Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pool Side (Part 1)

It had been a rather uneventful vacation for Charles so far. But on the third day, when he was lounging by the pool, he saw something odd. On the other side of the pool was a man who just dove in. Charles thought the man looked remarkably similar to himself; he seemed to even be wearing the exact same type of swim trunks. Of course, what Charles had yet to notice was the fact that his own body was now quite different. In fact, he had swapped bodies with one of the other hotel guests. He was now inside the body of a woman named Tasha Li, and she was in his body.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

How? Why? Who?

Up until a few hours ago, Nigel had been convinced that brain transplantation was well beyond the realm of current scientific knowledge. Of course, the evidence in front of him plainly showed that it was very possible indeed. He rattled off some immediate scientific problems. The first was the optic nerves. Of course, he still needed his glasses, so maybe they had transplanted his eyes with the rest of his brain. Then there were the countless neural connections to other parts of the body. He had no idea how that had been accomplished. There were predictions that the behavior learned in one brain wouldn’t know how to deal with the differences of a new body. While Nigel had been shocked and was even temporarily disoriented by his new female body, he adjusted fairly quickly. Of course, it was just a theory. What if the brain could adjust very quickly to the differences of a new body? What if Nigel was being used as some sort of a test to prove this? It soon shifted from a question of how to one of why...and who...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Take It Slow

Frank took a deep breath. Every since the Great Shift, he had been trying not to freak out. He could deal with the fact that the body swapping event dropped him into the body of a woman, but he was having huge issues with the fact that the body was so out of shape. As a man, he was buff. He had a sculpted chest with 6 pack abs. In this body, when he first started to even begin his regular exercise routine, he got winded immediately. He knew he’d have to rethink and scale back. He ultimately decided that he’d start with a light yoga activity. It felt like he was holding back, but he knew it was as much as this body could handle for now. What made it worse for him was that the yoga movements made him painfully aware of his new body. He kept feeling like his legs were too flabby and that his stomach was to big. All he could do was tell himself that getting back in shape would take time, and that he had to take it slow.