Saturday, March 29, 2014

Natural Talent

All his life, Harvey had dreamed of becoming a dancer, but he had always been discouraged. His parents had told him it was too feminine and discouraged his interest in the art. For Harvey, the Great Shift turned out to be a wonderful twist in his fate. He now possessed a female body, which means he could pursue his interest in dance without the negative pressure from his friends and family. Sure enough, his natural love turned into a natural talent.

First Night Out (Part 6)

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Al was breathing heavily by the time he made it back to his room. He turned around to look at the door, still in disbelief at what he almost did. He could feel that he must have overdone it with the drinks, but even at his drunkest, he never acted like that. Why had he acted like that? Was it because of this body? Were all women like this to some degree? No, it couldn’t be. But was there something about him? Something deep down inside? That didn’t seem right either. Maybe he just needed a good night sleep. Tomorrow at Exchange Island would be better. Well, he was convinced there was no way it could be worse than today, right?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Match (Part 2)

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Despite his swap, Eric decided to continue his training. After all, the woman whose body he swapped into was in great shape and apparently into boxing. He might not be able to compete on the men’s circuit, but he probably still had the chance to go pro on the women’s circuit -- there was a lower barrier to entry there, there were better odds, and the paydays came quicker. The only problem was there was certainly a glass ceiling on the pay cap. He could never make millions on the women’s circuit, but he could still have a fairly decent life.

Coming Up for Air (Part 2)

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Chris returned to the undersea depths the next day with much better equipment and with a bit of morale boost. After his diving the day before, he returned to the hotel room to find a romantic dinner set up on the balcony. His wife was finally apologizing for tossing out the medallion into the ocean. Chris blushed when he saw it, but told her it wasn’t necessary. She didn’t need to apologize; he had already forgiven her. He still wasn’t quite used to kissing and hugging his own body (even if it was his wife controlling that body), but he now got a feeling of safety and security from it that hadn’t experienced in the past few days. While he was still going to desperately search for the medallion for the next couple of days, he knew that if he had to be stuck in someone else’s body, he was glad it was the one that belonged to the woman he loved more than anything.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mathematics (Part 7)

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Only a few moments after Dave started erasing the formula, Andrea entered. He jaw dropped and she screamed, “What are you doing?”

She quickly explained that the missing parts had just sort of popped into her head last night, quite unexpectedly. But with all the parts that Dave had just erased, she had no idea where they went...or what the new erased parts could be. She could’ve gotten them back to their own bodies. Dave thought he would be distressed, but he just shrugged. He had already convinced himself he would be stuck. This just didn’t seem like a big deal anymore.

Polar Opposite (Part 3)

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Irving had rallied the room, and it wasn’t long before everyone rushed out to try and live better lives, but Irving stayed behind in the locker room for a few minutes. He needed to decide what he was going to do with his own life now that he had Ashley’s body. The possibilities seemed limitless. For instance, he felt like no one ever listened to him before, but now? He had just given a short speech that called an entire room to action. They listened to him because of this body. He was sure he could get just about anyone to do anything he wanted with it!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Start the Music (Part 2)

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And that’s when the music started...Steve felt suddenly compelled to dance. He didn’t know any of the moves, but it didn’t seem to matter, he was pulling the routine off flawlessly somehow. At least that’s how it appeared. He looked around to see other women on the stage as well, and he seemed to be mimicking them perfectly. Some of the moves he was quite impressed by. He couldn’t imagine how he was able to do any of this! Of course, he still couldn’t figure out how he switched bodies and wound up here in the first place either!

Key Ingredient

When his sister first started getting involved in witchcraft and magic, Todd didn’t say anything, but he also never expected her to cast a spell that would cause the two to switch bodies! It sucked worse for Todd when his sister told him that she was out of a key ingredient for the spell. It wasn’t something he could just go down to the store and buy either! Before he knew it, he was in the middle of nowhere paddling on a raft in attempt to get more of this stuff. He couldn’t help but wonder how his sister had gotten her hands on such an ingredient in the first place!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

True Form

Victor never even saw the car that hit him. He was just crossing the street, and the next thing he saw was a white flash. He awoke to find himself looking down at a female body in a white dress. A voice that seemed to come from nowhere explained that he was dead. The body he now had in the afterlife was his true form. Victor was a little more than surprised. He couldn’t even fathom how his true form was female. It almost made being dead seem like a secondary concern.


With airline security getting tighter and tighter, hijackers needed more and more innovative techniques in order to take control of planes. Terry was a lone wolf type, who got really creative by possessing the body of a flight attendant. But as he walked around in her body before the flight, much of the anger he had previously felt seemed to fade away. He no longer felt like hijacking the plane, instead he wanted to hijack this woman’s life and take it as his own!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Coming Up with a Plan

Tomorrow would be Jacob’s last full day on Exchange Island. That meant he needed a plan to keep the gorgeous body he had been able to borrow for the past two weeks. He found a spot away from the beach and the crowds to think. What sort of plan could he come up with? Could he hack the resort’s computers to extend his stay? Maybe there was a database of who was who that he could set to stay like this even once he left? What if he just refused to leave; if he hid somewhere when it was time to go? He at least needed to give something a try! He couldn’t give this up so easily!


Michael had spent three years of searching for this stream. The water in it was magical. All that time ago, a single vial he and Kristen had drunk had caused the two to switch bodies. Now he was sure another vial would switch them back. At first, he and Kristen had searched together, but she had finally given up several months ago. He couldn’t wait to get some place with cell phone service so that he could call her.

What he didn’t count on was that when she had given up, Kristen had come to accept being in Michael’s body. It had been a huge task to adapt to living as him, and she convinced herself that, at this point, switching bodies again -- even to one that was once hers -- would be another huge adaptation, one that she was not ready to go through again.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

On Vacation

Rick had been walking through the marketplace during his vacation in southeast Asia. He encountered an old man with a beard selling all sorts of trinkets for a dollar. The man promised that any of them would create an experience for Rick that he would never forget. A little fascinated, Rick bought one of the items to his hotel room. After dinner, he stared at it for a good ten minutes until it began to glow. Rick’s world spun around him for a moment before quickly stabilizing; however, once it did so, things felt off. Sure enough, when he looked down, he discovered he no longer had his own body, but the body of a woman instead! He tried staring at the item again, but nothing he did seemed to change him back. The first thing next morning, he headed back to the market. However, there didn’t seem to be any sign of the old man or his shop. It seemed the old guy just disappeared, leaving Rick stuck like this!

11:30 AM

The good news was that Ray had no problem figuring out how to do Lisa’s job; however, it was so easy that he was actually a little bored. He spent a lot of the day just looking forward to being able to leave, get home, and figure out a way to reverse the magic that had caused him and Lisa to swap bodies in the first place. When he wasn’t just daydreaming, he was surfing the web, looking at pictures of hot models, probably not an uncommon time waster for women or men at work. The odd thing he realized when looking at the models was that he wasn’t attracted to them, he was envious of them. He was starting to think this might be a side effect of being stuck in Lisa’s body. He tried to brush it off when a phone call came in. It was another simple task he’d have to do on this boring day. He looked at the clock and sighed. It was only 11:30 AM.