Friday, March 20, 2015

Hungover (Part 2)

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He reached for some water next; Craig was hoping that if he could sober up, he would remember more. Of course, he was far from sober when a piercing sound rang out -- the phone. He picked it up; it was the woman’s work wondering where she was. He didn’t know much about being a scientist, but maybe there were some answers at her lab. It wasn’t much of a plan, but it was all he could think of right now.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Craig awoke feeling horribly hungover, but he also felt strange in a way he couldn’t place. He tried to remember exactly what happened to him last night, but other than downing his first few drinks, it was all a blur. As he began to try to stand up, he got the shock of his life as he glanced down. From what he could tell, he wasn’t even a “he” any more. He now had the body of a woman. He tried to concentrate even harder on piecing together last night’s events. After those initial drinks, he met a woman...this woman. She was a scientist. He remembered arguing with her about...something. She took him back to this strange lab. He signed something...a release? A contract? He began to frantically search for that paper. He found it after a while; he had signed a contract where he had agreed to switch bodies with her? He couldn’t remember why he had done that? Why the heck would he do something like that? The contract didn’t seem to have an expiration or an out. He was stuck like this. He was stuck in this body.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Right or Wrong

“Of all the people you could’ve pissed off, why did it have to be a witch?” Jake asked his girlfriend.

“But I was in the right!” Susan retorted.

“Right or wrong, you wouldn’t apologize and she did THIS to us! I honestly never want to see you again, but right now I just look down or look in a mirror and can’t help but see most of you. As soon as we fix this, we’re breaking up.”

“Maybe we should just break up now. In fact, maybe I’ll just leave with your body and you’ll never see it again.”

“I doubt you want to be stuck like this any more than I do.”

“Do you really want to risk it? I’m ready to walk out that door....”