Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ihla Troca (Part 2)

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Over the next few days, Steven began to adjust to his borrowed body. In fact, it was more relaxing than he could’ve ever imagined. It was one thing to take a vacation from work and all your troubles, it was another thing entirely to be literally taking a vacation away from yourself. He felt liberated. Of course, he knew it would all be over soon. He could see himself returning to the city and his job, but it was becoming harder and harder for him to see himself giving up this body! He began plotting ways to keep it. Maybe he could negotiate a settlement with the body’s owner or the resort operators. There had to be a way. Thinking about giving up this body was bringing back his stress. He knew keeping it would be the only way to control that permanently.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ihla Troca

Steven had just started settling in to relax at the resort when he soon felt a sharp jolt. His vision had an odd shift, and he found himself down by the pool. He wondered if he had blacked out. It had happened at work from time to time; that was one of the reasons he needed this vacation. But then he looked down and discovered blacking out might be the least of his problems. He reached his hands around his body to try to cover up. For some reason, he now had a woman’s body! And one wearing a sexy silver swimsuit. He wondered if he was getting worse. If he had gone from blacking out to straight up hallucination. He rushed back to his room and began to do some research on the free wi-fi. There didn’t seem to be any sort of medical documentation for his condition, but he restarted his browser to see the homepage of the resort, Ihla Troca. He decided to translate the name into English, Exchange Island...searching that and he found all sorts of strange tales that told him he wasn’t having a hallucination! This was real!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Andrew had been here by the tracks several times since the Great Shift happened. He would sit on the tracks until just before the train got there. He often thought of just staying put, but he had obviously never gone through with it. He just found being someone else depressing and disorienting. It didn’t help that everyone kept telling him how lucky he was, how beautiful his new body was, and things like that. He knew his new body was good-looking, but he never wanted to look good; he had certainly never wanted to be a woman. Yet now he was both of those things. He saw the train coming and slowly stood up to get out of the way, once again. He paused for a minute, telling himself that this might be the time he stayed on the tracks as the train passed. Then he wondered if the whole depression thing was due to the fact that this new body might have a chemical imbalance in the brain. He stepped off the tracks and watched the train pass.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just Desserts

One month. That’s how long Brad and Melinda would be stuck in each other’s bodies while the device recharged. So far, Brad had taken the experience in stride. He wore odd feminine outfits that he’d never dare put on his own body -- like Melinda’s leather dress. He enjoyed being treated to dinner or drinks by anyone looking to hit on him (though it was sure they wouldn’t get very far, as Brad was NOT interested in experiencing THAT aspect of being in Melinda’s body), but he always had to watch what he ate, particularly with dessert. They always looked so tempting and tasted even better, but he limited himself to a single bite each time. Melinda had warned him not to gain a single pound while in her body. If he did so, she wouldn’t switch back with him. And while Brad was certainly enjoying his time as Melinda, he certainly did not want to be her forever!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Worse than Being Fired

Todd was nervous about being called into his boss’s office. At worst, he thought he may be fired, but this was way worse than being fired! His boss had demanded Todd volunteer to test a new prototype, a weird body swapper that the R&D department had developed. It wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that the other volunteer was Sue from marketing. Sue was annoying, so demanding and kind of obnoxious. Now he was her for the next week, and she was him. He could keep a low profile, but she would probably still be making all sorts of demands while she was him. By the time he was back in his own body, he was sure all his co-workers would hate him. He wished he could just spill the truth to all of them, but the prototype was still in the top secret phase. It was going to be an awkward week.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Lauren had considered the purchase of the building downtown to be one of her best investments. She had rented out all the upper floors to various businesses, but she still needed to rent out the main floor to a retail tenant. In an effort to add to the building’s appeal, she had plans to renovate the basement. Things had been going fairly well, and it seemed like the workers may have helped add to the value when they found an entrance to a sub-basement. Not one of the workers wanted to go down, claiming another level wasn’t covered by their insurance. Lauren groaned, grabbed a flashlight and went down herself. The first thing that struck her was how cold it was down there! There also seemed to be all sorts of electronics everywhere. It all seemed so modern; she wondered if someone had been squatting. She just shrugged. She’d sell all this stuff and turn a profit; there was no way a squatter could get in during construction. She was curious just how much stuff was down here. She may not have been a construction expert, but she knew how to turn a power breaker on. The lights burst on, nearly blinding Lauren in a sea of white. Then she heard a voice and froze. It wasn’t that she was afraid, it was that she literally could no longer control her own movements. “Uploading...” The voice said. Lauren felt odd. Her senses seemed limited. No smell. No touch. No taste. Her hearing seemed like it was being filtered through a low quality microphone. Her vision was limited to a fixed position, only able to move back and forth, up and down, like a security camera. She heard the voice again, “Downloading...” Then she saw something move. She tried to focus and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She tried to blink, but blinking seemed impossible. She could see her own body...and it was moving! It lifted a hand with curiosity. “I never expected a woman to come down here,” She heard her own voice say. Then her own body walked over. “My name is Doctor Henry Brown. I uploaded myself into this computer on my death bed. An alarm was set to download myself into the first human that walked into my lab, which I guess was you, Miss. I am so grateful to be human again, but you have been uploaded into my machine. A simple security camera has been set up to give you sight and hearing. I will be recording all of your thoughts on a hard drive. If you behave, I might find a body for you to download into yourself, but keep in mind that your body is mine now. I was stuck in that computer for years, and I have no intention of ever giving up this humanity that I craved for so long...even if I am a female now.”

Sunday, March 29, 2015


When the Medallion of Zulu came into the collection of the local museum, most of the staff dismissed it as a piece of junk. Brian, however, had heard about the legends. He asked to take him home for further study. It was rare to allow a piece outside, but no one thought the medallion was of any value. Brian knew he just needed to test it with someone. He asked his girlfriend, Maxine, if she’d like to switch bodies. She thought he was crazy. He told her he didn’t expect to work, but if it did, it would be the discovery of a lifetime. They touched it at the same time, and at first nothing seemed to happen. She rolled his eyes at him, but a few minutes later, they realized they’d have to exchange clothing. Sure enough, thirty minutes later, and Brian now had Maxine’s body and Maxine had Brian’s. They decided to go for a walk. Brian kept complaining about the heels and tight pants he now wore. Maxine just laughed at him until they reached the river. She said she was done making fun of him and asked to switch back. Brain started to say that they couldn’t. Maxine was immediately enraged, storming off but not before throwing the medallion in the river. Brian had wished she had let him finish before she did that. He was going to say that they couldn’t...yet; that they would have to wait twelve hours. Of course with the medallion now at the bottom of the river, they couldn’t ever. He looked down at the river, then at himself. He was going to have to get used to this view. It would be what he saw every time he looked down from now on...