his college finals and was feeling a little off. But imagining he swapped bodies with a woman he passed on the street didn’t seem like a normal hallucination to him. Still, he went to the corner store to charge up on an energy drink just to be sure. The experience of walking in heels and sifting through a purse for money to pay for the thing was enough to tell him that this wasn’t just all in his head. He somehow actually swapped bodies with that woman! And what about the test he had stayed up all night for? He took a swig of the drink in hopes of calming himself, but it really didn’t help. This was all just too weird and stressful!

Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm Doing Okay

Joseph had been complaining about being stuck in his sister’s body all week. As his dad came to pick him up, he had three words of advice: “Suck it up.” Joseph guessed that his dad did have a point. After all, him and his sister weren’t the only ones swapped. His dad had swapped with his mom as well. He supposed that if his dad could deal with it, so could he. He took a deep breathe as he uncomfortably walked over in his sister’s heels to the passenger side of the car and got in. He looked over to his dad before being spoken to and said, “I’m doing okay, Dad. I’m doing okay.” His father smiled.


Patrick knew that if he was going to find some clue about how Marie had managed to swap bodies with him, the answer would likely be at the library. Marie was a bit of a bookworm, so she always hung out here anyway. Then again, he wondered what a nerdy girl like her would want with a jocky body like his. He shuddered thinking about what she was doing with his body right now. He stuck his nose in another book hoping to find some answers.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Marketing, Sales, and R&D (Part 6)

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Before even getting the chance to sit down, Gavin got a call from a name he didn’t know.

He answered with a smile, “This is Eileen Liu.”

It was her boss calling a meeting to discuss some new products in development. Gavin got excited. Things were already starting off so well. He was sure this meeting would clue him in on things long before anyone else from the sales staff would catch wind of them. But then he started to think some more...why go back to sales at all? He was never any real good at it. Maybe he could just take Eileen’s position. He’d just have to do something to ditch the device...or maybe he could just return it to the R&D department. After all, she wouldn’t be able to check it out with his body, and he could simply refuse to do so. He was ready to start his new life in the marketing department! Now, off to that meeting!

Coming Up for Air (Part 1)

Chris sighed. This was his third day of searching for the medallion. His wife had thrown it into the ocean in a fit of anger while they were swapped during their honeymoon. With only a few days left, Chris was desperately trying to find it, knowing that he’d be trapped in her body for the rest of his life if he didn’t. He had spent the entirety of the time since she tossed it looking for it. He hadn’t had any luck finding it so far. Tomorrow, he’d rent out better equipment to allow him to stay
underwater for longer. He wasting far too much time coming up for air.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Start the Music (Part 1)

Steve couldn’t even begin to wrap his mind about what had just happened. He had been sitting alone at home when the world seemed to swirl around him. And in a instant, he heard thunderous applause. He was no longer in the quiet of his living room, but standing on stage in front of a thousand people. Weirder still was the fact that his body was different. Instead of his average male body, he now had the frame of a curvy female complete with a skimpy top and leather pants. He wanted to run off stage and hide somewhere, but he found himself unable to do that...and that’s when the music started.


It wasn’t what Yao was expecting at all. He had paid a lot of money to be smuggled overseas and into the United States with all the proper paperwork. He was told to arrive at a certain address at a certain time. It was a tiny building near the airport. The man he had paid was there, as well as a woman tied to a chair with a helmet on her head. He asked about the woman to which the man replied that she was Yao’s ticket out. He placed a similar looking helmet on Yao’s head and a jolt of electricity shot through him. The next thing Yao realized, he was the one tied up in the chair in the woman’s body! He struggled to get free, but the man told him to relax as he was untied. He explained the woman he was now was a flight attendant. A US citizen, but she could go just about anywhere with her passport. He also told Yao that there was no going back, this was his life now. Yao quietly reported to this woman’s job, knowing he was on his way to America, but also knowing that he cost this woman her life. He wanted out so bad, but was this the price he was willing to pay?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Double Swap

It had been three weeks since Ted had stolen Amy’s body. She finally managed to corner and confront him outside their office. He tried playing dumb at first, but Amy kept pressuring.

