Friday, February 13, 2015

Sick of It

Joel always knew he was the type of guy that talked too much. Every morning at the bus stop, he’d make a comment about how he’d love to bang one of the hot chicks he saw in the posters there or talk with a friend on the phone about some chinese woman he had slept with. It was so obnoxious, and one day one of his fellow riders decided she had enough. With her slight experience with witchcraft, she decided to teach Joel a lesson. Slowly, Joel’s body began to change into a composite of all the women he had talked about over the years. He took on some of the model-like qualities from the women in the ads; he also had aspects of women he had bragged about sleeping with. Even his clothes changed to match. The witch smiled upon seeing her work, knowing that the best part was that Joel wouldn’t even notice right away. He would’t notice until he was hit on by a few guys. Of course, she was sure that with a body like he had now, Joel would notice his new body fairly quickly. And she’d be long gone before the next realization -- that she was the one responsible for his transformation.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cell Phone Conspiracy

Despite a vast number of conspiracy theorists urging otherwise, researchers had been touting the safety of cell phones for years. Of course, none of them could’ve ever imagined a mad scientist hacking the systems. He was able to alter the cell waves in such a way to cause any two people talking on a cell phone (not necessarily to each other) to switch brains. At first, few believed those that had been swapped; the mad scientist started slowly with only a few people. Then it got more widespread and much more chaotic. It also seemed that the mad scientist was quite particular; no one ever swapped more than once. Despite the panic, there were some that didn’t seem to mind. Kevin, for instance, had been one of the ones to switch bodies early on when he found himself in the body of a woman named Maria. It was about a week after it happened before anyone even believed him. But he wasn’t complaining about his new body. If anything, he considered a trade up. While many in the world wanted the mad scientist dead, Kevin would probably thank him if he ever saw him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Life

Martin never expected to be wearing a dress to his own wedding reception; he never expected to ever wear a dress, actually. Of course, he never expected a massive world wide body swapping moments before he said “I do.” The event would later be come to be known as “The Great Shift,” but at the time it happened, Martin called it “suddenly being stuck in body of one of my wife’s bridesmaids.” Martin’s wife was swapped too; she was now in the body of the minister performing the ceremony. Sure enough, just about everyone in the hall was now someone else. It was chaos figuring out who was who, but after gathering the essential people to finish the ceremony, a quick demand to follow the seating chart helped figure out the rest quickly. When Martin talked in his vows about starting a new life with his bride, he certainly never expected anything like this literal!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Back in Time

Officer Frank Watts knew the discovery would be trouble. Now he was the one on the force assigned to go back in time to chase criminals who fled to the past. There was a strange catch about time travel, your body didn’t go with you; you had to jump into the body of one of your ancestors. On Frank’s most recent jump, the perp had gone back to World War 2, while both of Frank’s grandfathers were off fighting the war. He had no choice but to jump into his grandmother’s body. He had probably done this a hundred times, but he had never jumped into a female ancestor before. He briefly looked at himself in the mirror, feeling quite odd in the unfamiliar body. But he didn’t have too much time to dwell on it; there was a criminal to catch!