Saturday, January 24, 2015

Meeting (Part 2)

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Thomas cringed at the fact that he was going to have to spend longer in Ming’s body, but at least he saw it as an opportunity to find something more appropriate to wear to his meeting. He went back to Ming’s home to change. While she may have had a plethora of designer clothing, there wasn’t much that he felt very comfortable wearing and even less that he felt was appropriately modest enough. Ultimately, he decided that he would wear a black dress. It showed more leg and cleavage than he would like, but most everything else she owned was much worse. He sighed. He just wanted this meeting to be over with and to teleport back home and back into his own body.


All of Thomas’s friends had been raving about the new teleporting technology that had just been introduced a little over a year ago. Your brain was uploaded into a computer and could be zapped halfway around the world into a host body a few seconds later -- making air travel look pathetically slow in comparison. Thomas had been hesitant to embrace the new tech, but a last minute meeting schedule in China for work forced him into using it. Of course, much like air travel, scheduling in advance allows for a better choice of seats and a lower price, so too with teleporting. Thomas merely had to accept whatever body was left. Her name was Ming. It turned out she made a living by being a host. She was always available for a last minute swap since they paid the most money. Thomas felt completely awkward and uncomfortable in her body. Her expensive designer clothes hugged and pinched him in all the wrong ways. His legs felt exposed in the short skirt, and he felt off-balance in the high heels. He just wanted to get to this meeting and get back home. But when he arrived, it seemed that too many people hadn’t been able to make it on such short notice. The meeting had been delayed, and he’d be stuck in Ming’s body for another day waiting for everyone else to arrive.

Friday, January 23, 2015

29 Days

Jerry had joined a gym that promised he’d lose 20 pounds in 30 days or his money back. Jerry was already in pretty good shape; it was unlikely that he’d be able to lose 20 pounds. He figured it was a guarantee that he’d get his money back at the end of the month. But it was on the 29th day of his membership when he was brought into sauna in the gym that he had never seen before. It started off like the usual sweat, but then things got strange. It was like his skin was melting and his body was reforming. He grasped at his skin, but there was no hope. His entire body was reforming; he was not only losing at least 20 pounds, he was also becoming a woman! In a daze, he left the sauna and returning to his locker. It was now filled with female clothing that he put on without a second thought. He admired himself in the mirror. He couldn’t imagine how he ever dreamed of scamming this gym and getting his money back. They did such a great job after one month, he couldn’t wait to pay for a second!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Store (Part 2)

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It only took about a week for the thrill of swapping into his crush’s body to wear off. Things like hair and makeup were a pain and getting hit on by guys was worse. He had gone back down to the store, but they had already sold his body to the next person wanting to swap. Worse still was that among the clauses in the 500 page contract they had him sign was a statement saying he wouldn’t use their services again for at least five years. He couldn’t even swap into another guy’s body until then. He sighed when he came into work the next morning, putting his feet up on the table. It was going to be a long five years.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Store

When Greg had started his job, he found himself sitting only a few desks away from a woman that he developed a crush on instantly. Despite working so close, he never got the guts to say a single word to her. Then one day, she was gone; a new guy sat in her place. He had no trouble introducing himself to this new male employee. But then the guy told Greg an incredible story. He wasn’t new at all. He was the woman that had been sitting the entire time. She thought that her gender was keeping her from getting a promotion, and had gone to a nearby store that allowed you to swap in your body. Greg seemed skeptical, but when he was went to the address she gave him, he was surprised to see her old body in the window. He was a little surprised her body hadn’t been bought already...then he had an idea. The next day Greg arrived at work with the biggest grin on his face. As he worked on his laptop, eventually his co-worker stopped by. “So you bought my old body?” She asked him.

He simply smiled and nodded.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Ryan looked down for the hundredth time since the Great Shift. He kept hoping that maybe he’d just wind up back in his own body in much the same way he had suddenly found himself in this body when the Shift struck a few hours earlier. Part of him knew that he should be thankful. The random body swapping could’ve put him inside the body of a baby or someone eldery or sick. However, he still couldn’t seem to feel comfortable with the fact that he was now an attractive woman. If he had seen this woman a bar, he might’ve tried hitting on her or giving her a catcall on the street. And maybe that’s what was making him so uncomfortable. He knew he was now going to be on the other end of things like catcalls and being hit on. He’d be the one fighting off advances. Something about that just felt way too strange. And so he closed his eyes again to look down once more, hoping to see his old body when he looked down. Yet still all he saw was the gorgeous and shapely body that was now his.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Something Borrowed

Luke had heard a mysterious voice tell him that he could swap body parts with anyone by wearing a piece of their clothing. While he didn’t believe the voice, when he told his girlfriend, she was eager to test it out. Before long, she had given him clothing that she had borrowed from many of her friends, turning him into a gorgeous composite of women. It was hard wrapping his head around what happened to him, especially after putting on the pants and underwear. He just couldn’t believe it. With a bit of testing, they found that he’d keep the part until he put a piece of his own clothing on. Now his girlfriend was suggesting a trip to the mall, so he could stay in this form for a few days. Taking one last look down there, he wasn’t quite sure that this was a form he wanted to keep for that long!