“Here’s the deal,” She told him, “You can even keep my body. I don’t know how you were able to swap or why you wanted my body. Quite frankly, I don’t care, but now that I know you can do it, here’s what I want. I was you to swap me into a body of my choosing. Whoever I swap with gets stuck in your body, and you can keep mine. Otherwise, I promise you that I will make your life a living hell.”

Ted thought about it. Ultimately, he smiled, “I guess we have a deal. Now, whose body is it that you want me to swap you with?”


“I know you don’t want to give me my body back,” James told Karen, “But some day, someone is going to notice something’s wrong. They’re going to figure out that it’s not really me in that body.”

“No one’s figured it out yet, not your wife, not your co-workers, not even your parents.” Karen replied.

James smiled as he tried to pull a trump card, “Well, all of your friends are certainly noticing something off!”

“Who cares? They aren’t my friends any more. I am living your life. Those are your friends now. If you want to alienate them by acting all strange, go ahead. You can even break it off with my boyfriend if you want to. I’m surprised you haven’t already.”

James was beginning to flounder. He couldn’t believe that Karen could just be so intent on stealing his life that she was willing to give up just about EVERYTHING from hers. There had to be a button he could still press to trick her into swapping back bodies.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Not Used Often (Part 1)

Yesterday seemed like forever ago now for Frank. After all, it was just yesterday when he had been homeless, living on the street. He knew that he didn’t have to live on the street. With the magical body swapping power he could steal anyone’s life he wanted, but he had never felt moral about taking someone else’s body and life. Then again, that was before he decided to sleep in the alleyway behind a luxury condo. One of the building’s rich tenant woke him up by spitting in his face, informing him that she had called the cops. He looked at her, knowing she lacked all compassion and decided to initiate his power for the first time in ages. Suddenly, she was now the one in his homeless body, and he was in hers. “If you run away now, you’ll be far enough away by the time those cops you called get here,” He whispered.

And run she did, leaving Frank to her rich life -- at least for the time being. He was certainly enjoying how she lived thus far. She had a lush apartment in the condo, a membership at an expensive country club, and she didn’t even have to work! Frank enjoyed the time at the club with a nice game of tennis.

Alone (Part 2)

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Peter stayed on the air at the microphone for several hours simply repeating his message. He paused only to use the bathroom and check by the entrance anytime he heard a noise that he thought could possibly be another human being. But so far, no one had responded. He was all alone in the world in a strange body. He did realize there could be a downside to finding another person out there. What if that person was a man? What if they insisted on repopulating this seemingly empty world? He hadn’t yet adjusted to even being a woman yet, he didn’t want to think about having to be pregnant.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Test Subject

Dr. Todd Galveson rubbed his smooth face. The transformation was quite incredible. He had been reluctant to test his latest work on himself, but it was hard to find human test subjects. With his breakthrough, he was able to change someone at their base DNA level, and using that technology, he changed from a tall bearded white man into short Asian woman -- simply by changing a few genes and triggering them to reconstruct his body. It wasn’t exactly painful, but it wasn’t a pleasant feeling either, not something he cared to repeat right away, and that meant this would be his form for a while. He began thinking of all the implications of his new discovery. He could cure genetic diseases! That idea seemed so incredible. Of course, he had plenty of other ideas as well!

Big Day

Ralph was starting to get nervous. The night before his sister’s wedding, they had been messing around with a strange Medallion she had found. The damn thing ended up swapping their bodies. She explained the medallion certainly had a legend surrounding it, but she also never expected it to be true. If it was correct, they wouldn’t be able to swap back for twelve hours. That meant he’d be stuck in her body until right before the big ceremony. He groaned. He didn’t want to be stuck in his sister’s body at all, let alone on the day of her wedding.

He went through all the hair and makeup prep, but found a minute to be alone with his sister. That’s when they discovered she left the medallion back at their parents’ house. She told him to hold tight; she’d drive over and get it. He protested. Their parents house was an hour away. That meant he’d be the one walking down the aisle! She begged him to go through with it all, promising to be back in their own bodies by the reception.

Several hours passed, and his sister never returned. He was still stuck in her body as the reception ended and it was time for the bride to spend some time alone with her new husband. Ralph desperately looked around for his sister in his body, but she was nowhere to be found.